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Volume 4 - No. 85 - April 18, 1941

How the Yugoslav Nation Found Its Soul


How the Yugoslav Nation Found Its Soul

The first news of the Yugoslav revolution was given to the world by Mr. Churchill in a speech in London on the morning of March 28. "I have great news for you and the whole country", the Prime Ministe

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  • Jottings from the Editor's Wartime Diary
  • How the Yugoslav Nation Found Its Soul
  • Theirs the Honour of Saying No to Hitler
  • Peter II King of Sixteen Million Yugoslavs
  • Britain's Night Fighters Have 'Cat's Eyes'
  • They Fight in the Air above the Atlantic
  • New Machines for a New Kind of War
  • Matapan Was a Great and Glorious Victory
  • How Cunningham Smashed the Italian Fleet
  • See the British Army Take to the Water!
  • Good Nazis Musn't Be Kind to Polish Slaves!
  • Poles They May Kill but Poland - Never!
  • Singapore Is Now Strong Beyond Compare
  • The Battle for Keren Is Fought and Won
  • Our Searchlight on the War
  • I Was There! - We Spotted and Sank Two Italian Boats
  • I Was There! - What My Day on the Farm Is Like
  • I Was There! - Our Squadron Had a Busy 45 Minutes
  • I Was There! - I Flew Back on the Other Pilot's Lap
  • Our Diary of the War
  • Items of War Interest