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Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Vol. 1. and the Staff Manual respectively Title pages will be prepared in manuscript.

Army Form C.2118
Unit: 3rd R. Tks.
Month and Year: March 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. DAH Silvertop, MC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
BRIDLINGTON 1 1730 Capt. J.C. Balharrie, MC attends conference at Division concerning exercise “York”. See Appx 10
1   Lt. Goom taken on strength of unit and attached to HQ Sqdn.
2 0900 Lt. J.R.D. Hudswell visits RAF Bomber Aerodrome Gr. Driffield to witness “Dome” training. Lt. J.H. Thompson appointed Bn. Mines Officer. C.O.’s conference.
2 1500 Lt. Gen. Sir Richard O’Connor, Corps Commander, addresses all officers of the division in the Spa Theatre. Subject;- Exercise “Eagle”.
3 0900 Lt. D. Crawford and 10 (ten) O.Rs of the American Army join the Bn for 14 (fourteen) days in ‘exchange’ for Capt. Dingwall and 10 O.Rs.
3 1000 Regt. Messing committee meeting held in “C” Sqdn dining hall. Heavy snowfall continues throughout afternoon and evening.
4 0830 Advance party leave for MIDHOPE. 1 O.R. sent on Stuart Waterproofing Instructors course C.T.C. DUNDONALD.
4 1200 Brigade commanders conference.
5 0900 Services.
BRIDLINGTON 6 0900 Commanding Officers conference. 1 O.R. sent on fuel injection Equip. Course CAV OCTON.
6 1300 Movement Order No. 1. issued. Lt. H.P. Brookshaw struck off strength of unit. App 1
7 0800 1st Party leaves for MIDHOPE. See app 1
7 0830 Lt. T.M.E. Maloney attends Div. Study Period.
7 1100 Lt. D.G. Goom attends conference Division;- Subject – Exercise “Beverley IV”.
8 0800 2nd Party leaves for AFV Ranges MIDHOPE. Lt. J.R.D. Hudswell and 21 O.Rs. leave for AFVAA course AFV Schools Lulworth and Netherton. See app 1
8 0900 Exercise “Beverley IV” commences. See Appx 10
8 1000 22 O.Rs report to Div. Gas Compound Beverley under instructions of Lt. R.H. Bates.
9 0900 Exercise “Beverley” continues. 23 O.Rs to Div Gas Compound Beverley. See Appx 10
9 1500 R.C. Chaplains hour. Capt. J.S. Meikle and Capt. W.P.M. Ross MC struck off strength of unit.
BRIDLINGTON 10 0900 Commanding Officers conference. Regt. Wireless Exercise (indoors).
10 1000 Court of Enquiry held on BOR for the purpose of investigating and reporting circumstances under which following tanks were damaged by fire on the dates specified. Sherman Tank No. 147484 24 Feb & Sherman Tank No. 147429 – 28 Feb. Pres. Major C.G. Seymour 23H.; Members, Major R.D. Kimberley, BEME, Lt. H.O. Bennett, 3 R. Tks. Lt. N.F.F. Kent promoted A/Capt.
11 0900 Exercise “Beverley IV” continues. Commanding Officers conference. See Appx 10
11   Wading practice at Wading Site Hull. App 2
11 1000 Bn Messing Committee meeting. Lt. S. Farningham promoted A/Capt. Rev. H.J.L. Taylor CF (C of E0 attached to Unit. Major H.L. Upcott-Gill assumes command of Bn during absence of C.O. on leave. App 2
12 0900 Services. Wading practices at Hull. App 3
13 1145 Movement Order No. 2. issued. T/Capt. J.H. Clews t.o.s. and attached to HQ Sqdn. App 4
BRIDLINGTON 14 0630 First party leave for AFV Ranges FYLINGDALE area 3819 Sheet 3 ¼” to 1 mile. See app 4
14 1500 Mobile cinema visits unit; training films featuring 75mm Gun. 2/Lt. D.B. Dewick t.o.s. and attached to “B” Sqdn.
