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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1 Worcestershire Regiment
Month and Year: February 1945 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. A.W. Vickers
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
BEERSSE (Belgium) 1   Bn in area BEERSSE.
2   Bn in area BEERSSE.
3   Bn in area BEERSSE.
GELDROP (Holland) 4   Bn in area GELDROP.
5   Bn in area GELDROP.
6   Bn in area GELDROP.
7   Bn in area GELDROP.
7   Lt.-Col. A. W. Vickers left Bn for admission into Hospital.
Lt.-Col. M. R. J. Thomson M.C. assumed command 1 Worc R.
8 1000 Bn. "O" Group where orders were issued for the move to the forward assembly area S.E. of NIJMEGEN. Bn moved embussed at 19.15 hours and after a very slow and tiring journey arrived (less 1 T.C.V.) at 03.30 on the 9th.
This was the first stage for the Bn in operation "Veritable".
9 1015 Bde. "O" Group followed by Bn "O" Group where orders for the Bn to advance by quick-lift (that is carrying Bn on its own "B" Ech and supporting arms transport) to seize WEEZE providing that the other Bns in the Bde has seized and held GOCH. Bn was placed on 1 hrs notice to move as from 17.00 hours.
9 1745 Bde. "O" Gp 17.45 hrs. Information was given that progress in the Operation had been slower than anticipated but that "Op" was to go as planned and Bn was to move at 21.30 hrs. Bn moved off and after a most exhausting night with the troops suffering great discomfort arrived at KRANENBURG.
KRANENBURG 10   A total distance covered in 9 hours of 4 to 5 miles.
Information was received of a halt of at least 1 hour so troops dismounted and breakfast was eaten. The Bn of 15 Scottish Div and Supporting Arms move up - a distinct lack of T.C. did not make this Op a great success.
10 1230 Bn "O" Gp 12.30 hours. Information as to the progress of the Op was given out by the C.O. and orders that Bn was to be at 10 minutes notice to move.
NUTTERDEN 10   16.15 Bn moved off but was halted at NUTTERDEN and harboured up at 02.00 hrs on the 11th.
11   The reason for the long halt was that the MATTERBORN Feature was still not cleared of the enemy. Troops had a very uncomfortable night and as there was no likelihood of moving until midday Bn dug slits, had breakfast and enjoyed a wash and a shave.
11 1145 Bde. "O" Gp where orders for a new role were issued and Bn was ordered to clear through to ridge - line 919523 to 920516. This Op could not commence until the D.C.L.I. had cleared the MATTERBORN Feature, and the Som. L.I. had reached their objective HAU. The D.C.L.I. commenced their Op at 17.00 hrs - the 7 Som. L.I. were passed through the D.C.L.I. at approx. 22.30 hrs but were held up by an enemy strongpoint which K.O'd. three of the leading tanks. The Somerset Transport blocked the route making it impossible for us to pass through as originally planned. "A" Coy cleared the area of the Village immediately East BEAU CHOISIE collecting a useful bag of P.W's. and suffering very light casualties.
12   "D" Coy advancing along the road towards KUKKUK was held up by heavy Spandau fire in area of prominent house - a right flanking manouvre was successfully carried out and clearing operations of KUKKUK were very successful and the position was firmly in our hands by 06.30 hours. A large Arty fire plan had been prepared for the attack on the two final objectives. At 07.15 hrs we were informed that this would not be available for a further three hours. The C.O. took the decision to launch "B" & "C" Coys without fire support. This involved changing the route of "B" Coy (left forward Coy) who now advanced through the wood meeting a little opposition, especially 1 sniper who caused one fatal casualty and delayed the advance for 20 mins. "C" Coy advanced astride the road through "A" Coy commencing 0815 hrs. and meeting some opposition from buildings which they over came with the aid of tank H.E. cleared buildings down to the feature from which point the area X-rds could be dominated by aimed fire and the Coy consolidated in this area. Both "B" & "C" Coys were established on their objectives by 09.30 hours.
Total bag of P.W. to date 3 Officers and 87 O.R's. Casualties to the Bn 2 killed, 14 wounded. As a result of the successful completion of the Bns task to time, 129 Bde commenced a series of attacks S.E. from CLEEVE through part of Siegfried Line defences. "B" Coy pushed forward clearing the remaining buildings to their immediate front. As a result a further 12 P.W. were gathered in. The whole Bn area was heavily shelled from midday to evening as apparently the enemy thought that that a further eastern thrust was coming through, whereas in fact the 129 Bde attack was on a different axis. "C" Coy established contact with left forward of 7 Som. L.I. in HAU and the anti-tank defence was co-ordinated with a view to a likely enemy counter-attack possibly by 116 Panzer Div. on the Bn front. Bn H.Q. was established by 17.30 hours in BEAU CHOISIE.
