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Volume 8 - No. 196 - December 22, 1944

Canada's Mighty Wartime Seafaring Expansion


Canada's Mighty Wartime Seafaring Expansion

No navy of modern times has equalled the rate of expansion of the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Dominion's merchant ship output is a feat without parallel; achievements in building and in action in thi

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  • The Battle Fronts
  • The War at Sea
  • Canada's Mighty Wartime Seafaring Expansion
  • Boredom is Banished in Time Off From Battle
  • Where Hitler's Own Last Battle Will Be Fought?
  • Views & Reviews
  • How Mosquitoes Released Doomed Men from Gaol
  • I Was There! - They Told Me 'The Tea Always Gets Stewed!'
  • I Was There! - For Four Years the Nazis Tried to Catch Me
  • I Was There! - How We Saved the Precious Chocolate Machine
  • I Was There! - From Saipan Our Forts Flew to Bomb Tokyo
  • Our Diary of the War
  • The War in the Air
  • Editor's Postscript