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Our Diary of the War

The War Illustrated, Volume 6, No. 133, Page 95, July 24, 1942.

1,026th day JUNE 24, 1942, Wednesday
Russian Front.- Heavy fighting continued on Kharkov front.
Africa.- British withdrew from Sollum and Sidi Omar.
China. - A.V.G. raided Hankow and other Jap bases.
Australasia. - Allied reconnaissance planes over Kendari, Celebes.
Home.- Five enemy raiders shot down in attacks on Midlands and E. Anglia.

1,027th day JUNE 25, Thursday
Air.- More than 1,000 R.A.F. bombers raided Bremen.
Russian Front.- Russians evacuated Kupiansk, S.E. of Kharkov.
Mediterranean.- Our submarines torpedoed three supply ships.
Africa.- Rommel's main forces advanced on Matruh.
Burma.- R.A.F. bombers raided Akyab.
Australasia.- Allied air raids on Dilli, Salamua, and Rabaul. Jap fighters intercepted over Port Moresby.
Home.- Major-Gen. Eisenhower, commander of U.S. Forces in European Theatre, in London.

1,028th day JUNE 26, Friday
Russian Front.- Heavy fighting in Kharkov and Sevastopol sectors.
Africa.- Rommel's forces 15 miles from Matruh.
U.S.A.- Jap shore installations at Kiska, Aleutians, raided by U.S. bombers.

1,029th day JUNE 27, Saturday
Air.- Another heavy raid by R.A.F. bombers on Bremen.
Russian Front.- Several attacks on Sevastopol repelled.
Africa.- Our forces closed with the enemy round Mersa Matruh.
Pacific.- U.S. bombers flew 2,000 miles from Hawaii to bomb Wake Island.
Australasia.- Night raids by Allied bombers on Tulagi, Lae and Salamaua.

1,030th day JUNE 28, Sunday
Air.- Submarine base at St. Nazaire bombed by night.
Russian Front.- Germans started offensive in Kursk area, 100 miles N. of Kharkov.
Africa.- Heavy fighting continued round Mersa Matruh.
Australasia.- Allied land forces made a raid on Jap garrison at Salamaua, New Guinea.
U.S.A.- U.S. Army bombers again attacked Kiska, Aleutians.

1,031st day JUNE 29, Monday
Air.- Strong force of R.A.F. bombers raided Bremen.
Russian Front.- Heavy German tank attacks repelled at Kursk; German advance at Sevastopol.
Africa.- Mersa Matruh evacuated by our troops.

1,032nd day JUNE 30, Tuesday
Russian Front.- Attacks at Kursk and Sevastopol still being held by Russians.
Africa.- No large-scale fighting; Germans reported to have passed El Daba.
Indian Ocean.- S. African land and air forces officially stated to be in Madagascar.
Australasia.- Allied bombers raided Lae and Rabaul.

1,033rd day JULY 1, Wednesday
Russian Front.- Germans claimed capture of Sevastopol.
Africa.- German tanks and infantry attacked our positions at El Alamein.
China.- American Army Air Force raided Hankow aerodrome.
Australasia.- Allied bombers attacked airfield at Kendari, Celebes, making 1,700 mile flight.

1,034th day JULY 2, Thursday
Air.- Powerful force of bombers again raided Bremen.
Russian Front.- Fighting developed in Bielgorod and Volchansk direction.
Africa.- German attack on El Alamein continued. Allied bombers made heavy raid on Tobruk.
Indian Ocean.- British forces occupied island of Mayotte, between Madagascar and Africa. Australasia.- Allied bombers twice raided Dilli, Portuguese Timor.
U.S.A.- U.S. bombers damaged three Jap transports off Agattu Island, W. Aleutians.

1,035th day JULY 3, Friday
Sea.- Admiralty announced that ships lost in the Malta convoy attacks in June were cruiser Hermione, destroyers Bedouin, Hasty, Grove and Airedale and Polish destroyer Kujawiak.
Australian destroyer Nestor also lost. Russian Front.- Evacuation of Sevastopol announced by Russians. Large-scale German attacks at Kursk, Bielgorod and Volchansk.
Africa.- Our forces counter-attacked in El Alamein area.
U.S.A.- Kiska, Aleutians, again attacked by U.S. bombers.

1,036th day JULY 4, Saturday
Air.- Six planes manned by U.S. airmen took part in joint attack with R.A.F. on aerodromes in Holland.
Russian Front.- Heavy fighting continued at Kursk, Bielgorod and Volchansk.
China.- U.S. bombers attacked aerodrome at Canton.
Australasia.- Allied aircraft made heavy raids on Lae and Salamaua.
U.S.A.- U.S. submarines torpedoed three Jap destroyers at Kiska and one at Agattu, Aleutians.

1,037th day JULY 5, Sunday
Africa.- Our land and air forces continued to attack in the area of El Alamein.
U.S.A.- U.S. submarines torpedoed Jap destroyer near Kiska, Aleutian.

1,038th day JULY 6, Monday
Russian Front.- Russians retired at some points W. of Voronezh. North of Orel Russians launched attack.
Burma.- Enemy troop concentrations on Chindwin River bombed by R.A.F.
Australasia.- Allied bombers raided Lae and Salamaua and made night raids on Solomons and Dutch Timor.

1,039th day JULY 7, Tuesday
Russian Front.- Fierce fighting around Voronezh and Stary Oskol; Germans claimed capture of Voronezh.
Mediterranean.- Twenty-five Axis aircraft shot down over Malta in 24 hours; R.A.F. bombed Messina by night.
Africa.- Mobile columns engaged enemy at El Alamein; intensive bombing by our air forces. Australasia.- Jap bombers raided aerodrome on Horn Island, Torres Straits.
Home.- Maj.-Gen. C. Spaatz appointed to command U.S. air forces in Europe.


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