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Volume 4 - No. 73 - January 24, 1941

I Was There! - 'My Gunner Set Fire to a U-Boat'


I Was There! - 'My Gunner Set Fire to a U-Boat'

The 2,473-ton Welsh collier "Sarastone" arrived in port from Lisbon at the beginning of January, 1941, following a battle with a U-boat, which left the latter disabled and on fire. The following accou

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  • On to Tobruk Swept the Army of the Nile
  • Bardia Was a Resounding Victory for the R.A.F.
  • From these Ports Hitler Plans to Invade Us
  • Americans Are Helping Us Here in Britain
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  • More Laurels for the Amazing Greeks
  • Ack-Ack on Target! How the Gunners Go To It
  • Cardiff and Liverpool Have Their Scars
  • Meet One of the 'Nits': a Pilot in the Making
  • I Was There! - 'My Gunner Set Fire to a U-Boat'
  • I Was There! - 'We're Sitting On 100 Italians!'
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