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Mentioned in Dispatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of dispatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these dispatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abbott, Ernest Ronald01-05-191303-05-1992
Abecassis, George Edgar21-03-191310-12-1991
Acland, Peter Bevil Edward09-07-190200-00-1993more
Adair, Allan Henry Shafto03-11-189704-08-1988more
Adam, John Rooch  
Adams, Andrew Alexander05-06-192108-11-1993more
Adams, Arhur Robert  
Adams, Eric Victor 15-09-1944
Adams, Harrison Staveley 00-00-1984
Adams, James Allen13-07-1916 
Adams, John "Jack"26-09-189021-06-1981more
Adams, John Lindley  
Adams, Joseph Hervey Chauncey  
Adams, Ronald George Hinings31-12-189628-03-1979
Adams, William Leslie Graham20-04-190128-03-1963more
Adkins, Ernest Edward22-06-191216-12-1965
Agazarian, Jack Charles Stanmore27-08-191529-03-1945
Ainslie, Ralph Murray  
Ainslie, Thomas Edgar Craig00-00-191728-02-2008
Ainslie, William John08-11-1915 
Aitken, Adam Frederick16-02-191600-02-1986
Aitken, John William Maxwell, 2nd Baronet15-02-191001-05-1985
Aitkens, Francis Charles  
Akehurst, Arthur Maurice 30-06-1945
Akhurst, Edward Carden  
Akkinstal, Q.D.  
Alcock, John "Jack"04-03-191801-01-1997
Alderson, F.H.  
Aldwinckle, Robert Morrison28-07-192000-00-2003
Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George "Alex"10-12-189116-06-1969more
Alford, Edward George07-03-190400-00-1987
Ali, Abbas  
Allan, John Watson "Iain"06-05-191809-07-1988
Allardice, William Dallas  
Allen, Arthur Samuel "Tubby"10-03-189425-01-1959more
Allen, Norman George  
Allen, Oliver Alexander  
Allen, Robert Swinton24-07-191400-00-1982more
Allen, William Edward  
Allenberg, William Harry  more
Allison, William George Clifford 24-07-1943
Allman, John Jacob  
Amell, Harry Lawrence  
Amos, John Arthur  
Amphlett, John Philip15-04-192129-03-1945
Anderson, Alexander Vass "Sandy"17-11-189517-10-1963
Anderson, Clifford Arthur Stevenson15-05-1917 
Anderson, Edna Grace05-04-1925 
Anderson, Jack Fenton19-12-1920 
Anderson, Juhl Arthur  
Anderson, Kenneth Arthur Noel "Sunshine"25-12-189129-04-1959more
Anderson, Lloyd Harold  
Anderson, Michael Herbert 10-05-1940
Anderson, Moffat02-10-1921 
Anderson, Norman Russell29-04-189331-07-1948
Anderson, Peter Murray "Andy"09-04-192211-04-1945
Anderson, Philip James  
Andras, Kenneth Bertram  
Andre Agazarian, Francoise Isabella "Francine"08-05-191327-04-1999
Andrews, Arthur Ellis04-07-191714-07-1984
Angell, Ronald Ford Chapman  
Angers, Joseph Arthur Angus Bruneau  
Anguish, Jack Mills  
Annis, Clare Levi22-01-1912 
Annis, Edward Stewart25-11-191709-01-1999
Ansley, Harold Albert21-10-1904 
Anstes, Trevor  
Anstey, John03-01-190706-10-2000
Anton, George Joseph  
Appleton, Douglas Charles  
Arbeau, Cyril Walter00-00-191415-01-2004
Arbon, Paul Wade08-02-192121-11-1968
Arbuthnot, Myles Henry17-08-191116-10-1943
Arbuthnott, Robert Keith, 15th Viscount21-08-189715-12-1966more
Archer, Ernest Leonard  more
Archer, Ernest Russell14-09-189117-12-1958
Archer, Harold Corbin00-00-189200-00-1949
Ardagh, Patrick Augustine30-08-189106-04-1944more
Arkinstall, Q.D.  
Armiger, Bertie William21-12-191111-11-1984
Arthur, Wilfred Stanley07-12-191923-12-2000more
Ashton, Basil Cedric 19-06-1945
Ashurst, Norman24-11-1920 
Ashworth, Arthur 'Artie'03-05-192019-02-1994more
Aspey, Harold Edward00-03-191627-02-1942
Atcherley, David Francis William12-01-190408-06-1952more
Atcherley, Richard Llewellyn Roger12-01-190418-04-1970more
Aubertin, Pierre Gaston22-03-191507-03-1949
Auchinleck, Claude John Eyre21-06-188423-03-1981more
Austin, Frederick Charles  
Ayling, Charles Henry