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The Tank Book

Title:The Tank Book
Published:DK Publishing
Published in:2017

For as long as there has been fighting in the world, people have been looking for protection against enemy attacks. Where in the Middle Ages a steel helmet and chest armor were sufficient, this gradually changed with the evolution of modern, heavier weapons. A major technical advance was the tank. A vehicle that provided protection for military personal and the necessary fire power. How it began and what its development was over the years is described in ‘The Tank Book’.

Since the British Mark I appeared on the battlefield during World War One, there has been a race in the development of this combat weapon. Many different variants were developed as requirements changed rapidly in anticipation to the Second World War. During this war tanks became bigger, heavier and mass-production became the norm.

Tanks as the American Sherman M4, the Russian T34 and the German Tiger I tank even earned a legendary status. Although nowadays the role of the battle tank is less important, its development is far from standing still. These days requirements as stealth technic and unmanned control have become the new standard.

In corporation with The Tank Museum in Dorset, Great Britain ‘The Tank Book’ gives a very comprehensive view of more than four hundred British, American, Russian, German and French tanks. Pictures and drawings provide extra clarification. Also important designers such as Mikhail Koshkin and Sir William Tritton share their knowledge on tank development.

It’s good to see that in ‘The Tank Book’ not only the well-known tanks are reviewed. Besides that for example also the anti-tank weapon, ammunition and post-World War Two weapons are discussed. Stunning photos and clear specifications give a good representation of the described weapons.

It should be mentioned that the Second World War concerns only part of ‘The Tank Book’. This is unavoidable if one wants to give a full historical representation of the development of the tank as a weapon. For those with a general interest in the tank, this book is enjoyable to read. For those with specific interest it will not provide new facts. Nevertheless, ‘The Tank Book’ is certainly recommended for everyone who is interested in the development of this type of weapon from the First World War until today.

Rating: Very Good


Article by:
Han Smits
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