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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 15th/19th Hussars
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt Col A.D. Taylor, DSO., MC.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Holland 1   There had been heavy rain during the night and rain continued steadily throughout most of the day. Regt remained in the same location and it was learned that we were unlikely to move until the 10th or 11th of the month. This period of maintenance, rest and reorganisation is most welcome and necessary after the Regt had been operating continuously without a break for almost exactly 6 weeks. During the morning Major General G.P.B. Roberts DSO, LC Comd. 11 Armd.Div. paid an informal visit to the Regt and walked around the 'HQ' B and C Sqns in order to meet Officers and Other Ranks. This was the first occasion since the Regt had come under his command on coming overseas that he had had an oppertunity really to meet the Regt. During the day all Sqns held Church services which were taken by the Rev. C.F. Pickup, Chaplain to 151 Fd. Regt R.A. (Ayrshire Yeomanry) who was now doing Padre to the Regt as well. It was learned that the Americans had met strong opposition in the area LACTARIA and woods to the South West of it and in VORTUM and their attack was making only slow progress.
2   Sqns still carrying out maintenance. Small parties from all Sqns went to a cinema in GEMERT in the evening.
3   Sqns still in same posns. Maintenance now nearly completed.
4   Regt still in same posns, maintenance contd. It was learned during the day that we should probably remain in these posns for about another week. Some wireless classes and First Aid classes were started and a good deal of football and basket ball was played for the next few days. Capt. T. Adams had been appointed Entertainments Officer and managed to secure a considerable number of seats for various ENSA shows and Cinemas. This was all very welcome after the hard six weeks which we had just had.
Holland 5   Maps:- Holland 1/100000 Sheet 5.
5   As previous day. 7 U.S.Armd.Div. making very little progress in their operation Southwards in the OVERLOON 7631 - VORTUM 7837 area and suffering considerable casualties.
6   Nothing worth recording.
7   Maps:- Holland 1/100000 Sheets 4, 5.
7   Operation order received during the previous night. 7 U.S.Armd.Div. was to be withdrawn from the OVERLOON area where they had only adv about 2000 yds in 8 days and move round to the area DEURNE 6520. 11 Armd Div to take over line DEURNE - Sthn edge of wood 7533 - VORTUM and thence to the River MAAS, with 159 Inf Bde on the left, 29 Armd Bde on the right, Regt remaining in same locaction in Div reserve.
8   No change from previous day. Divine Services were held in all Sqns during the day.
9   Maps:- Holland 1/100000 Sheets 4, 5. Central Europe 1/100000 Sheet Q1.
9   Regt remained in same location. 8 Corps plan was now to clear enemy from the area West of the River MAAS down to VENLO 9209 and ROERMOND 7789. 8 Corps now consisted of 11 Armd Div, 3 Brit.Inf.Div., 15 (S)Div. and 7 U.S.Armd.Div. under command. The general plan of ops was for 3 Brit.Div. to capture OVERLOON, clear the woods to the East and West of this place and then adv Southwards on a narrow front astride the road and capture VENRAY 7726. 11 Armd.Div. then to pass through and adv 2 Bdes up, 29 Armd.Bde Gp. on the right to AMERICA 7716, 159 Inf Bde Gp. on the left to Horst 8318. Div was grouped as follows:- 159 Inf Bde Gp. - 15/19H., 2 F.F.Yeo., 4 KSLI., and 1st Herefords. 29 Armd.Bde Gp. - 23H., 3 RTR., 8 RB., and 3 Mons. This operation was to start at 1200 hrs Oct 11th supported by a considerable air and arty programme. The enemy was holding his br hd West of the MAAS in considerable strength and information from various sources, including prisoners captured by some active patrolling by units of 159 Bde showed him to have six or seven Bns in this area supported by a considerable number of guns and a few tks. As the country was difficult, particularly from an Armd. point of view, and suitable for defence, it was evident that this operation was unlikely to be carried out easily or cheaply.
10   Regt still in same location. Nothing to report.
11   Bad weather caused the operation to be postponed for 24hrs. Regt remained in same location. Football match B' Sqn v 'C' Sqn in the afternoon.
