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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeo., R.A.C.
Month and Year: December 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. A.B.J. Scott, M.C.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HELMOND 1-13   The Regt was concentrated in the HELMOND area where the time was spent on D.& M classes on Cromwells loaned from the 15/19 H and the 7th Armd Div.There was also instruction in Wireless and TEWTs making use of battles we had previously fought in the area. Tanks were handed in at the end of this period, with the exception of 5Cs and nine 75s which were kept for tp trg.
YPRES 14   The Regt moved to YPRES to commence refitting and training on Comets.
18   Cadre classes were started under instructors from Bovington and Lulworth.
20   At 0800 hrs the Comdg Offr went to a Conference where it was shown the situation in the ARDENNES necessited the Bde moving up to prevent the enemy crossing the RIVER MEUSE. Adv party of 2i/c and 2.i/c sqns moved off to LAEKEN to find accommodation for the night and to find out the situation about taking over tks. All available tk crew left YPRES at 1430 hrs, together with 'A' and A.1. echs, arriving LAEKEN at about midnight.Those Sherman tks and the Recce Tp moved off immediately after the wheeled coln had left. Tks had to be taken over from the A.D.R.2 i/c were able to mark the tks to be taken over by their sqns. It was not possible to have all tks for the same sqn together, owing to the different states of readiness of the tks and to some of them being very high mileage.
LAEKEN 21   C' Sqn started to take over tks at 0800 hrs (first light) and were given priority as one sqn had to move down to NAMUR as soon as possible. Tks had to be filled up with amn, rations and, in many cases, petrol. Brownings had to be mounted and the tks generally checked over. 'C' Sqn were able to move off at 1030 hrs with 12 tks which included one tp loaned from 'B' Sqn.They moved down to GEMBLOUX where they received further instrns from Bde before going on to NAMUR. The remainder of the Regt were able to move off at 1300 hrs with 26 tks, a further three, which would not start, being left to follow on. The 14 tks, together whith the Recce Tp, which had moved on their tracks from YPRES arrived just as the Regt was moving. These tks followed on as soon as they were replenished. 'C' Sqn was moved straight down for the defence of the rd and the rly bridges at NAMUR. The remainder of the Regt concentrated for the night at BELGRADE on the outskirts of NAMUR.
BELGRADE 22   The Regt was under comd of "R FORCE" which was already in NAMUR before our arrival the Regt was disposed as follows: -'C' Sqn covering the rd and the rly bridges over the River.'A' Sqn moved forward across the River to cover the approaches to NAMUR on the high ground in the area of ERPENT 9809.'B' Sqn were on the high ground just North of the town, in reserve, from where they were able to cover some of the approaches to the River.
NAMUR 23-24   "R FORCE" moved out and the Regt was responsible for the defence of NAMUR "at all costs", with under comd 'F' Coy 8 R.B., a Coy of the Welsh Guards the 2nd Bn 29th U.S. Infantry Regt, a detachment of Lt.A.A.guns, a sqn of 612 Fd Sqn R.E.'F' Coy were made responsible for the protection of the rd bridge.The Welsh Guards were responsible for the Rly bridge, with 'C' Sqn in support.'A' Sqn still remained in its position on the high ground across the river and 'B' Sqn were still in reserve.The 2nd Bn 29 U.S. Inf Regt were made responsible for the crossing over the rly and the RIVER SAMBRE, and were also in reserve in the event of any parachute landing.The Lt.A.A. were made into three strong points on the approaches to the River, being which were covered with mines and wire.The Recce Tp was responsible for keepting in touch with flank formations, the 3 R.Tks on our right and the A.C.R. on our left.
ASSESSE 25   At 2200 hrs on the 24th orders were received to move to the area of the W rds 0898, the responsibility of the defence of NAMUR being handed over to the Welsh Guards.The Regt moved out at 0800 hrs and concentrated in the area of ASSESSE 0701 with one Sqn of the 61st Recce, which was under comd, and made contact with the U.S. Forces. No contact was made with the enemy.
FALMAGNE 26   The Regt was moved down into reserve for the Bde and concentrated in the area of FALMAGNE
27   The Recce Tp collected 8 Ps.W. including 3 Officers, all of whom came from 2 Panzer Regt. Div.
28-29   F' Coy with one tp in support combed the woods and houses N of the River LESSE, without result, and no prisoners were found.
30   Still in reserve in FALMAGNE area.Bde defence plan issued to take place in the event of enemy attacking towards the river between inclusive DINANT and GIVET (see att. trace).
31   Was spent in reconnaissance of the ground for this defence. App A
31   ... ? ... App B
31   Lieut. Colonel,Comdg. 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, R.A.C.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

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