15 0630 Second party leave for ranges FYLINGDALE. 2/Lt. Montgomery appointed Bn. Salvage Officer. See app 4
16 0900 Commanding Officer conference. Lt. J. McG. Rylands to be Admin Officer for BRIDGE HEWICK Wading Site.
17 0800 R.C. Services. US Army personnel return to own unit.
18   Capt. Clews, Lt. McFarlan and 24 O.Rs attached to HQ Sqdn pending posting to Bde Fwd Delivery Sqdn. as 1st Line Reinforcements.
18 1445 Football Match 3 R. Tks v. 23 Hussars. Result 5 – 2.
19 1030 Commanding Officers’ Conference.
19 1600 Movement Order No. 3. issued. App 5
BRIDLINGTON 20   Lt. Col. Silvertop MC re-assumes command.
20 1030 Capt. J.H. Clews member of F.G.C.M. assembling HQ The Rifle Brigade HUMANBY YORKS. Officers under instructions Lt. W.F. Yates and Lt. D. Osbaldeston. Capt. N.F.F. Kent transferred from “B” to “A” Sqdn. Lt. Rylands attached to HQ pending transfer to FDS.
20 1400 Commanding Officers Conference. 1 O.R. sent on Motor Cycle Course M 11 at NORCO Veh Maintenance School.
20 1800 Lt. Col. KOKKDA, Czech Army arrives. Staying with unit until end of month.
21 1100 Commanding Officers Conference. Subject Exercise “York”. See Appx 10
21 1500 Conference Bde. Exercise “Frederick Uncle IV”. See Appx 10
21 1700 Conference Bde. Exercise “Frederick Uncle IV”. 2/Lt. Ricketts, t.o.s. and attached to “C” Sqdn. See Appx 10
22 0630 Capt. J. Dunlop & Lt. D.G. Goom and 40 O.R.s leave as advanced party on Exercise “Frederick Uncle IV”. See Appx 10
22 1030 H.M. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth accompanied by Princess Elizabeth visit unit. Exercise “York” finishes. See Appx 10
22 1640 Movement Order No. 4. issued. App 6
BRIDLINGTON 22 1400 Commanding Officers Conference. Exercise “Honey”. See Appx 10
22 1600 Conference Bde. Exercise “Frederick Uncle IV”. See Appx 10
23 0830 Personnel Special Record Board commence compiling statistics on O.Rs of Bn.
23 0900 Lt. Bates leaves for Gunnery Refresher course 489D AFV Schools Lulworth. Major Barker MC, Capt. F.F. Kent, and Lt. R.C. Watt leave on Exercise “Tatler”.
23 1700 Commanding Officers Conference for umpires Exercise “Honey”. See Appx 10
24 1000 Exercise “Honey” commences. See Appx 10
24 1100 8 Corps Interrogation Team hold discussion in Manor House. I secs from Bde present.
24 1800 Exercise “Honey” ends. See Appx 10
25 1000 Commanding Officer attends R.A. practice shoot SPAUNTON.
BRIDLINGTON 26 0900 Services. Special parade for service taken by Arch-Bishop of York at Priory Church.
26 1400 Movement Order No. 5. issued. App 7
26 2005 Commanding Officers Conference, Exercise “Frederick Uncle IV”. See Appx 10
27 0900 Capt. Gilboy and Capt. McMillan MC (MO) to Medical Board YORK.
27 1030 Brigade Commander holds conference on ground. Subject Exercise “Honey”. See Appx 10
27 1500 Commanding Officers Conference re Exercise “Frederick Uncle IV”. See Appx 10
28 0900 Commanding Officers Conference re Ex. “Frederick Uncle IV”. 2/Lt. D.I. McCollie t.o.s. and attached “B” Sqdn. See Appx 10
28 1000 8 O.Rs leave for interview W.O.S.B. Catterick. Movement Order No. 6 & 7 issued. App 8 & 9
29 1800 Baggage Train leaves. Exercise “Frederick Uncle IV” See Appx 10
30 0430 Main Road Party leaves. Exercise “Frederick Uncle IV” See Appx 10
ALDERSHOT 31 1630 Road party arrives new location.

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Source: Bovington Tank Museum.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.