12   A fine day, suitable for the operation which began as planned. Opposition was found to be considerable and little progress was made.
13   Operation by 3 Brit.Div. contd. to make slow progress. Supported by a very heavy arty programme OVERLOON was captured by the evening.
14   Maps:- Holland 1/100000 Sheets 4, 5. N.W.Europe 1/25000 Sheet 19.
14   3 Brit.Div. contd to make slow progress clearing the woods East and slightly West of OVERLOON. In the afternoon Regt moved up and harboured in area 7336.
15   Maps:- Holland 1/100000 Sheets 4, 5. N.W.Europe 1/25000 Sheet 19.
15   3 Brit.Div. making very little progress. 4 KSLI and 2 F.F.Yeo carried out an operation to clear the woods East of OVERLOON to rly at about 800320. This was succesfully carried out during the morning. In the afternoon the 1st Herefords supported by the Regt. succesfully carried out a limited operation to clear the enemy out of area HATTERT 7834 and area of the staion 7934. In this operation the Herefords adv from the X rds 774327 2 Coys up astride the road to the woods North and South of the road at about 787336 where these 2 Coys formed a firm base. These Coys were supported fwd by 'B' Sqn. Remaining 2 Coys followed them supported by 'C' Sqn and adv through them onto the two objectives. The operation was succesfully carried out, a few prisoners were taken and a number of enemy killed. One enemy gun believed to be an 88mm was knocked out in the area of the station. Lt. D.K.H.Eves, 1st Tp.'C' Sqn had his tk knocked out at about 795343 either by an A/Tk gun from across the rly line or by a mine. The tk caught fire and Lt. Eves and the following members of his crew received fairly serious burns:- 7920612 Tpr Adkin A., 4543337 Tpr Berry A., 14301940 Tpr Green C. These 2 Sqns and RHQ returned just as it was getting dark and raining heavily and the Regt harboured in the area 762334.
16   Maps:- Holland 1/100000 Sheets 4, 5. N.W.Europe 1/25000 Sheet 19 NW, 19 SW.
16   A quiet morning followed a quiet night. In the morning Lt. T.D. Seigne Comd. 2nd Tp 'B' Sqn was severely wounded owing to the Browning gun of the Challenger tank in his Tp being accidentally fired. This was particularly unfortunate as Lt. Seigne had been commanding his Tp since the Regt landed overseas and had consistently done extremely well. In the afternoon the plan was changed and it was decided to withdraw 159 Bde Gp from its posns in the OVERLOON area and move it round to the area of DEURNE 6520. 11 Armd Div was now to adv on the same objectives from the West instead of from the North with 159 Bde now on the right moving from rd junc 658210 up to rd junc 720237 to VEULEN 7622 to AMERICA 7716 and 29 Armd Bde on the left moving via SCHOOR 7923 onto HORST 8318. Regt moved through ST ANTHONIS and OPLOO 7136 and harboured at 660212. A very wet afternoon and evening.
Holland 17   Maps:- Holland 1/100000 Sheet 4. 1/25000 Sheet 19 SW(Eastern portion).
