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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 15th/19th Hussars
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt Col A.D. Taylor, DSO., MC.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Holland 1   Maps:- Belgium and N.E. France 1/100000 Sheet 4. Holland 1/25000 Sheet 27 NW. ASTEN
1   A foggy morning, remained foggy throughout the day but rather less thick than the previous day. 'A' Sqn moved out at first light and into posns occupied by 'C' Sqn the previous day watching the Eastern flank of the 46 Bde posns. No incident affecting the Sqn occured throughout the day. In the course of the day 46 Bde cleared Eastwards to the canal from its posn on the LOONSCHE BAAN and then turned South and reach the area of HUTTEN 6812. 2 E.Yorks remained in their posn of the previous day. In the evening orders received for the Regt to return the following day to the area where it had previously been at YSSELSTEYN.
2   Maps:- Holland 1/25000 Sheet 19 SW (Western portion) VENRAY.
2   Foggy morning, turned into a fine sunny day. Regt, less 'B' Sqn, moved back to area YSSELSTEYN in the course of the morning and occupied harbour areas as follows:- RHQ in farm 724236, 'C' Sqn in farm 726236, 'A' Sqn in farm 727234 where it had been the previous week, 'B' Sqn remained in the same farm at 715236 and reverted to comd of Reg. A circus of AFV School headed by Major Cashmore visited the Regt to effect liaison between the Regts in the field and the AFV School. A number of points which had been brought up by experience in the field were given to him. He gave us the latest information from the schools.
3   A misty wet morning, cleared up later in the day. All Sqns remained in their harbour areas carrying out maintenance. A number of men went for baths in HELMOND.
4   Maps:- Holland 1/25000 Sheet 19 SW (Western portion) and 27 NW (Eastern portion)
4   A dull early morning, turned out brighter later. Recce was carried out of the area to the South West about squares 7118, 7119, 7218 and 7318/19. 'B' Sqn and RHQ took up posns just North of the track in the genral area 728203. Working from this firm base, 2 patrols of Recce under Lt. K.F.Butler and Sgt Busby then recce'd the flat, low lying country to the South in order to get an idea of the going and the country, as well as any fresh information about the enemy. A good deal of useful information was procured. 'B' Sqn contd doing some Sqn trg, in the suitable piece of country in which they were throughout the afternoon. As they had 3 entirely new Tp Ldrs the opportunity to do a little trg was welcome.
5   Weather dull and cold. Sqns remained in their harbour areas. Church service was held at RHQ at 1100hrs by Rev. C.F. Pickup and was well attended. The Regt1 area was shelled at intervals throughout the day.
Holland 6   Maps:- Holland 1/25000 Sheets 19 SW (Western portion) and 27 NW (Eastern portion)
6   Cold dull day. 'A' Sqn moved out to the heath country to the South to do a little trg and a Sqn shoot on the area AMERICA. The 'A' Sqn Scout Car went further down the road than was intended and hit a mine on the track at about 716190. Lt. J.F. Finnimore who had recently be posted to the Regt was slightly wounded and 14436648 Tpr Cottam H., the driver, seriously wounded. The Scout car was succesfully recovered during the afternoon. Tpr Cottam died of his wounds in hospital the following day.
7   Maps:- Holland 1/25000 Sheets 19 SW (Western and Eastern portions)
7   A cold, windy, stormy day. At first light 'B' Sqn moved to VEULEN 7622 and took over there from Sqn 2 F.F.Yeo. 1st Bn Welsh Guards were also occupying VEULEN at this time. During the day Welsh Guards carried out a number of small offensive operations around VEULEN supported by tks of 'B' Sqn. These were all succesfully carried out without incident. At first light 'C' Sqn also moved into posn in area of the road running North East and South West in 7..1 to watch out South East, South and South West. This Sqn was heavily shelled at intervals during the day and two tks were hit and 14427965 Tpr Gerroway R. was wounded. 'C' Sqn returned to their harbour at last light.
8   Cold and stormy day. 'B' Sqn still in VEULEN. Nothing of note occurred there. 'A' Sqn moved out at first light to posn occupied by 'C' Sqn the previous day. They were again shelled at intervals throughout the day but no damage was done.
9   A cold wet morning with some snow and sleet followed a further wet night. At first light 'A' Sqn moved to VEULEN to take over from 'B' Sqn who returned to their previous harbour area at 715236. This relief was carried out without incident. 'C' Sqn moved out at first light into similar posns to those occupied by 'A' Sqn the previous day. After a lot of rain the country out there is now getting very wet and sticky and tks can only cross it with difficulty. 'C' Sqn had two tks stuck coming in in the evening and these were left out with their crews for the night.
