Mass Grave Russian Soldiers & T-34/85 Tank Czarnków

There are between 250 to 288 Soviet soldiers and officers buried here in a mass grave. Among the victims are:

- Guards-Lieutenant Colonel J.S. Zadorozhnyi, Commander of the 35th Mechanised Brigade & Hero of the Soviet Union.
- Guards-Lieutenant Kosariv Vladimir, Hero of the Soviet Union.
- Guards-Lieutenant Colonel Vasili I. Makarov, Hero of the Soviet Union.
- Guards-Lieutenant Colonel N.S. Sherman, Commander of the 283th Guards-Artillery Regiment.

On top of the grave, stands the T-34/85 tank "Kolhoznik Pereslavschiny". This tank was built in 1944 and served as command vehicle of the 35th Mechanised Brigade, commanded by Guards-Lieutenant Colonel J.S. Zadorozhnyi. It was hit in the side by a camouflaged gun during street fighting in Stirlitz. Guards-Lieutenant Colonel J.S. Zadorozhnyi was severe wounded and brought to a field hospital where he died due to his wounds on 29 January 1945.

The tank is a valuable historical monument in Poland (and in the world) because only a small number of wartime T-34/85 survived time.

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