17   Orders received during the night for the Regt to support 1st Herefords in an adv with objective capture of YSSELSTEYN 7222. 7 U.S. Armd.Div. had established a small br.hd. over the canal at 702233 and a bridge had been built over this during the previous night. Plan for the operation was for 2 Coys Herefords supported by 'B' Sqn to adv astride the road to about 730240 and there form a firm base. Remaining Coys of Herefords supported by A' Sqn to follow, turn South down the tracks in 7223 and capture the objective. 'B' and 'A' Sqn carried leading 2 Coys of Herefords as far as the canal leaving the harbour area at 1030hrs. On reaching the area of the bridge the leading Coys were heavily shelled and mortared and found it very difficult to move fwd. The leading Tps of 'B' Sqn, 3rd Tp - Capt. M. Jennings followed by 2nd Tp - Lt. R. Payne were therefore ordered to adv up the road hoping that when they got fwd a little the Infantry would follow. The country was boggy on either side of the road and it was impossible to get off the road. The verges were reported to be mined and A/Tk guns were reported from air photographs and various other sources to be covering the road. The situation of the leading Tps was therefore distinctly unpleasant. In spite of this 3rd Tp adv well up the road. Capt. Jennings' tk received a direct hit by enemy shell fire early on which damaged it and wounded his operator. He changed into the leading tk and contd the adv. The area of the bridge and road beyond it contd to be heavily shelled and mortared and a number of casualties were incurred particularly by the Inf. On reaching about 714235 Capt. Jennings' tk was hit 3 times by 75mm from somewhere to the South. Capt. Jennings was wounded and received serious burns but in spite of this gave 1st Aid to two other members of his crew under fire from enemy Inf in the area and then came back to report the situation to his Sqn Ldr. The Inf were now getting on quite well and the 2 rear Coys moved up North just East of the canal and then Eastwards and turned South onto the main road again at about 720237. Meanwhile 1st Tp 'B' Sqn - Lt. S.R.M. Fraser had moved on past 3rd Tp and the Sqn pushed onto their objective.
Holland 17   A' Sqn followed behind them and supported the rear 2 Coys of Infantry onto their objective which was captured without serious opposition. Meantime 'C' Sqn turned South at about 714235 and supported the original leading right hand Inf Coy round to the West and South of the village. The Regt harboured at last light just South of the main road at 718235. It was raining hard and contd to do so throughout most of the night. More than 200 prisoners had been taken in this operation and at least two 75mm guns knocked out by 'B' Sqn. The Regt suffered the following casualties:- Killed - 7912303 Tpr Dinham K. Wounded - Capt. M. Jennings 14616925 Trp Beigel M., 1434139, Trp Statham W., 7937669 L/C Walling T., 14433243 Trp Buchan H. A further accident similar to that of the previous day occurred when the Regt was moving off in the morning and 7908535 Cpl Jacks D. and 14514460 Trp Clark M. were seriously wounded.
Holland 18   Maps:- Holland 1/100000 Sheet 4. 1/25000 Sheet 19 SW(Eastern portion).
18   After an unexpectedly quiet night 'C' Sqn started at 0630hrs to support two Coys of the Herefords to clear the two roads running S.E. and S.W. to X rds 734218 and rd junc 719212 and the country in between them. The line of the road joining these two points was to be the start line for the F.F.Yeo and 4 KSLI moving through the Regt1 Gp and continuing the adv onto VEULEN 7622. Considerable opposition was met by 'C' Sqn in their operation, particularly on the West. 3 75mm guns were knocked out by them down this road mainly by 1st Tp very well commanded by 7899176 Sgt Fox C. the first occasion on which he had commanded a Tp. but two of their tks were hit and the following casulaties suffered. Killed - 7955938 Trp Clegg H., 7905072 Trp Marsh J. Wounded - Lt. M. Mather, 14299628 Trp Meredith H., 14307338 Tpr Griffiths D. The 2 F.F.Yeo and 4 KSLI passed through and crossed their startline at 0830hrs and adv up to area VEULEN 7721 at good speed with unexpectedly little opposition. They remained there for the rest of the day.
18   In the early afternoon 'A' Sqn moved to area [] in support of 1st Herefords and remained there till last light when they moved back and harboured in area []. Remainder of Regt harboured in [] locations as previous night. In the evening C.O. received orders to operate the following day and try to seize area of the X rds ST HELENA HOEVE []. This operation was to be carried out by 2 Sqns and 'A' Sqn to remain with 1st Herefords. If this objective was successfully secured. 'A' was to move up quickly with 2 Coys 1st Herefords to hold it and the Regt then to operate Southwards towards AMERIKA [] and try to discover the enemy situation on the road running down to AMERIKA. It was not [] that these posns should be held, when the enemy situation was [], the whole force was to withdraw back to present locations. C.O. [] orders for Regt to move out at 0630hrs the following morning in order 'C' Sqn, RHQ, 'A' Sqn, 'C' Sqn and RHQ to adv along the axis of the road running south to [] and then [] to the objective. 'A' Sqn to turn North East at X rds [] and then turn [] at X rds [].