13   During the night both "B" & "C" Coys sent Recce Patrols forward to the line of the railway to contact 4 Som. L.I. who had carried out a wood clearing operation on our front. 1 P.W. surrendered to "B" Coy who had been skulking in one of the houses on their front. A marked decrease in shelling in the Bn area which is now only spasmodic. The C.O. from the Royal Scotts (44 Bde) carried out a recce of Bn area in view of a possible enemy counter-attack meeting with success. At approx. 14.14 hours 129 Bde continued their attack on their axis S.E. of CLEEVE and made further penetrations of the Siegfried Defences.
At 23.00 hrs 5 Dorsets relieved 4 Som. L.I.
14   A Quiet night. Contact maintained on both flanks. 4 Dorsets and 7 Hamps moved in the area immediately east of the Bn posn and concentrated with the possibility of completing the relief of 129 Bde shortly. The big event of the day from the Bn point of view was that "A" Ech for the first time for four days came up through difficult L of C with mail rations etc.
15   At approx. 07.30 hours we received news of a counter-attack with 300 infantry and 12 tanks on 5 Wilts which met with some initial success. It was badly mauled by our Arty & Typhoons. An attack in the afternoon by 5 Wilts to restore the posn and maintain the momentum of 129 Bde advance was unsuccessful.
Bde "O" Gp at 21.00 hrs when we were informed of a night attack by 130 Bde through 129 Bde to seize high ground just South of BLACKNIK, the southern part of which was to be our FUP for our attack the next day. The Bde with 7 Som. L.I. right 1 Worc R. left were to seize and hold a number of important rd junctions 1500 yards south of 130 Bde objective. The C.O. and I.O. spent the rest of the night planning and preparing the operation in the greatest detail including excellent aerial photographs.
16   Bn "O" Gp at 06.00 hrs when orders for the Op were issued. Bn prepared to move by quick lift at 08.00 hours its head at Bde S.P. when orders were received for Bn to curl up off the road as there would be no move before 14.00 hours. Passed Bde S.P. at 13.00 hours Carrier Pl leading followed by "R" Gp then Coys. On arrival at the assembly area which we were assured was occupied by 5 Dorset and 7 Hamps respectively the posn was found to be only partially held - the fwd part of the area was still being contested. Whilst the column was still on the road very heavy shelling and mortaring which was remarkably accurate inflicted a few casualties, but with the quick deployment of the Carrier Pl remainder of the column was deployed off the road. A Major Hartwell of the 5 Dorsets put the C.O. in the picture - a short "O" Gp (Coy Commanders) and a decision to carry out the Op as planned with the exception of the start line being slightly altered to suit the circumstances. With "A" Coy right and "D" Coy left the attack commenced at 15.20 hours under a lifting barrage and with a troop of Tanks in support of each forward Coy the first intermediate objectives were quickly seized and P.W. started to come.
7 Som. L.I. who were attacking on our right also reported good progress and the opposition was not very determined. "D" Coy while continuing to push on to their final objective reported to be under heavy Spandau fire from a group of farm buildings. This was gallantly dealt with by Lt. Pullen who lead his Pl in a frontal assault capturing the farm buildings at the point of the bayonet.
Meanwhile "A" Coy who were clearing up a group of buildings which were their final objective were consolidating. "D" Coy continued their advance and shortly afterwards reported that they were on their objective, clearing and consolidating. Meanwhile "B" Coy had moved up and were launched through "A" & "D" Coys to its first objective and reported good progress. The Arty fire plan had gone ahead of our advance and as it was over a two Bn attack it was found impossible to recall the barrage. "C" Coy moved up to "D" Coys first objective and dug in for a firm base. Tac H.Q. established itself in the same building as the 5 Dorsets Coy H.Q. "B" Coy seized its first objective after a short fight and pushed on after a short reorganisation to its final objective. The light was beginning to fail then came the good news - "B" Coy had seized its final objective. There was still one more group of bldgs to seize to ensure a clear start line for the 5 D.C.L.I. night attack which was to pass through us. "A" Coy then moved forward and took over "B" Coy posn who moved forward to take this group of bldgs. Only moderate opposition was met by "B" Coy and was quickly overcome. At 18.00 hours Bn reported to Bde - that all objectives were captured and being consolidated. Total P.Ws. for day - 3 Officers and 102 O.Rs. mainly Inf elements of 116 Pz Gren Div. and Bn casualties were 16 wounded mostly from the shelling and mortaring which was intense throughout the battle.
5 D.C.L.I. in Kangaroos were forming up for their night attack, in "C" Coy area. The D.C.L.I. attack passed through to seize IMIGSHOF, BERGMANNSHOF & KIDNEY FEATURE under a very heavy Arty barrage.
