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Vapaudenristin 1.luokka rintatähtineen (VR 1 rt)

The first class within the Cross of Liberty has two variations, with or without breast star. The variation with breast star is considered of higher grade.
As all grades, this decoration can either be awarded with (military) or without (civilian) swords and there can be a wartime variation (red/white ribbon) or peacetime variation (yellow/white ribbon). In wartime, the wartime ribbon variation with swords can also be warded with oak leaf.
The decoration itself is a white enamelled, gold coloured cross, hanging on an oval ring on a yellow-white (peacetime ribbon) or red-white (wartime ribbon) ribbon around the neck. The cross bears the Finnish swastika and a roze button in the middle. The wartime variation also bears the beginning year of the war is was awarded for in the rose button.
Between the oval ring and the medal an oak leaf cluster is placed with or without swords. The oak leaf variation bears the oak leaf on the oval ring above the oak leaf cluster.
The breast star is a five armed star, with or without swords. In the middle in an enamelled plaque a small depiction of the cross is placed with a rose button over it.

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NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Autti, Pietari Aleksanteri17-08-189323-10-1959more