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In 2010, STIWOT received the following photos and documentation from mr. Klaas Bezema. The photos were made by his father, Klaas Bezema Sr., who worked as a gardener for the Van Beuningen family in Vught. The photos date from 1943 or 1944 and are from a family album. Father Bezema was an amateur photographer and continued to take photos during the war.

On one photo prisoners from camp Vught can be seen in striped camp uniforms, who walk along the Loonsebaan and in the company of a guard on the bicycle to hotel De Hut, nowadays restaurant Vughtse Heide. The other photo shows the same group of prisoners who probably had to work in the outlying area, possibly the nearby Gement or the Bossche Broek. The combination of prisoners and guards, victims and perpetrators, makes the photos unique. That also applies to the apparently casual 'group photo' that was made in the countryside. It was strictly forbidden to take pictures in and near the camp and that is why such photos are very rare.
In addition to the two photos related to camp Vught, mr. Bezema also donated STIWOT two photos from his father's album that were taken during the liberation. Since father Bezema was moved to Haarlem at the end of 1944, these two photos will probably have been taken in Haarlem during the entry of allied troops.
The documentation shown under the photos also comes from the donation of Klaas Bezema. The part of the material that is not related to the Second World War is listed below.

Archive description
01. Photo Group photo of prisoners with guards.
02. Photo Prisoners on foot, guard by bicycle, at Hotel De Hut.
03. Photo Carrier T163365.
04. Photo Allies truck, civilians.
05. Diploma Dutch Bond for the Rescuing of Drowning
06. Invoice Furniture transport
07a. Letter fuel coupons
07b. Matching envelope
08a. Birth announcement card Johannes Hendrik Pot
08b. Matching envelope
09. Diploma Nederlandsche Union for the Rescuing of Drowning
10. Van Wijk brand bakery help action
11a. Identity card Klaas Bezema
11b. Identity card Klaas Bezema
12. Photo procession
13. Photo city hall Leiden
14. Photo terrace
15. Photo two people
16. Photo portrait
17a. Letter from Arnhem January 14, 1941
17b. Letter from Arnhem January 14, 1941
18a. Letter Philips repair
18b. Letter Philips repair
19. Poem The Beggar
20a. Birth announcement card Anna Maria Bezema
20b. Matching envelope
21. Postcard pond with fence
22. Postcard Huize Bergen Vught
23. Review card meeting
24. Postcard Vught Boxtelscheweg intersection
25. Postcard Harmonie Art and Friendship Vught
26a. Boutens distribution card
26b. Boutens distribution card
27a. Distribution card Klaas Bezema
27b. Distribution card Klaas Bezema
28a. Second Distribution card Bezema
28b. Second Distribution card Bezema
29a. Doctor's bill
29b. Doctor's bill
29c. Doctor's bill
30a. Advertisement Quaker
30b. Advertisement Quaker
31a. Postcard Huize Bergen Vught
31b. Postcard Huize Bergen Vught
32a. Dammers ticket
32b. Dammers ticket
33a. Birth announcement card Nicolette Gerharda op t Land
33b. Matching envelope
34a. Notice of marriage to Langthaler and Kauffeld
34b. Matching envelope
35a. Postcard grandfather condition
35b. Postcard grandfather condition
36. Heater note
37a. Blank envelope
37b. Blank envelope
38a. Photo Tropical greenhouse Vught 1942
38b. Photo Tropical greenhouse Vught 1942
39. Booklet Regulations for the Unemployed Fund
40. Booklet I Accuse, my answer to Ir. Mussert, F.W. Wessels.
41. Booklet of Honorary Cemetery Bloemendaal.
42. Booklet De Industrie van den Massamoord, 1933.
43. Booklet The Civil War in Austria, Julius Deutsch, 1934.
44. Drawing in list, View of Vught.

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