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About these documents

This section was once the American-Divisions.com website, which deals with the history of the American Divisions during World War II. This website was migrated into TracesOfWar.com in 2018. Apart from general information on the American Divisions, this website will be supplemented by After Action Reports (AAR’s) and other official documents.

The data on this website have been selected carefully from information of over 150 websites and numerous books. If you, as a visitor, doubt the reliability of certain information, feel free to contact us.

If you have any information not yet included on this site and which is relevant to this project, please share it with us; we will of course, welcome any contribution.

Over the years, many websites dealing with the American Divisions have been set up, often in cooperation with the veterans' associations of the respective units. It turns out however that for reasons unknown, many of these sites have not been updated for years. That is why we aim to concentrate on this website all information which is now scattered over the internet. By doing so, we seek to prevent valuable information from getting lost in time. We emphasize that no material whatsoever has been, or will be used without explicit consent by the rightful claimant.

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