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Volume 10 - No. 251 - January 31, 1947

His Majesty's Ships - H.M.S. Nelson


His Majesty's Ships - H.M.S. Nelson

Motto: “Let him bear the palm who has deserved it.” At the outbreak of war in 1939 H.M.S. Nelson was one of our two most modern battleships, though it is now over 19 years since she was completed.

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  • How the Marines Went In at Sicily
  • His Majesty's Ships - H.M.S. Nelson
  • The Highland Light Infantry
  • 5th (Indian) Division
  • New Light On Hitler's Dark Career
  • Europe's Wartime Capitals in 1947 - Prague
  • I Was There! - On the Road From Assam to Rangoon
  • I Was There! - A Frigate in Search of the Tirpitz
  • I Was There! - We Sang the Marseillaise in Prison
  • I Was There! - In Ghent With R.A.S.C. Troop-Carriers
  • No. 72 Squadron
  • I Was There! - They Made Me Wield a Pick in Germany
  • New Facts and Figures