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Luftschutz-Ehrenzeichen 2. Stufe

The Air Warden Honour Award 2nd Class (Luftschutz-Ehrenzeichen 2e Stufe) is made of zinc or tombak and has the shape of a large round silver grey medal with in the centre a big swastika. Around this swastika is the text “Für verdienste im Luftschutz” placed and at the outer edge of the text is a slightly raised line. Next to this line is a broad oak leaf wreath with at the bottom a ribbon knot. This wreath forms the outer edge of the medal. At the reverse are the swastika and text replaced by the year 1938. This refers to the year of institution. At the top of the medal is a small eyelid placed, through this eyelid comes the little ring of the ribbon. The broad ribbon consists of a wide violet coloured stripe at the centre, flanked by a small red, white and black stripe.

The Air Warden Honour Award 2nd Class was awarded for bravery in the Reichluftschutzbund and could be awarded to members of the Luftschutz but also to factory guards, fire fighters, police ect. The recipient did however had to been already 4 years in service with the Luftschutz. The Air Warden Honour Award 2nd Class was worn on the left breast pocket and was awarded in a small paper packet or carton box with the award name stencilled on it. Together with the awarding came a standard award document and the awarding was notated in the Soldbuch.