10   A wet stormy early morning after another very wet night. Weather cleared later in the morning. 'A' Sqn still in VEULEN. 'B' Sqn out in the similar posns of observations to previous days. In the evening 'B' Sqn moved back to the barracks at DEURNE for a few days rest and maintenance. One man in 'A' Sqn and one man in 'B' Sqn were wounded by shelling during the day.
11   Weather clear, sunny and cold. 'A' Sqn relieved in VEULEN by Sqn 2 F.F.Yeo. at first light and moved back to the Barracks at DEURNE for maintenance and rest. 'B' Sqn still in DEURNE. RHQ and 'C' Sqn in area locations.
Holland 12   Weather wet and cold. Sqns in same locations. Divine Service held in DEURNE bks in morning.
13   Weather misty, wet and cold. In afternoon 'A' Sqn moved back to their old location at YSSELSTEYN. 'C' Sqn moved to DEURNE Bks.
14   N.T.R
15   N.T.R.
16   A' Sqn moved to DEURNE Bks, 'B' Sqn moved up to farm just East of RHQ at 726236.
17   Weather, cold and frosty morning, turned to rain later. Sqns all in same locations continuing to carry out maintenance, inspections, drill and games.
18   Weather, cold and windy. RHQ and 'B' Sqn moved to DEURNE Bks in evening.
19   Maps:- N.E. France and Belgium 1/100000 Sheet: 4, Central Europe 1/10000 Sheet Q.1., Holland 1/25000 Sheet 27 NW.
19   Regt moved out of DEURNE Bks at first light into area ZEILBERG 665192. Remainder 159 Inf Bde Gp, also moved down to this area preparatory to an operation by the Bde Gp. Eastwards down the rly to capture AMERICA and HORST and help to clear the enemy still remaining West of the R.MAAS. Ops to clear the enemy from the whole of this area were at present going on further South and were being progressively stepped up in a Northerly direction. Formations of 12 Corps began to attack in the area of NEDERWEERT 6100 on 15th Nov. 15(S)Div was subsequently to this, to attack in a N.E. direction from the area MEIJEL 7007 directed on SEVENUM 8113 and subsequent to their attack, 159 Inf Bde Gp was to attack down the rly directed on AMERICA 7716 and HORST 8218. Divine Service held in afternoon in farm just South of ZEILBERG, occupied by 'C' Sqn.
20   A fine morning turned wet in the afternoon. Regt still in area ZEILBERG.
21   Stormy day following a very wet night. The country now getting increasingly wet and impassable to vehs. Regt still in area ZEILBERG. Ops by formations to the South going better and more quickly then expected, against unexpectedly light opposition. It was becoming apparent that the enemy was withdrawing from his bridge head West of the R.MAAS. The main opposition being encountered was mines, the weather and the wet and roadless country. In the evening orders received that 159 Inf Bde Gp. would begin its op at 0715hrs the following morning.
22   Maps:- Holland 1/25000 Sheet 27 N.W.
22   A very wet day, rained increasantly throughout most of the day. Regt, less 'B' Sqn, moved out at 0630hrs to area GRIENDTSVEEN 7017. General plan for the op was as follows:- 4 KSLI to move down the general line of the rly with objective the eastern edge of the wood 763173 closely supported by 'A' Sqn . 'A' Sqn , less one Troop, was to move up the track to track junc 755186 and then turn South down the track 735177 and thence follow the track Eastwards North of rly line to AMERICA. One Tp to move along the road running South of the rly and support the Inf on this side. 'C' Sqn to follow behind 'A' Sqn up the track to track junc 756193 and then turn Southwards on as broad a front as possible and assist the attack from the North. 'B' Sqn remained in ZEILBERG in Bde reserve. In order to carry out this plan as far as the Regt was concerned it was necessary to bridge the streams at 726183 and 735186. An assault bridge was used for the first gap and a scissors bridge for the second. After some delay the first bridge was succesfully thrown across the gap and 3rd Tp 'A' Sqn - Lt. C.C. Egerton got as far as approx 745175 where they were held up by mines. 2nd Tp 'A' Sqn which was to go along the road South of the rly was unable to adv beyond the rd junc at 726175 owing to obstructions and cratering of the road. 1st Tp 'A' Sqn which attempted to follow 3rd Tp became seriously bogged on the track running North and South at about 736180, and this track was obviously impassable for any more tks. After some trouble owing to the boggyness of the tracks, the scissors bridge was succesfully put into posn and it was then decided that the remainder of 'A' Sqn should cross this and try to work up the track in North Easterly direction. They were however unable to get further than 200 or 300 yds beyond the scissors bridge owing to the boggyness of the country which was getting steadily worse due to the incessant rain. In view of these difficulties of the going etc, 'C' Sqn were held in GRIENDTSVEEN and not committed. The Inf meantime adv succesfully against no opposition except a certain number of mines and reached their objective fairly quickly in spite of the difficulties of weather and going. As soon as 4 KSLI reached this objective, 1st Herefords, who had moved round the previous evening and taken up a posn behind 15(S)Div in the general area 7614, attacked Northwards and occupied AMERICA without opposition and contd their adv Northwards hampered only by mines and by a large number of trees felled across the roads. By the evening they were in occupation of the general area 7819 and 7919 and the 4 KSLI occupied AMERICA. 'A' Sqn after a very wet and difficult day spent a wet night in the posns they had reached with a number of their tks bogged and immovable. This was very unpleasant as everybody was wet and there was no cover of any sort. RHQ and 'C' Sqn remianed in GRIENDTSVEEN and 'B' Sqn in ZEILBERG for the night. At the same time that this op was going on, adv elements of 15(S)Div reached the area HORST 8318. No way passable for vehs was opened to AMERICA that night and the Inf could only get such supplies as were carried to them by men on their feet in the early hours of the morning.
