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Carter, Robert Alfred Copsey

    Date of birth:
    September 15th, 1910 (Portsmouth/Hampshire, Great Britain)
    Date of death:
    November 10th, 2012 (Downton/Wiltshire, Great Britain)
    Service number:
    British (1801-present, Kingdom)


    Robert Carter joined the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice in 1927 and three years later won one of only two cadetships to the RAF College Cranwell.
    In April 1939 he became Commanding Officer of 150 Squadron which was equipped with the Wellington bomber.
    On September 9th, 1942 he took over commando of 103 Squadron.

    A portrait of Carter appearded in Jonathan Black's 'The Face of Courage: Eric Kennington, Portraiture and the Second World War'.

    July 23th, 1932: Pilot Officer;
    January 23th, 1934: Flying Officer;
    October 1st, 1936: Flight Lieutenant;
    April 1st, 1939: Squadron Leader;
    June 1st, 1941: Temporary Wing Commander;
    October 28th, 1943: Wing Commander (war sub);
    October 1st, 1946: Wing Commander;
    January 1st, 1951: Group Captain;
    ? Acting Air Commodore;
    January 1st, 1951: Air Commodore.

    ?: Portsmouth Grammar School;
    September 1927 - September 1930: No. 1 School of Technical Training, Halton;
    September 1930 - September 1932: RAF College, Cranwell;
    September 1932: No. 41 Squadron, England;
    ?: No. 27 Squadron, Royal Indian Air Force;
    ?: No. 11 Squadron, Royal Indian Air Force;
    July 29th, 1936: RAF School of Aeronautical Engineering, Henlow;
    September 1938: Commanding Officer Pilotless Aircraft Flight, Weyborn;
    ?: AA Practice Camp, Norfolk Cost;
    September 1939: Research and Development of Bomber aircraft, Ministry of Aircraft Production;
    June 1940: No. 150 Squadron, Bomber Command;
    ?: No. 103 Squadron, Bomber Command;
    ?: Commanding Officer RAF Grimsby;
    April 1944: Headquarters Bomber Command;
    January 1945: Student RAF Staff College;
    June 1945: Senior Personnel Staff Officer, Technical Training Command;
    January 1947: Unites States Armed Forces Staff College;
    ?: British Joint Services Mission, Washington;
    January 1948: Instructor in Work Study, Man Management e.o., RAF School of Administration;
    January 1950: Chief Instructor, Royal New Zealand Air Force School of Administration;
    January 1951: Director of Organisation, Royal New Zealand Air Force Headquarters, Wellington, New Zealand;
    February 1953: Station Commander, RAF Upwood;
    October 1955: Senior Air Staff Officer, Transport Command Headquarters;
    June 1958: Director of Personal Services, Air Ministry;
    June 1961: Air Officer in charge of Administration, Headquarters, Second Tactical Air Force, RAF Germany.

    January 1st, 1956: CB

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Wing Commander
    No. 150 Squadron, Royal Air Force
    Awarded on:
    September 2nd, 1941
    "In July 1941, large scale attacks were made on German warships at Brest and La Pallice (including the Gneisenau, Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen).
    A smaller attack was made on Cherbourg. The operation was carried out in daylight and extremely heavy and accurate anti-aircraft fire and fighter opposition was encountered by all aircraft when approaching the targets, which at Brest were protected by a balloon barrage. The air crews engaged, succeeded, nevertheless, in securing direct hits on their objectives and inflicting very severe damage in the target area. During the combat with enemy fighters 21 hostile aircraft were destroyed and others were severely damaged. The precise timing of the attack by the various formations of aircraft and their correct approach to and accurate bombing of the objectives in the face of such powerful opposition demanded great skill and high courage. The great success of these operations was largely due to the bravery, determination and resource displayed by the following officers and airmen, who participated in various capacities as leaders and members of the aircraft crews…"
    Distinguished Service Order (DSO)
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Acting Group Captain
    No. 103 Squadron, Royal Air Force
    Awarded on:
    June 11th, 1943
    Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
    "Since being awarded the D.S.O. Group Capt. Carter has participated in a number of operational sorties over enemy territory, including attacks on targets at Aachen, Essen, Hamburg and Mannheim. He has obtained some excellent photographs."


    • Photo 1: Rory Carter
    • - The London Gazette Issue 35263 published on the 2 September 1941
      - Fourth Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 36051 published on the 8 June 1943
      - Service Record