17   At 04.30 hrs Bn. H.Q. moved forward and established itself in the centre of Bn area. Bde "O" Gp at 08.00 hrs, where Bn were given the task of seizing the high ground commanding the River NIERS especially a rd bridge which was known to be prepared for demolition but not yet blown, passing through 5 D.C.L.I. who had successfully seized their objective the night before. Bn "O" Gp was at 09.30 hrs where detailed orders for the attack were given. Bn was to attack on a two Coy front - "A" Coy right "D" Coy left, "B" Coy were given the special job of passing through and seizing the bridge intact. Coys began to move up at 11.00 hrs and the two leading Coys were at the FUP by 12.15 hrs. There was a delay in the opening of the Arty programme and "H" hour was finally fixed for 13.20 hrs. During this time there was moderate shelling of the FUP area. 7 Som. L.I. who were attacking on our right overlooking the river. "D" Coy reported heavy and accurate mortar fire on the S.L. and "A" Coy reported unable to proceed as the left forward Coy of Som. L.I. were engaged in clearing bldgs a few hundred yards from S.L. from which area heavy and accurate M.G. fire was coming. "D" Coy then reported coming under heavy Spandau fire from N. end of wood, and also heavy and accurate Mortar Fire. "A" Coy then passed through the SOM Coy making for a X rds immediately West of DORMONDSHOF (should read DORMANNSHOF) and had to clear DORMANNSHOF. "B" Coy was then moved forward behind ""D" Coy and after advancing 400 yds were held up by SP Gun and spandau fire from corner of wood. "C" Coy meanwhile were digging in, in area IMIGSHOF (Tac H.Q.) especially guarding the exposed left flank in view of a likely enemy counter attack. "A" Coy seized x rds, knocking out a 75 mm Anti- tank gun and crew, and consolidated two platoons south of x rds. "D" Coy were meanwhile working round the left flank and entering the wood still under heavy mortar and shell fire. The enemy were contesting every inch of the ground and showed no signs of giving up. A heavy Arty stonk was laid on, on the area of the SP Gun and spandau and "B" Coy pushed on. After hard fighting they reached area of buildings some 400 yds from bridge. From there a recce patrol led by the C.S.M. went forward to look at the bridge which was found to be blown. "B" Coy were ordered to consolidate. "A" Coy meanwhile with one platoon forward seized the high ground and dug outs commanding the river. "D" Coy continued fighting through the wood and were ordered to consolidate on the left of "B" Coy - "C" Coy were ordered to prepare for a night attack on the bridge. This was cancelled at nightfall and they moved forward to dig in and consolidate in the area - northern tip of wood. Throughout the day shelling and mortaring had been heavy and accurate and enemy opposition had been stiffer than before. A further 90 P.Ws. were taken, mostly from 15 P. G. Div. Casualties to Bn :- 2 Officers, 63 O.Rs. (5 O.Rs. killed). It had been a very difficult attack owing to the terrain and strong enemy oppositions. Bn. H.Q. was established at IMIGSHOF and contact established with 7 Som. L.I. on our right.
IMIGSHOF 18   Very heavy shelling and mortaring of Bn area throughout the night. During the whole period of the "Op" men had had little rest and were now firmly dug in. Despite the heavy shelling and mortaring very few casualties were caused.
19/20   Active patrolling by day and night which firmly established that the enemy had withdrawn from the "B" & "C" Coy fronts to the area of the rd 400 yds S.E. On two occasions small enemy patrols approached "B" Coy but when fired on withdrew. 7 Som. L.I. were withdrawn with the exception of left fwd Coy which was placed under our command. Very heavy shelling and mortaring continued during the whole period of the whole Bn area.
21   A Bde of 15 Scottish Div commenced operations on our left front advancing South and Bn was ordered to withdraw 2 miles back - the first stage of a rest period.
Withdrawal took place without incident, Coys moving independently and Bn was accommodated in billets by 21.00 hrs. Advance party moved to rest area CLEVE.
22   A quiet night apart from the continuous rumble of our own Arty. and the men had their first good nights rest for 12 days.
CLEVE 23   A quiet night.
23 1400 Bn moved embussed to CLEVE. Move completed by 18.00 hrs and troops in billets.
24/25   Bn enjoyed rest. Baths, Cinemas etc.
25   Warning orders for Bn to take over from 4 Wilts in the line.
26 0830 "O" Gp where orders where given out for the take over of 4 Wilts posns. Bn transport left at 10.30 hrs. Marching troops 11.00 hrs. Take over completed in new area by 16.00 hrs. Quiet night.
27   C.O. received orders to meet Bde Commander at 6 Cdn Bde H.Q. at 14.15 hrs as 214 Bde was to relieve 6 Cdn Bde as soon as possible.
27 1530 Bn "O" Gp. Orders for move fwd issued, set timings and groupings. Marching troops moved at 17.00 hrs. Transport 17.30 hrs. Takeover complete by 21.00 hrs of 1/2 S. Sas. Regt.
28   A little mortar fire during the night with Spandau fire.
Patrolling fwd to ensure that all bldgs in Bn area were clear of enemy - no contact made.

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Source: The Worcestershire Regiment.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.