19   [] as for previous day. A rather dark, foggy morning. Regt. moved out according to plan and adv without opposition until loading Tp of 'C' Sqn reached area []. About here two tks of 1st Tp 'C' Sqn were knocked out by enemy A/Tk gun fire which it was impossible [] to locate but it was thought came from the South East of []. 'C' Sqn also got [] ditched in the big [] which later reached [] country. Now that this enemy was obviously holding this area in some strength it proved difficult to adv towards the objective as the country was [] flat and [] but dotted with farmsteads about every 500 yds. Which gave [] and everyone of those [] to be held by the enemy with A/Tk guns and Inf with Bazookas, very well camouflaged and dug in.
Holland 19   If therefore tks adv across the open country they were fired at by A/Tk guns generally from several directions and if they tried to take cover from these in the vicinity of any of the farmsteads they were fired at on close range by enemy Inf with Bazookas. The situation was made more difficult by the fact that no Inf could be made available to accompany the Regt. After these two tks of 'C' Sqn had been knocked out all likely enemy strong points in the vicinity were engaged with fire. It proved difficult to get fwd either further North or further South. 'B' Sqn to the North had reached the farms at 758?13 and 761212 and located certain enemy guns out to their East. It was difficult for them to get fwd as the country in front of them was very open and intersected by dykes.It was also considered undesirable to try to work round to the South owing to the boggy nature of the country and the enemy opposition known to be in the thick woods further South and suspected down the West of the road running to AMERICA. After a lot of fire had been put down on suspected posns of enemy guns therefore, 'A' Sqn, who had been called fwd and used as protection to the right and rear in the area 748205, were ordered to pass through 'C' Sqn and endeavour to adv onto the objective. 'C' Sqn were ordered to watch the flank to the South and South West. 2 Tp 'A' Sqn - Lt. M. Caroe, adv well and reached the farmstead St. Petrus Hoeve 768212, where two enemy guns had been knocked out. 4th Tp 'A' Sqn - 7907484 Sgt Jackson L. was then ordered to adv on the right of the 2nd Tp to the objective but in trying to do so Sgt Jackson's tk was knocked out in the same area as the two 'C' Sqn tks had been hit earlier in the day. The posn of the gun which fired on this, was still not definately located. In spite of this 'C' Sqn gradually fought their way forward and reached the line of the road running North from the objective and the Southern end of the orchard 774209 and got down as far as the track junc 778207. The Sqn was ordered to endeavour to consolidate on the objective facing South and East.
Holland 19   Whilst trying to carrie out this order, three more tks were hit in area of the Southern of the orchard by enemy A/Tk guns firing from the thick country to the South and South East. There were also a considerable number of enemy Inf with Bazookas in the area. 'A' Sqn and RHQ who were now just North of the objective therefore found themselves in a rather unpleasant situation, being fired on from almost all sides by enemy A/Tk guns and from close range by enemy Inf with Bazookas. There were also a number of wounded men to be attended to from the three tks which had been hit and it was impossible to get any of the Medical half track vehs fwd to this posn. Inf support which was asked for could not be made available. It was therefore decided to get the casualties back on the back of tks and permission was granted to withdraw from this posn. 2nd Lieut. A.B. Wilson, whose first day in action it was commanding a Troop, was unfortunately killed at this stage when his tk was hit a second time while he was very gallantly trying to extricate it from the Southern end of the orchard after it had been hit there once. The Regt was succesfully withdrawn from this area and returned to the same locations in which they had been the previous night. The Regt had fought its way fwd onto its objective in the course of the day over very difficult country and against considerable enemy opposition. It is considered that at least 5 enemy A/Tk guns had been knocked out and possibly more. 11 of our tks had been hit by enemy A/Tk gun fire of which 5 had to be left out and 6 were brought back. One Medical half track veh also received a direct hit by enemy shell fire and had to be left out. A large amount of enemy shell fire had been directed against the Regt throughout the day. Considering the number of tks which had been hit, casualties were not heavy and were as follows:- Killed:- 2/Lt.A.B.Wilson, 7907484 Sgt Jackson L, of 'A' Sqn., 6298596 Tpr Mann N., 4626921 L/C Helliwall F. of 'C' Sqn. Wounded:- 4806810 Tpr Baybutt W., 7938179 L/C Galsworthy A., 14369495 Tpr Hill W., 321680 Tpr Keeler D., 7958157 Tpr Marshall R., 7919970 Cpl Sutcliffe J., 14427780 L/C Wingfield E., 7957368 Tpr Bradwell A., 14290016 Tpr Burge A., 7907478 Trp Durham W., all of 'A' Sqn. Lt. R.W. Payne., 4615776 L/C Whitwam N. of 'B' Sqn., 6201767 Cpl Shirvill W., 14426471 Tpr Simmins D. of 'C' Sqn. Major M. Pearson Commanding 'A' Sqn and Lt. M. Caroe 2nd Tp 'A' Sqn and Sgt Gibson, his Tp Sgt, had fought with great courage and distinction throughout the day.
