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Volume 4 - No. 84 - April 10, 1941

Free French 'A.T.S.'


Free French 'A.T.S.'

The Corps Féminin Français, an organization which bears the same relationship to the Free French Forces of General de Gaulle as the A.T.S. does to the British Army, was formed on November 7, 1940. Its

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  • Jottings from the Editor's Wartime Diary
  • Though Betrayed Yugoslavia Was Not Lost
  • Dramatic Reactions to the Pact with Hitler
  • Long Live Greece, Free and Immortal!
  • Her Warriors Write in Blood a Glorious Epic
  • Yugoslavia's Army in the Hour of Crisis
  • Here Are Some of 'the Boys in the Back Room'
  • Of Course, the British People 'Can Take It'
  • Now All Hitler's Might and Malice Will Succeed
  • Closing in On the Italians in Abyssinia
  • Stills from the Nazi 'Bogey Bogey' Film
  • Hitler's 'O.T.' Men On the Job
  • British Tanks Are as Tough as Their Crews!
  • Our Searchlight on the War
  • I Was There! - We Didn't Laugh Long at the Greeks!
  • I Was There! - The British Navy is Waiting for Us!
  • I Was There! - What I Saw of London's A.F.S. in Action
  • Our Diary of the War
  • Free French 'A.T.S.'
  • Items of War Interest from Far and Near