Holland 23   Another very wet day. Country becoming increasingly wet and boggy. RHQ, "B' & 'C' Sqns did not move from their locations of the previous night. The road to AMERICA was opened in the course of the morning Part of Recce Tp under Lt. K.F. Butler were then moved down to AMERICA and up to the X tracks 773195 and Westwards up the track from here to ensure this track was clear of mines and enable tks of 'A' Sqn which were movable, to move out this way. Three belts of R mines and A.P. mines were found across this track and a considerable number of R mines were moved by Recce in order to clear a passage for the tks. Six tks of 'A' Sqn managed to get out through this and down into AMERICA late in the afternoon. The crews of the remaining tks were also moved to AMERICA on their feet to join these, and their tks left. All of these except 3rd Tp, were still bogged and 3rd Tp were unable to move out as the track in front of them was not yet clear of mines.
24   Weather still wet, cloudy and rather warm. RHQ, 'B' and 'C' Sqns remained in the same locations. 'A' Sqn spent the day working on their bogged tks and got a certain number of them out and into AMERICA including the whole of 3rd Tp which were able to move Eastwards into AMERICA when the track was cleared of mines by the RE's. 3rd Brit.Div. started to operate further North from VENRAY on the previous day and adv in South Easterly direction from there against little opposition except mines and obstacles. The German pocket West of the MAAS was now very nearly cleared.
25   Another wet cold day. RHQ, 'A' & 'C' Sqns moved back into billets in ZEILBERG. 'A' Sqn with the assistance of Recovery Section from Div Wksps still working on extricating their tks.
26   Weather fine and clear. Regt remained in ZEILBERG doing maintenance. Divine Service in the afternoon.
27   Maps:- Central Europe 1/100000 Sheet Q.1. Eastern Holland 1/25000 Sheets 4402, 4503 and 4502.
27   Weather fine and clear. Regt still in ZEILBERG. Commanding Officer called into conference at 159 Bde H.Q., which had moved back to rest in HELMOND the previous day, in the afternoon. There, orders were given out for the Bde Gp, with under comd 8 R.B. to move fwd on the two following days and take up a sector along the West bank of the R.MAAS, from incl. GRUBBENVORST 8914 to K.P.9 - 8824. Recce's to be carried out the following day. Inf Bns to take up posns the following evening. Regt to be in general reserve in counter attack role and to move up on 29th.
Holland 28   Maps:- Easter Holland 1/25000 Sheet 4502.
28   C.O., 2nd in command and O.C.'B' Sqn went up to recce the new area with the Bde Comd. Bde was to occupy sector as follows:- Bde HQ - MELDERSLO 8519, 1st Herefords in the South, 3rd Mon in the Centre, 8 R.B. in the North, 4th KSLI in reserve in MELDERSLO. Regt to be in general reserve with counter attack role in area of MELDERSLO with one Sqn ('B' Sqn) located in the North in a posn to support the Northern Bn owing to the difficulties of communication to this part of the sector. Bde HQ and Inf Bns occupied their posns in the evening. Later that night news received that one Sqn was to be prepared to support an Inf attack on enemy pocket still holding out in the BROEKHUIZEN area the following day. C.O. and Sqn Ldr to be at new HQ.Inf Bde at 0800hrs for recce.
