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Volume 9 - No. 230 - April 12, 1946

Strange Story of H.M.S. Habbakuk


Strange Story of H.M.S. Habbakuk

A gigantic aircraft carrier, 2,000 feet long, 300 feet across the beam and 200 feet in depth, was projected as the Was was entering its third year. This floating airfield would have had hangar capacit

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  • How UNO will Police the World
  • Empire Armies Fought in Four Continents
  • Strange Story of H.M.S. Habbakuk
  • The Unarmed Army That Went Valiantly to War
  • How Near to Winning Were the Germans?
  • Odyssey of a Brigadier
  • How London River's Salvage Men Beat the Blitz
  • I Was There! - How We of the Naval C.S. Handled the Convoys
  • I Was There! - I Saw Air-Raid Shelters Crumple and Collapse
  • I Was There! - South Africa as the British Serviceman Saw It
  • Would Bombs Alone have Beaten Germany?