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The Noble Patron of Armor Award

The United States Armor Association awards its Noble Patron of Armor Award to individuals who have contributed considerably to the operational success of armor and cavalry organizations. The award is bestowed upon civilians or service members who are not branched armor.

Any member of the U.S. Armor Association may nominate an individual for the Patron Award. The first armor/cavalry colonel (O-6) in the chain of command or another combat arms O-6 acting in a command capacity where his unit contains armor or cavalry forces may approve the Noble Patron of Armor Award. The letter of nomination should be in a non-military format and include a biography of the nominee.

Award criteria:
- Officers and noncommissioned officers of branches other than Armor who work directly with U.S. Army organizations in support of armor/cavalry missions.
- Foreign officers and noncommissioned officers who work directly with U.S. armor/cavalry missions.
- Foreign officers working for one year or more in an exchange capacity with U.S. armor/cavalry organizations.
- A navy officer who for one year or more demonstrates outstanding performance in a joint service assignment with a U.S. armor or cavalry unit.
- Civilian employees of the U.S. government who work directly with U.S. Army organizations in support of armor or cavalry missions.
- Civilian community members who demonstrate continuing support of U.S. Army armor and cavalry organizations.