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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 3rd R. Tks.
Month and Year: April 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. DAH Silvertop, MC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
ALDERSHOT 1 1000 Commanding Officer’s Conference:- Routine – Training.
1 1200 Major G.H. Barker, M.C., attends AFV demonstration LULWORTH. Reinforcements of 1 NCO and 1 OR join Unit.
2 0900 Services.
3 1000 Commanding Officer’s Conference:- Routine – Training. Lt. R.T. Goldsmith t.o.s. and posted to HQ Sqn.
4 1445 Brigade Commander’s Conference:- Training.
4 1600 Major H.L. Upcott-Gill, M.C., Lt (QM) V. Hehir, Lt H.D. Abercrombie and 36 ORs comprising Rear Party arrive from BRIDLINGTON.
5 1000 Commanding Officer’s Conference:- Training. Lt R.C. Watt and 1 OR report to AFV School, LULWORTH, for Gunnery Refresher Course 491. 23 ORs (reinforcements) join Unit. Lt D.G. Goom transferred to FDT.
6 0900 ‘B’ Vehicle Waterproofing classes for Squadron Echelon Officers commence under Lt A. Carter. Bn Audit Board assembles:- President:- Major W.H. Close, M.C., Members:- Capt J.D. Dunlop, 2/Lt H.B. Dewick.
ALDERSHOT 6 1000 12 ORs attend demonstration of German Equipment at CHOBHAM. 1 OR (reinforcement) joins Unit.
7 0900 FGCM assembles in 2 FF Yeo RHQ. President Major J.A. Watts. Lt. McG. Rylands and 2/Lt D.I. Collie attend under instruction.
7 1035 Movement Order N0. 8 issued detailing personnel and movement to WARCOP Ranges where gunners, 2nd gunners and commanders are to fire the 17 pr mounted on the Sherman. See Appx 'A'
8 1200 Unit censorship comes into effect.
8 1400 Bn Messing meeting held.
9 0900 Easter Day. Services for all denominations.
10   Routine as for Sunday: the Divisional Commander having directed that this day will be observed as a holiday.
10   2/Lt H.B. Dewick leaves for Army School of C.W., Glenridding, for Course 35G
ALDERSHOT 11 1100 Lt. T.M.E. Maloney attends German Army Course No. 24, CAMBRIDGE.
11 0910 Gunner Mechs Trade Test held.
11 1030 3 ORs – reinforcements – joined Unit.
12   Routine.
13 1000 Commanding Officer’s Conference – Ex “MUSH”:- This is to be an exercise in which 29 Armd Bde are going out as a skeleton force to co-operate with airborne units.
15 1200 Capt S. Farningham, M.M., and 8 ORs arrive from BRIDLINGTON.
17 0930 Security films shown to Bn.
17 1400 Commanding Officer’s Conference:- Ex “MUSH” and training. 5 ORs attend Water Duties Course at 76 Fd Hyg Sec.
18 0002 2 ORs – reinforcements – join Unit.
18 0900 Unit interviewing board for OTCU candidates assembles. Pres: Major H.L. Upcott-Gill, M.C., Members: Major G.H. Barker, M.C., Major W.H. Close, M.C.
18 1810 Movement Order No. 9 issued detailing personnel and movement for Ex “MUSH”. See Appx 'B'
ALDERSHOT 19 0900 ‘B’ Vehicle wading practice at ARBORFIELD. 1 OR to AFV Schools, BOVINGTON on Regt WT Course.
20 1000 Security films shown to Unit. Appx 'D' refers NCO's cadres
20 1600 Programme for NCOs Cadre Course issued: Capt G.N. Lorraine-Smith, 14/20 H, attached to Unit. Capt B.J. Hamill appointed Bn Musketry Officer, Lt J. McG. Rylands appointed Asst Musketry Officer. Major H.L. Upcott-Gill, M.C., assumes command of the Unit during absence on duty of Lt Col D.A.H. Silvertop, M.C.
21 0900 Commanding Officer’s conference re training area.
22   Routine.
23 1000 Brigade Parade Service: 5 Officers ands 120 ORs represent the Unit. Lt J.McG. Rylands, 2/Lt D.I. Collie and 4 ORS attend course M 30, SE Comd School of Camouflage. Lt Col D.A.H. Silvertop, M.C., reassumes command.
24   “A” Squadron troop training BRAMSHOTT COMMON.
24 0930 16 ORs to AA Dome Trainer Pirbright Camp.
25 1000 Brigade Commander’s conference. 16 ORs to AA Dome Trainer Pirbright Camp. Admin Instructions for Exercise “FABIUS VI” issued covering the detail of personnel who are to assist in pitching a camp for future operational moves under secret orders from Brigade. See Appx “C”
26   16 ORs to AA Dome Trainer Pirbright Camp.
27 1100 Commanding Officer’s conference re reinforcements and courses.
28 1000 Demonstration of Bull-dozer.
29 1200 Commanding Officer’s conference re co-operation with infantry. 9 NCOs and 25 ORs – reinforcements – join Unit.
30   2/Lt D.B.B. Ricketts transferred to Tank Reinforcement Unit. Major P.F. Burr, M.B.E., t.o.s. of Unit and attached to C Squadron. Lt. J.McG. Rylands posted to FDT. Lt R.P. Dawson (R.A.C.) attached to Unit and HQ Squadron.

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Source: Bovington Tank Museum.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.