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Volume 2 - No. 26 - March 1, 1940

The Nazi Slave-Ship Feels the Nelson Touch


The Nazi Slave-Ship Feels the Nelson Touch

Yet another dramatic chapter in the history of the British Navy was written when on February 16 H.M.S. "Cossack" pursued the Nazi slave-ship "Altmark" into a Norwegian fjord and rescued 299 British pr

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  • Jottings from My Wartime Diary
  • The Finns Give Ground but Fight Even Harder
  • Vivid and Exclusive Account of Camera Man's Nerve-Warcking Work in Finland
  • Will It Always Be Quiet on the Western Front?
  • The Age-long Battle between Defence and Attack
  • The Nazi Slave-Ship Feels the Nelson Touch
  • 'Exeter' Gives New Light on the River Plate Victory
  • Words That History Will Remember
  • If War Comes to Middle East
  • Making Munitions is a Wartime Job for Women
  • This Surprising War - Six Months After
  • I Was There! - How We Boarded the 'Altmark' in Old Style
  • I Was There! - I Relayed the Fight to My Mates
  • I Was There! - We Were Treated Like Scum Below Deck
  • I Was There! - We Dived Across the 'Altmark's' Decks
  • I Was There! - I Felt Proud of 'Exeter' and All in Her
  • Our Diary of the War
  • To The Australians Coming To Help Us
  • The Things My Readers Tell Me