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Verwundetenabzeichen Condor Legion in Gold

The wound badge exists of a laurel leaves wreath, with at the bottom a tie and at the top 5 berries. The helmet that is positioned in the middle of the award has the shape of the WW1 model. On the middle of this helmet is an at a point standing swastika stamped and behind this helmet are 2 crossway placed swords. The area around the helmet is pebbled and in some examples is this area cut away, were through only the helmet and swords remain. The reverse of the award is hollow and has the same shape as the obverse, because the award was stamped out from this side. The needle and hook construction exists normally of a thin round needle a standard hook. There are some examples know, on which there is a plate placed in the hollow reverse to get a solid reverse. On these examples is usually a broad flat pin mounted. This gold version was awarded with 5 or more wounds.