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Frontflugspange für Kampfflieger in Bronze

This medal, instituted January 30th, 1941 as "Frontflugspange für Kampf- und Sturzkampfflieger in Bronze" or Clasp in bronze for frontline service of fighterpilots and divebomberpilots, could be awarded after completion of 20 operational sorties.
The medal takes the form of a bronze coloured brooch made of tombak – a copper/zinc alloy – depicting a downwards pointing, winged bomb made of oxydized silver.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abbinghoff, Hugo (KG 4 'General Wever')  
Abel, Alfred (KG 53)31-12-192002-01-1943more
Abel, Walter (Kampfgeschwader 55 'Greif')  
Achenbach, Heinrich 'Heinz'30-01-192005-07-1943
Achilles, Gerhard (KG 3)  
Acker, Ernst  
Ackermann, Alwin (KG 77) 12-07-1943
Ackermann, Georg12-03-191816-12-2007more
Ackermann, Heinz (Kampfgeschwader 6)  
Ackermann, Karl (KG 4 'General Wever')  
Adrian, Peter (Kampfgeschwader 55)14-09-191901-02-1943
Ahlert, Wilhelm (2. Fliegerdivision)05-11-1911 
Ahlgrim, Johann (Kampfgeschwader 3 "Blitz")  
Ahrens, Helmut (KG 51)15-06-191802-05-1942more
Aichinger, Alfred (Kampfgeschwader 55)  
Aichmeier, Alois (Kampfgeschwader 27)  
Alander, Rolf  
Alber, Karl (Kampfgeschwader 4)11-07-1915 
Alber, Paul (Kampfgeschwader 55)  more
Albers, Bruno (Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 "Immelmann")  
Albersmeier, Ludwig (Transportgeschwader 2)14-03-1916 more
Albertsen, Max (KG 53)  
Albrecht, Bernhold (Kampfgeschwader 4)03-01-192001-08-1944
Albrecht, Friedrich (KG 1)  
Albrecht, Hans (Kampfgeschwader 55)04-05-192220-08-1944
Albrecht, Heinz (Kampfgeschwader 53)  more
Albrecht, Oskar (Kampfgeschwader)  
Alleborn, Philipp25-12-1919 more
Alms, Gerhard (Kampfgeschwader 55 „Greif") 17-08-1943
Altmann, Gerhard (Kampfgeschwader 77) 00-01-1942
Altmann, Klaus (Kampfgeschwader 100 'Wiking')15-07-191812-10-1942
Amann, Josef (Kampfgeschwader 100 'Wiking')  
Ammann, Paul (KG 4 "General Wever")05-08-192009-08-1991more
Amthor, Richard  
Amtmann, Baptist (Kampfgeschwader 54 'Totenkopf ')22-02-192001-01-1945
Arendt, Gerhard (Kampfgeschwader 54)  
Au, Oskar21-02-1918 more