Holland 20   Maps as for previous day.
20   At first light 'C' Sqn moved out and took uo posn running South West from the farm 758213 towards the road 747207 watching South East,South and South West. During the morning it was decided to have a further operation to discover if the area St. Helena Hoeve was still held by the enemy and also to endeavour to recover the tks which had been abandoned the previous day and the bodies of those who had been killed in them which it had been impossible to recover. This operation started about 1400hrs and the plan was for 'C' Sqn from their present posns, or if necessary, slightly further fwd to cover the right flank of 'B' Sqn who were to adv towards the objective from the North West. 'B' Sqn first of all sent 1st Tp - Lt. S.R.M. Fraser - to the area St. Petrus Hoeve to cover their left flank. This Tp succesfully reached and took up its posn at this place. 4th Tp - Sgt Sampson - was then ordered to adv towards the objective. On reaching the area just to the West of this, the Tp found considerable numbers of enemy Inf still in the area and were fired on by small arms fire and Bazookas at close range. Whilst passing fairly close to one of the vehs knocked out the previous day, one tk of this Tp hit a mine and was disabled. As this showed that the enemy had laid mines in this area and it had also been discovered that he was still in occupation of the area, it was decided to abandon the operation and avoid further losses. Under cover of smoke, 4th Tp 'B' Sqn were therefore withdrawn followed by 1st Tp. The one tk of 4th Tp which had hit a mine had to be abandoned but no casualties were suffered except No. 558378 Tpr Overton F., the driver, who was slightly wounded. Sgt Sampson commanded his Tp with great courage and distinction in a somewhat difficult situation. 'B' Sqn then returned to their posns of the previous night. 'C' Sqn remained in the posn they had taken up that morning until last light when they rejoined remainder of Regt.
Holland 21   Maps as for previous day.
21   A first light 'A' Sqn moved fwd to posns occupied by 'C' Sqn the previous day and remained there throughout the day. A considerable amount of enemy shelling was directed into their area during the day, but no damage or casulaties were suffered. Remainder of Regt remained in same posn doing maintenance. Information was received that the Div was likely to remain fairly static in present area for some three weeks while other operations were being carried out to the West of the 2nd Army Salient into HOLLAND to clear the Southern bank of the R.SCHELDT and the area of FLUSHING and bring the port of ANTWERP into operation. The Div front was to be held during this period by the two Bde Gps. roughly in their present posns with 159 Inf Bde Gp on the right and 29 Armd Bde Gp on the left. The total period was to be devided into periods of 4 days, in each of which a part of the Bde Gp was to be holding the front line, a part further back in reserve and a part resting in DEURNE. On the following day 'C' Sqn was to move into VEULEN 7622 to support the 1st Herefords in this village. This was a somewhat isolated posn with communication to it provided by very bad roads over which wheeled vehs could scarcely pass and with enemy only about 600 yds away to the North East, East and South East. 'A' & 'B' Sqn were to move out on alternate days to the area of square 7521 to give protection out to the South. The Sqn which was not out there each day to be in Bde reserve.
