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Volume 9 - No. 221 - December 7, 1945

Americans' S.O.S. on D-Day


Americans' S.O.S. on D-Day

It is widely realized that behind the fighting troops, and to a large extent interlocked with them, there is a great body of men carrying out ancillary services of vital importance. Few, however, can

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  • Why Do We Need Dollars?
  • Americans' S.O.S. on D-Day
  • When Sea Mines Come Ashore
  • How Four-Footed Warriors Helped Us to Win
  • Now It Can Be Told! - Shell That 'Thinks' Beat The Flying Bomb
  • Now It Can Be Told! - Civilian Scientist Flew in Air Fighters
  • If Epidemics Cross the Channel this Winter
  • Is There Any Hope for the Germans?
  • R.A.F. 'Week-End' Pilots Go Back to Peace
  • I Was There! - I Was in Surabaya When the Shooting Began
  • I Was There! - We Cheered at London's First Peace Pageant
  • I Was There! - When the Dead of Two Wars Were 'Remembered'
  • I Was There! - Four Nazi Flags Which Were to Fly Over London
  • My Flying Visit to H.M.S. Battler
  • The Editor Looks Back