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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 83 Field Regiment
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. R.E.H. Hudson
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
LA HERONDE 529100 1   Remained in Hide Area.
2 0900 Recce Party moved to recce new area North of River Somme.
2 1400 Regiment moved to new hide area across River Somme via GOURNAY, POIX MOLLIEN VIDAME crossing at PICQUINY. Arrived at Hide at BERNEUIL 030808 at 0430 3rd September.
BERNEOIL 030808 3 1000 Recce Party moved to recce area BEAUVOIS 0912 but returned owing to change in plan.
3 2100 Regiment moved in support of 158 Brigade to contact enemy via DOULIENS FREVENT, ST POL.
GROSSAT 489166 4 1115 Regiment went into action at GROSSAT 1816 North of ST POL when enemy were contacted by leading troops in wood near VALHUON 205189.
4 1130 460 Battery registered Mike Target on this wood which resulted in 100 Prisoners of War being taken. Resistance at VALHUON was determined at first but this was over come by close support of Infantry. Advance continued. Enemy were next found in SAINS 172224 where they put up considerable resitance.
4 1450 CAUCHY 250250 reported clear.
4 1500 FERFAY 230270 reported clear
4 1515 AMETTE 225280 reported clear.
CAUCHY 250250 4 1630 460 Battery in action at CAUGHY
4 1715 Remainder of Regiment in action. March up from BENEUIL was marked by very warm welcome from inhabitants culminating in an overwhelming reception at CAUCHY.
6 0900 Recce Party moved to Hide Area at L'AVENTIE 4936.
6 1000 Regiment moved to L'AVENTIE 493365 via LILLIERS. BETHUNE and CAMBRIN carrying own infantry. Arrived 1400 hours and went into hide for night.
7   It was now known that Brigade Group was to move to ANTWERP. Journey to be done in two stages.
7 0730 Recce party moved to hide at WERVICQ 6952.
WERVICQ 702569 7 0900 Regiment moved carrying infantry to WERVICQ via ARMENTERES, MESSINES, WARNETON arriving at hide at 1300 hours having crossed Belgium Border at 1100 hours at LE BIZET North of ARMENTIERES.
7 1730 Recce Party moved to deployment area south of WERVICQ to cover Battalions located at MENIN, WERVICQ and COMINES.
7 2015 Regiment moved and deployed at 721528 between WERVICQ and MENIN.
721528 8 0645 Recce Party moved to ANTWERP.
ANTWERP 927672 8 0830 Regiment moved to ANTWERP arriving at 2000 hours. Regiment taking over from 90 Field Regiment. Came under Command 11th Armoured Division till arrival of 53rd Div.
8 2100 Lieutenant HC Martin (RSO) and Gunner Beaumont were killed by enemy mine whilst carrying out survey for Regiment.
10 0800 Recce party moved to new area DEURNE 7095 on East side of ANTWERP.
10 0930 Regiment moved to DEURNE to support infantry holding dock area. Enemy at this time were holding ground West of River Scheldt and North of Junction Canal.
12 0915 329 Battery moved to Dock Area 654948 to give closer support.
DEURNE 7095 14 1615 329 Battery moved back to previous location. Whilst in ANTWERP Regiment was called upon to engage numerous enemy locations in Northern suburbs. Observation Posts were established in grain elevators, tall buildings and even in hotels. Most of the pleasures available in a large city were experienced by the Regiment. The inhabitants took great interest in the activities of the Regiment and were most hospitable.
15 0700 Recce party moved to Hide area near WESTERLOO 0582 and VEERLE 0678.
VEERLE 064780 15 0830 Regiment moved to area VEERLE. Arrived 1230 hours and came under Command 15th Scottish Division.
16 1000 Recce Party with CP recce moved to area near LOMMEL 3094.
LOMMEL 16 1300 Regiment moved to LOMMEL via MEERHOUT, BAELEN, BOURG-LEOPOLD. Came into action to support 158 Brigade for crossing of canal and building [of] class 9 Bridge.
17 1435 Engaged target at 315983 in support 30th Corps.
17 2244 -2325 Engaged Fire Plan Operation “Beecher” in support of 158 Brigade crossing the Meuse-L’Escaut Canal North of LOMMEL at 308978. Brigade successfully crossed canal on night 17/18th September. Some opposition encounted especially by 7 RWF but Bridgehead established firmly.
Area 303965 18 0800 0800 Recce Party moved to area 3096
18 1100 460 Battery moved to that area.
18 1230 Remainder of Regiment moved to that area to give closer support to Brigade who were exploiting North of Bridgehead.
18   On night 18/19 enemy aircraft attacked bridges on canal. Regiment had unpleasant time during bombing. No casualties. Gunners Pearson and Vince killed in action crossing Escaut Canal. Major JA Sullivan attached pending posting.
19 1315 Regiment engaged Fire Plan in support of attack by 4 Welch.
20 0700 Recce Party moved to new area 3199 over the Dutch border.
Near LUYKSGESTEL 313997 20 0800 Regiment moved and deployed in area 313997 crossing Meuse L’Escaut Canal into Holland.
21 0400 Regiment moved with 158 Brigade carrying 1/5th Welch to area near STEENSEL 327108. Deployed at HEES 325108 having arrived at 0615 hours.
HEES 326108 21   Fired number of Mike Targets. Restriction in ammunition expenditure. 2nd Lieutenant RA Williams posted in from Depot RA via 54 RHU.
HOOGELOON 282130 22-30 0700 Regiment moved to HOOGELOON by Batteries. Move completed by 1300 hours. Our infantry holding WESTELBEERS 2518, NETERSEL 2414 BLADEL 2410. Numerous enemy counter attacks were repelled by quick concentrations. Ammunition expenditure restrictued to 30 rounds per gun per day. Considerable enemy shelling experienced in area NETERSEL.
25   Sergeant Champion received Shrapnel Wounds. Evacuated and struck off Strength. Regiment Strength approximately (Other Ranks 610) (Officers 37) all the month.

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Source: ww2talk.com: War Diary: 83rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.