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Volume 1 - No. 9 - November 11, 1939

The Voice of the Empire


The Voice of the Empire

If my work is over and if in vain I hoped at the close of life That peace would fall with the evening, not passion and hate and strife, I can still give thanks as my sun goes down for one treasure o

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  • Jottings from My Wartime Diary
  • In Fifty Days They Didn't Drop a Bomb!
  • Luxemburg Fears Again for Her Neutrality
  • None But The Best for Britain's Army
  • Salute to Turkey, Our New Ally
  • Finland Resolved to Defend Her Heritage
  • Scandinavia's Rulers Take Counsel Together
  • Convoys are Safe with the Royal Navy
  • Nazi Bombers Brought Down by British Guns
  • Words That History Will Remember
  • Our War Gazetteer
  • Nazi Poison Propaganda: The Great Gas Lie!
  • 'There will always be Misery', says Hitler
  • Germany Must Feel the Pinch of the Blockade
  • Mr. Hore-Belisha Talks About the War
  • The Man Who Got the Army Ready
  • How to tell Officers of Navy, Army and Air Force
  • I Was There! - How Our Convoy Beat the Nazi 'Planes
  • I Was There! - Two Days at Sea in a Rubber Boat
  • I Was There! - The Terror of a Blazing Oil Tanker
  • I Was There! - I Chased a British 'Plane Over My Home
  • I Was There! - We Strayed Into a North Sea Battle
  • Our Diary of the War
  • The Voice of the Empire
  • It Is Said That...
  • Odd Facts About the War