Holland 22   B' Sqn moved out into posn at first light and remained out all day. As usual some shelling was directed against them but nothing else of note happened. 0900hrs 'C' Sqn moved into VEULEN and releived 2nd F.F.Yeo there. The Rev. C.F. Pickup C.E. held church services for 'HQ' Sqn and 'A' Sqn at RHQ which was now firmly established in the farm at 718237.
23   At first light 'A' Sqn moved out into posn at farm 763216 with one Tp at about 752209 and remained in these posns throughout the day. The farm 758213 which had been occupied by us on the previous day was very heavily shelled by the enemy on this day but few shells landed close to places where we were actually occupying. 'C' Sqn remained in VEULEN. Recce Tp sent out a Standing Patrol for the night to buildings 720217. This patrol heard and fired on enemy movement in the vicinity in the couse of the night but did not do them any damage.
24   B' Sqn spent the day in similar posns to those occupied the previous day by 'A' Sqn and shelled the farm at 773217 which had been found to be occupied by enemy O.P. by patrols of the 1st Herefords the previous night. 'C' Sqn still in VEULEN. Capt. N.W.T. Wiseman posted to the Regt as a reinforcement and appointed Intelligence Officer. Lt. G. Ridding posted back to 'A' Sqn as a Tp.Ldr. Recce Tp sent out a Standing Patrol similar to the previous night.
25   A' Sqn moved out to similar posns throughout the day. Nothing of note occured. 'C' Sqn still in VEULEN. Recce Tp sent out a Standing Patrol as on two previous evenings to similar posns.
26   0800hrs 'A' Sqn moved back to DEURNE for 4 days rest period. 0900hrs 'C' relieved in VEULEN by Sqn 2 F.F.Yeo and also moved back to DEURNE for 4 day rest period having been in VEULEN for 4 days and 4 nights in very close proximity to the enemy and under a considerable amount of shell fire day and night. This required a high proportion of the Sqn to be kept constantly at the alert and was a considerable strain. Recce Tp and two tks of RHQ Tp also moved back to DEURNE for a 4 day rest period. Remainder of RHQ and 'B' Sqn remained in same posn in Bde reserve.
Holland 27   Maps:- Holland 1/100000 Sheet 4. 1/25000 Sheet 27 NW.
27   News during the morning that the enemy had launched a counter attack over the canal in the area 7206 and 7012 against the 7 U.S.Armd.Div. which was responsable for holding this area. The enemy had considable initial success and succeeded in establishing br hds at both these places and captured MEIJEL 7106. Owing to this threat, Combat Gp.B. of 7 U.S.Armd.Div., which had been operating down the North side of the rly in an Easterly direction from DEURNE 6520 towards AMERICA 7716, was withdrawn Southwards to assist in holding this attack and 11 Armd.Div. was required to extend their front in a South Westerly direction over the rly. The Regt, less 'B' Sqn, was therefore ordered to stand-by to take up a posn in the area ZEILBERG 6619, 'B' Sqn remained in their posn directly under 159 Inf Bde. Sqn remained standing by throughout afternoon and evening but no actual move took place that day.
28   Maps as for previous day.
28   0900hrs 'A' & 'C' Sqns and RHQ moved to area ZEILBERG. RHQ was located in farm at 664196. RecceTp was sent out to watch Southwards between the road running from DEURNE to LIESSEL 6614 and the canal, on the general line of the track running East from 661167 which was the boundary between 11 Armd.Div. and 7 U.S.Armd.Div. Sqns recce'd posns to take up in this area facing South in case the threat from the South developed but did not move out that day. Recce returned to harbour with RHQ at last light.
28   Enemy aircraft dropped anti-personnel bombs on the area of A2 Ech at 675220 just afterlast light. 12 men were injured and the following evacuated to hospital:- 323470 Tpr Bending L., 403575 Tpr Christis D., 3385948 Tpr Gorton D., 14222647 Tpr Homer H., 14231038 Tpr Keenan J., 329265 Tpr Leeves C., 4617511 Tpr Watson C., 4622552 Cpl Williams W., 7951236 Tpr Davies J.
Holland 29   Maps as for previous day.
