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Musée Mémoires 39-45

Only 10% of the bunker is visible above ground. The Graf Spee battery’s command post is almost entirely underground and is one of the largest in the area.

On 5 floors and 500sqm, the one-way visit begins under the reception area, in a garrison for the 25 coastal artillery soldiers who defended the position. The authentically restored rooms will allow you to discover their daily life on the Atlantic Wall with strikingly realistic scenes and a corresponding soundtrack: privates‘ garrison, officer’s room, combat gas filtration system, bathroom…

On the next floors you will be immersed in the dark war years in Brittany: the Blitzkrieg, the Stalags, the Occupation, the Free French, Collaboration, the Resistance, the combats for Brest, Liberation… Through numerous anecdotes and thousands of objects, documents and photographs, you shall have a moving encounter with those who experienced the war, right here.

This is an interactive museum for all generations, during your visit you will discover the History of our region through audio and written accounts and digital media. A reconstituted air-raid shelter will allow you to experience the fear caused by an aerial bombardment on Brest during the war.

Back in full daylight in the observation posts and their unique panoramic vantage point over the entrance to the Bay of Brest, the Crozon peninsula and Ushant.

Conclude your visit with a stroll around the bunker and discover other close-in defence bunkers and larger pieces of equipment.

For current visiting hours, please visit the website of the museum.

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