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On the 1st October, 2002, STIWOT took the initiative to comply with the massive requests for information about sights and places of interest related to the Second World War. With the support of volunteers and visitors has in the following years been developed into one of the most important sources on the World Wide Web when it concerns museums, monuments, memorials, cemeteries and other places of interest regarding the Second World War in Europe and beyond.

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At the start of the website concentrated mainly on the three Benelux countries and Normandy in France. Gradually these areas were well filled in, even if they are still not complete. Because of the large number of requests for the same type of information on the areas outside the Benelux countries and Normandy in June 2004 Germany was added to the system. In the following period countries like the UK, Italy and the whole of France were successively added.
From the summer of 2008 covers the whole of Europe and little by little non-European countries are being added. In the non-European countries only the most outstanding places of interest are being added.

What information can be found on tries to provide as much neutral and independent information as possible regarding places of interest that are related to the Second World War. To provide a clear picture to the visitors of the sights, many of those places of interest are being illustrated with photographs.
Below every location reactions of visitors can be placed and you can pinpoint the exact location of the sight by using 'Google Maps'.
In case you have an addition to make or in case you are missing any information on the website, we would highly appreciate it to be informed about that through the contact form.

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