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Volume 2 - No. 21 - January 26, 1940

I Was There! - The Men Called Me 'Skipper'


I Was There! - The Men Called Me 'Skipper'

A fine feat of seamanship and courage was performed by 18-year-old Malcolm Morrison, from Stornoway in the Hebrides. After his ship, the "Arlington Court" (see page 445) had been torpedoed, Morrison n

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  • Jottings from My Wartime Diary
  • With Bombs, not Bayonets, the Reds Hope to Win
  • Red Tanks Come to Grief in the Arctic War
  • Where Will the Blow Fall in the West?
  • French Towns Emptied by the Threat of War
  • They Are Prisoners From Five Fronts
  • This is the Sort of War Nazi Airmen Prefer
  • Watch and Ward Above the Minelayers' Haunts
  • R.A.F.'s Deepest Yet into Nazidom
  • Words That History Will Remember
  • The R.A.F. Interview the Clerk of the Weather
  • Parachutes Mean Safety for the Fighting Airman
  • Sailing Ships are the Nursery of Germany's Navy
  • War In The Air Has So Far Hardly Begun
  • All Eyes on the Battle High Up in Britain's Sky
  • Britain's Oldest Colony Sends Her Sons to Serve
  • I Was There! - They Machine-Gunned 32 Out of 40 of Us
  • I Was There! - The Men Called Me 'Skipper'
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  • Our Diary of the War
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