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Volume 2 - No. 29 - March 22, 1940

Things You May Not Know


Things You May Not Know

"Amps". Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps; R.E. construction companies attached to the B.E.F. The members are voluntary recruits, many of them over the age of forty. Their work includes road-building,

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  • Jottings from My Wartime Diary
  • Peace in Finland - But at a Terrible Price
  • Lens Has Not Forgotten Its Saviours Of 1918
  • France's 'Free Corps' on the Danger Trail
  • On the Fringes of the War: Denmark
  • Nazi Villainies at Sea Would Shock the Kaiser
  • The Near East Pivots on the Black Sea
  • Anzac Town in Egypt Was Made in Three Weeks
  • Words That History Will Remember
  • Things You May Not Know
  • Home Defence Men Get on with the Job They Know
  • The Evil Things We Fight - 1. Regime of the Spy
  • 'Thumbs Up!' Say Our Fighting Airmen
  • The R.A.F. Drop Their Cards On Berlin & Posen
  • I Was There! - Our Objective That Night Was Prague
  • I Was There! - We Made Our Ship Race a U-boat
  • I Was There! - Terror Was Rife in the Poland I Left
  • In Wartime Nothing Is Really Rubbish
  • Our Diary of the War
  • Over The Air
  • The Things My Readers Tell Me