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Albania (1946-1991, Peoples Republic)

The Peoples Republic of Albania was formed on January 11th, 1946 after the Peoples Gathering took on the new communist basis laws. Omer Nashi was installed as the first Head of State and Enver Hoxa was instituted as the Prime-Minister and Minister of Defence.
The head of Yougoslavia, Tito tried with the help of Joseph Stalin to add Albania to the State of Yougoslavia. Although he was supported in this claim, Albania rallied together with the Soviet Union and Stalin in his conflict with Tito in 1948 and Albania remained independent.
During the destalinisation, Albania resisted against this and started relations with China. The relations were ended again when Mao died in 1976. In spite of the fact that Albania isolated itself Internationally, they opened relations with several Western countries like France, the Netherlands and Belgium.
On December 28th, 1976 the countries name was changed to Socialist Peoples Republic of Albania. On April 30th, 1991 the country released itself of its communist history and the Democratic Republic Albania was instituted.