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Stützpunkt Douvres Distelfink I

Stp Douvres Distelfink, consisted out of 2 parts, named Distelfink I en II.
The construction of this radar station started in early 1942 and was completed in late 1943.
Both were manned by Luftwaffe personnel (8. Flugmelde-Leit-Kompanie / Luftnachrichten-
Regiment 53).
Distelfink I consisted of about 20 structures, among 2 Würzburg Riese FuSE 65 radars, 2 Freya FuMG 80 Radars and a number of bunkers, such as 2 x L409A, L410A, L413, L479, L486, (2) R622 and a R661.
During D-Day, the Luftwaffe garrison was reinforced by elements of the 716. Infanterie-Division and retreating soldiers of KGr Rauch Battalion ( 21. Panzer-Division ).
The encircled stronghold held out until June 17th, 1944 when after an overwhelming attack, with artillery and tanks, they had to surrender.
Since 1994, Distelfink II, is set up as a museum and is mainly devoted to the history of radar.

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  • Text: Patrick van Vaerenbergh
  • Photos: Patrick van Vaerenbergh