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Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Vol. 1. and the Staff Manual respectively Title pages will be prepared in manuscript.

Army Form C.2118
Unit: 3rd R. Tks.
Month and Year: January 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. DAH Silvertop, MC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
CHIPPENHAM 1   Major J.A. Watts assumes command of attachment. 2 Officers and 36 O.Rs return from leave. Strength of Returned Bn. now 137.
2   5 Officers and 78 O.Rs return from leave. Strength of detachment 220.
3   Routine. Lt. T.M.E. Maloney as A/Adjt. pending return of Capt. J.H. Balharrie MC.
4 0800 Routine, Rear party proceed on leave.
5   6 Officers and 18 O.Rs return from leave, strength now 244.
6 1430 General Anderson visits Bde Ceremonial Parade at MOULTON PADDOCK. Major Watts and Lt. Hudswell and 30 O.Rs represent Bn.
6 2000 Mobile Cinema in HQ Mess room showing “The More the Merrier”. 4 Officers and 40 O.Rs return from leave.
7   8 Officers and 167 O.Rs return from leave. Strength now 463.
7 1000 Mobile Cinema showing educational films “World of Plenty”, “Tellermine” & “Dakota”.
7 1430 Repeat performance of educational films. Major Close MC assumes command until relieved by a more senior officer.
CHIPPENHAM 8   Major H.L. Upcott-Gill assumes command. 2 Officers & 74 O.Rs return from leave.
9   Services – Chippenham Parish Church. Mass for R.C.s Newmarket. 1 Officer and 38 O.Rs return from leave.
9 0800 Major J.A. Watts to York to see Command Tank demonstration. Authority 621/16/G (SD) dated 1 Jan 44 by 30 Corps.
10   Lt. Col. D.A.H. Silvertop MC returned from leave reassumes command. Capt. J.C. Balharrie MC reassumes appointment as Adjt. The following appointments are announced;- Sports Officer – Lt. N.F.F. Kent. Ass. Sports Officer – Lt. J.F. Langdon. Entertainments Officer – Capt. E.F.W. Gilboy. Education Officer – Lt. W.T. Brookes. Fire Officer – Lt. J. McG. Rylands. Transport Officer – Lt. A. Carter.
11 1100 Sgts Mess Meeting held.
11 1830 30 seats reserved in Masonic Hall Newmarket – Lecture by Dr David Thompson on “The Problem of Japan”.
CHIPPENHAM 12 0930 Court of Enquiry to enquire into circumstances by which 321621 Tpr Cox lost his revolver. President – Capt. A.B. Hayter, Members Lt. Thompson, Lt. W.M. McFarlan. Witnesses – Capt. B.J. Hamill, L/Sgt Hill, A. Lt. C.G. Dear appointed Bn. Salvage Officer. 3 Officers return from leave.
13   Officers hand in M.E.F. identity cards and draw AF B2606. 1 Officer and 1 O.R. return from dis-embarkation leave. Bn. Officers are now with the unit in full strength.
14 1000 The C.O. inspects Mess rooms – Barrack rooms – Squadron offices and areas of “A” & “B” Sqdns.
14 1030 Regimental Mess Committee Meeting – 1 Junior N.C.O. & 1 man from each sqdn.
14 1700 Officers Mess Meeting held. O.R. reinforcements arrive.
15 1000 The C.O. inspects HQ & C Squadron areas etc.
15 1400 Bn Rugby trial “C” Sqdn v. Rest.
CHIPPENHAM 16 0900 R.C. Services in Bn Theatre. Other services in Chippenham Parish Church.
17   Cheque for £57.10.6. sent to Cpl. Jolly (late “A” Sqdn) from Officers, NCOs and men.
18 1430 Mobile Library visits unit being part of facilities laid on by W.V.S.
19 0930 Audit Board assembles to audit (a) P.R.I. (b) Officers Mess (c) Sergeants Mess A/Cs. President – Major Barker MC. Members – Capt Dingwall, Lt. Maloney.
19 1100 Lecture on “Ireland” in Bn. Theatre.
19 1430 Bn Rugby Trial “A” Team v. “B” Team. Capt. S.M. Johnston regranted Temp. rank of Major wef 7.1.44.
20   Major J.A. Watts relinquishes command of “HQ” Sqdn and assumes command of “B” Sqdn. Major S.M. Johnston assuming command of “HQ” Sqdn. Lt. T.M.E. Maloney appointed Bn. Security Officer.
20 0900 Capt. G.E. Instone MM, of MI lectured Bn on “Conduct If Cut Off from Unit or Captured”.
21   Routine.
22   Reinforcements arrive. The C.O. congratulates 7886183 Sgt. Wayte, F on the latter’s ‘Mention in Despatches’.
23 0745 7933195 Tpr Fulton, D. proceeds on Cooks Refresher Course No. A 3OR/1
23 0845 Lt. R.C. Watt and 9 O.Rs start for No. 3 Special Driving Course. Duration of course 23.1.44 – 29.1.44.
23 0900 R.C. Service – Bn. Theatre.
23 1000 C of E. – Chippenham Parish Church.
24   The C.O. holds a tactical discussion. Lt. R.Q. Rahtz appointed Bn Legal Adviser. App I/4
25   Routine.
26 1430 Bn Football Team trial.
27   Capt. D. Symons posted to RAC Depot Catterick.
28   Two recreation rooms for information – reading & writing opened in camp. Open to all ranks.
29   Lt. R.Q. Rahtz appointed Assistant Adjutant.
CHIPPENHAM 29 1430 Hockey match 3 R. Tks v. RAFV at Mildenhall. App I/5
30 0745 7933240 Cpl. Syme, D. proceeded on Cooks Refresher Course No. A 3OR/1.
30 0900 Services
30 2050 3 R. Tks. Movement Order No. 1. issued. Lt. Ponsford posted to RAC Depot Catterick.
31 1345 Squadrons move off as detailed in Movement Order No. 1. above.

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Source: Bovington Tank Museum.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.