29   Maps:- Eastern Holland 1/25000 Sheets 4502, 4503.
29   Weather fine and clear. C.O. and O.C. 'C' Sqn (Major G. Courage) moved up early to do recce for attack on remaining enemy pocket. Regt followed under command Major M.S. Balmain moving by route down the rly to AMERICA, then direct to HORST. C.O. and O.C. 'C' Sqn carried out carefull recce with Bde.Comd and 2 i/c 3 Mons, and an attack was planned to take place the following day. General plan for this was for 'A' Coy 3 Mons to attack KASTEEL 903218 with start line Northern edge of wood 903214. When this objective was gained, 'D' Coy to attack BROEKHUIZEN village from the South with start line Northern edge of the wood 908214. Both Inf Coys to be preceeded by a Tp of flail tks of Westminster Dragoons as mine belt had been located running East and West, South of the two objectives. Both attacks to be supported by 'C' Sqn from the woods to the South of the objective and also from posns to the West, and by two Tps of 'B' Sqn under Capt. C.N. Weatherby from approx area 898222. Attack also to be supported by a considerable arty programme. During the day Sqns moved into the following locations:- RHQ in farm 862203, 'A' Sqn area 861182, 'B' Sqn area 873230, 'C' Sqn area 865194.
30   Zero hour for the first operation to be 1000hrs. 'B' and 'C' Sqns and RHQ tks moved out at 0900hrs and took up posns. Attack began according to plan at 1000hrs with Inf following behind the flails.The latter blew up a considerable number of mines but with the exception of one tk which was damaged, cleared a path through these and reached the area of KASTEEL closely followed by the Inf. It appeared that the Inf had got into their objective and in fact they reported that they had done so. Supporting fire by both 'B' and 'C' Sqns was therefore ordered to stop. There was a considerabled lapse of time during which it was not clear whether the Inf Coy had reached and were clearing the objective or not and comm with their fwd troops broke down. After some time C.O., with C.O. 3 Mons, went fwd into the orchard just South of KASTEEL where it was discovered that the Inf had not in fact got into KASTEEL but had gone to ground in the orchard just to the South of it. The Coy appeared to have lost all its Officers and there was no one to lead the final assult on the objective. Any movement in front of this drew small arms fire. Shortly after this, Lieut-Colonel R. Stockley, Comd. 3 Mons was killed while very gallantly leading the men of this Coy over the bridge into the castle. The C.O. and Adjt. then blasted the castle with 75mm H.E. from very close range and a little later a P1 of the reserve Coy 3 Mons came up and got 16 prisoners out of the castle. It appreared that these were all the men that had been in it and they seamed to have suffered remarkably little damage in spite of the very heavy pounding it had been given by our own arty and our own tk guns. Meantime the second phase of the operation, the attack on the village of BROEKHUIZEN by 'D' Coy 3 Mons had begun. This Coy adv about one third of the way up the village from its Southern end but they appeared to be getting no further and once again comm with it broke down. During this action 'C' Sqn had had a good deal of trouble with gun stoppages and 'A' Sqn were therefore ordered to come out at about 1300hrs and assist the operation. As soon as 'A' Sqn arrived a further attack was put in aimed at the centre of the village of BROEKHUIZEN from KASTEEL to the West. This was to be carried out by the reserve Coy 3 Mons closely supported by 3rd Tp 'A' Sqn moving with the Inf from the West and by fire from other Tp of 'A' Sqn from the South. By last light this attack had succeeded in capturing the whole of the village and in all about 70 prisoners were taken out of the two places. These turned out to be from 6 Coy.11Bn. RO (Grassmel) Para Regt, they were all young men between the ages of 19 and 23 and were considered to be some of the best troops met for a long time. The 3rd Mons suffered very severe casualties in this operation, losing their C.O., 2 Coy Comds and their I.O. killed and approx 90 Officers and O.R.'s killed and wounded besides. In the Regt no. 554383 SSM Hague W. and his operator no. 14417181 Tpr Dewar D. 'A' Sqn and no. 406128 SSM Sara A and no. 402460 Sgt Seawright A. 'C' Sqn all received head wounds from shell splinters. No other casualties were suffered in the Regt. One tk of 'C' Sqn hit mines South of KASTEEL and was so severely damaged that it could not be recovered, and two or three other tks were hit by A.P. shot from East of the river, but did not receive serious damage. No. 7899642 Sgt Speakman F., Mech Sgt 'C' Sqn, and no.813601 Tpr Fisher A., driver of one of the medical half trach vehs were particularly noted for most excellent and gallant work during the day. Sqns all returned to their normal locations at the end of this action.
30   During the month news was received that Military Medals had been awarded to no. 557187 Sgt Hollis M. 'C' Sqn and no. 7926792 Tpr Horley G. 'A' Sqn for gallantry in the operations in the MEUSE-ESCAUT bridge head on Sept 14th.
30   Attached at Appx 'A' is Daily Situation Report. (APC 2118A)
30   Attached at Appx 'B' is a list of Officers and O.R. reinforcements received during the month.
30   Attached at Appx 'C' is a list of casualties in the Regt during the month.
30   Attached at Appx 'D' is the Order of Battle as on 30th Nov 44.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Mia Litjens.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.