29   A misty morning turned into a lovely sunny October day. Regt, less 'B' Sqn, moved out at first light and took up posns facing South, South of the rly from DEURNE - LIESSEL road to the canal. 'A' Sqn on the right, 'C' Sqn on the left, with a screen of Recce out in front. In the course of the day the enemy attacked and captured LIESSEL from the East and a number of small parties of enemy Inf could be seen moving Westwards on the track towards LOON 6615 throughout the day. Arty fire was directed onto these by Lt. K.F. Butler from an O.P. in the buildings at 663172. This was extremely well directed and well put down by guns of the Penbroke and Cardiganshire Yeo and seemed to have great effect. During the morning it appeared that the enemy might attack Northwards towards the Regts posns. This would have been welcomed by us as the enemy would have been moving across open country against us in well concealed and camouflaged posns, but to our disappointment no attack in that direction developed during the day. In the evening however Lt.G.C. Egerton spotted a German Mk.IV tk at 672158 and knocked this out with his Challenger tk. Shortly after this the Regt withdrew back to their harbour area in ZEILBERG. In the course of the day 15 (S)Div moved across to this front from the area of TILBURG where it had recently been operating and took up posns as follows:- 46 Bde astride the road DEURNE - LIESSEL, just South of DEURNE. 44 Bde West of LIESSEL on the road running to ASTEN 6113. 227 Bde in area VLIERDEN 6217.
Holland 30   Maps as for previous day.
30   A cold dull day. Regt, less 'B' Sqn, moved out at first light and took up similar posns to those occupied on the previous day. About 0900hrs three enemy 8 whd Armd Cars were located about X tracks 678160. One of these was knocked out by Sgt Seawright, 3rd Tp 'C' Sqn from a range of about 1200yds, the remaing two got away. Sqns remained in same posns until about middle of the afternoon when they were then moved fwd, 'A' Sqn to general line of 16 Northing grid line, 'C' Sqn Echeloned back with its right about the X tracks 676166 and its left at the track junc 688178. About 1600hrs Lt. Butler located an enemy Mk.IV tk on the road about 682148. A Challenger tk of 'C' Sqn was sent fwd with him to try and get into a posn from which it could knock this out. This was succesfully done, but unfortunately after one shot had been fired which just missed, the gun failed to run out and could not be fired again. Before another tk could be brought up to complete the job, the area was smoked off owing to a small attack by a Coy of 9 Cameronians supported by Churchill tks of 6 Gds Tank Bde. The succes of the previous evening was therefore unfortunately not repeated. After this Sqns moved back and harboured for the night in their previous locations. The Regt1 harbour area was shelled for 2 hrs during the night, fortunately no casualties were incurred although there were some very close misses. It transpired that this shelling was done by a Bty of 15(S)Div which fired some 250 shells into our harbour in the course of the night. During the day 46 Bde of 15(S) Div attacked astride the road DEURNE - LIESSEL and reached posns as follwos:- 9 Cameronians in heath area 6716, 7 Seaforths astride the road in area LOON 6615, 6 KOSB in area 6517.
31   Maps as for previous day.
31   A foggy morning, fog hung about all day and visibility very bad. Sqns moved out at first light into posns they had been in the previous evening. At 0900hrs Bns of 46 Bde attacked Southwards and occupied LIESSEL 6614 and the Loonsche Baan running in a North Eastly direction from this place. As soon as the objective was captured 6 KOSB passed through the two leading Bns and occupied a posn astride the road about SLOT 6713. At the same time 2 E.Yorks Regt of 3rd Div which had for some days been under command 159 Inf Bde was moved fwd into the posns vacated by 9 Cameronians in 6716. Nothing of note occurred throughout the day and at last light Sqns returned to their harbour areas in ZEILBERG. 'B' Sqn still under command 159 Inf Bde at YSSELSTEYN and had not been used.
31   Attached at Appx 'A' is a list of Officer and Other Rank reinforcements received during the month.
31   Attached at Appx 'B' is a list of casualties in the Regt during the month.
31   Attached at Appx 'C' is the 'Order of Battle' of the Regt as on 31st October 1944.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes,, transcribing: Mia Litjens.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.