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Volume 4 - No. 88 - May 9, 1941

Our Searchlight on the War


Our Searchlight on the War

Eyes and Ears of the R.A.F. In future, by approval of the King, the Observer Corps is to be known as the Royal Observer Corps, in recognition of valuable services rendered over a number of years. T

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  • Jottings from the Editor's Wartime Diary
  • How Britons and Anzacs Fought in Greece
  • 'They Wove New Legends Round Mt. Olympus'
  • The Greeks Fought Nobly to the End
  • The Lion of Judah Rampant Once More
  • Now the Germans Swept on to Egypt
  • They're Most Unpopular in Berlin
  • Twice in a Week They Rode the Storm
  • Yugoslavia Crushed in 12 Days' Total War
  • How Marshal List's Tanks Thrust to Victory
  • Ups and Downs in the Battle of the Atlantic
  • America Knows How to Deal with Sabotage
  • Our Searchlight on the War
  • Tangier (Now Spanish) Greets the Nazis
  • I Was There! - I Saw the Germans Well Beaten at Tobruk
  • I Was There! - My Men Got Sick of Killing the Germans
  • I Was There! - We Chased Nazis Over the Fields on My Tractor
  • I Was There! - I Was with London's A.R.P. that April Night
  • Our Diary of the War