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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeo., R.A.C.
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. A.B.J. Scott, M.C.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1   During the previous day 29th Armd Bde had made better progress on our left and at about 1000 hrs. the Regt. moved forward on the centre line St Martin Des Besaces La Ferriere 6446 across the river Souleuvre at 638436 and occupied the high ground in the area 642426. During this day the Regt. Did not come in contact with the enemy but were able to observe some enemy tanks in the area of La Hersendiere 6242. During the evening C. Sqn. went forward to Carville to recce and find out if the enemy had withdrawn from that area, which they had.Casualties were as follows: - 1 O.R. wounded and 20 O.R's missing.
2   In the morning at first light the Regt. under 159 Bde advanced on the route Carville - Le Reculey. On arrival at Le Reculey patrols of the H.C.R. reported enemy on the main road ˝ mile south. A. Sqn. took up defensive positions astride this main road to allow the remainder of the coln to pass through - A. Sqn. being joined by the Herefords. The Regt. then pushed on to the high ground in the area 6935, which they did without meeting opposition until their objective was reached, where once again there was a certain number of enemy tanks and infatry. After some delay these were dealt with and the high ground was taken over once again by the Herefords A. Sqn. rejoined B. Sqn. pushed on over the river at Burcy m.r. 6934 and on to the high ground 7133. C. Sqn. remained behind with the Herefords. This high ground was taken over by the Mons. B. Sqn. remaining with them whilst A. and C. Sqns. proceeded over the Vire Vassy main road. More opposition was encountered here from enemy tanks and infantry, and in the ensuing fighting one of our tanks was destroyed. During a raid by some of our Thunderbolts a further tank and scout car were put out of action. A certain amount of enenmy tpt was shot up on the road that evening. As certain amount of enemy tank and scout car were put out of action. A certain amount of enemy tpt was shot up on the road that evening. As the road was considered to be in full use by the enemy it was decided that one troop under command of Lieut. Bromlie A. Sqn. should remain in ambush near the road protected by one pln of the Mons. Remainder of A. & C. Sqns. withdrew for the night on to the high ground at 7033.Casualties - Nil.
3   At first light A. Sqn were moved again up to the main road where they came under heavy fire from 88's and tanks. After suffering a loss of 3 further tanks it was devided to withdraw A. Sqn. as our coln had outstripped those on our flanks. They were then sent to watch the high ground west of our position. B. Sqn. were sent back to support the Herefords in the area of Forgues, and one troop had to go back to the main road south of Le Reculey because some Tiger tanks were harrassing our communications in that area.
3   At 1700 hrs. A. Sqn withdrew to Burcy to protect that from the west. They remained there until midnight when they moved back and harboured with B. Sqn. RHQ. and C. Sqn remained forward.Casualties - Wounded Capt. W.J. Hotblack and 7 O.R's.
4   At first light A. Sqn moved out to protect the west and clean up some enemy infantry which had infiltrated during the night. During this time some of the enemy had got into Burcy. During this day C. Sqn. had little activity and harboured where they were.Casualties were as follows: - 1 O.R. killed and 5 O.R's wounded.
5   During the morning the infantry regained Burcy and A. Sqn. were brought forward on to the high ground to cover the road running south from Burcy, with one troop guarding Burcy. During that afternoon an enemy counter attack from the south was put in by infantry. They were effectively driven off and C. Sqn. moved forward in an endeavour to mop up to the south, under cover of smoke from the high ground, but did not succeed in rounding up any more prisoners.Casualties were as follows: - Wounded Lieut. Col. A.D.J. Scott, M.C. 5 O.R's. Killed 1 O.R.
6   On the morning of the 6th there was little enemy activity. A. Sqn. moved out to watch the road with C.Sqn. Watching to the south and east at first light.
6   At about 1400 hrs. enemy shell fire started to be brought down on us and was gradually increased. Mortars, menin werfer and guns were also directed to us. Finally a number of aircraft with the Allied markings dropped a number of bombs. on our positions. This continued until C. Sqn. reported the approach of one tank and a small number of enemy infantry from the east. These were fired on and immediatly withdrew. Almost immediately A. Sqn. on the right were heavily attacked from the west by tanks and infantry. They succeeded in knocking out 3 enemy tanks and 2 SP guns and killing a large number of infantry as they advanced. They also directed our gun fire on to the area from which the enemy were approaching. Two Tiger tanks succeeded in getting through and knocking out 2 tanks out of a troop in C. Sqn.These Tigers were just beginning to cause casualties to the infantry when Sgt. Scott of C. Sqn. with his troop arrived and succeeded in getting his tanks into position and destroying one of the tanks and damaging the other to such an extent that it withdrew.
6   This battle continued until approx. 2100 hrs. before the enemy were finally driven off, leaving a large number of dead on the ground. In the closing stages of the battle B. Sqn. were brought forward in reserve.Casualties were as follows: - 3 O.R's killed, 7 O.R's wounded, and 5 O.R's missing. Lt. G.G.O. Hutchison wounded.
7   Owing to their losses in tanks A. and C. Sqns. were amalgamated under Major J.D. Hutchison, Major J.E.F. Miller received an injury to his foot the previous day.There was again an attemps by the enemy to come in from the west. This was again effectively dealt with by A. Sqn., who destroyed 2 Mk. IV's which had come near to them. Meanwhile a number of Tiger tanks had established themselves on the high ground on our eastern flank at Le Haut Periere m.r. 7233 and were able to engage A. Sqn. from the rear at a range of about 2500 yds. These tigers quickly caused A. Sqn. 5 tank casualties.Major Gilmour then went forward with a troop of B. Sqn. to try and engage these tanks and succeeded in knocking out one of them. During the day our position was continually under shell and mortar fire by the enemy. That night the Regt. remained in the same position. The Regt. was now reduced to 25 tanks on the road. Casualties were as follows: - Wounded Lieut. G.G.O. Hutchison and 9 O.R's, Killed 1 O.R., and missing believed killed 6 O.R's. Comdg Offr wounded.
8   The C.O. of the R. Scots Greys came up early in the morning to see our positions and one Sqn of that Regt came up to relieve us in the late afternoon at about 1700 hrs. Both colns moved forwards and backwards respectively under cover of smoke so as to prevent the enemy tanks from being able to direct A.P. fire on our tanks as we were moving. This however did not prevent them from putting down a certain amount of H.E. but this caused no casualties or damage. The Regt. withdrew to Le Queille 678376 where we remained for a few days.Casualties were as follows: - Killed 2/Lieut. D.B. Lovelock and wounded 1 O.R.
Le Queille 9   This period was spent in reorganising, maintenance and rest. We were joined by 2 complete troops from the 24th Lancers and one troop from the 1st L. & B. Horse. New Officers were Lieut. P.R. Northen; Capt. Frewin, P.L: Capt Voller, D.W. Lieut. Fuller, F.W. Lieut. Jewell, B.A. Lieut. Munroe, A.N.G.
12   We left Le Queille at 1730 hrs and advanced to a different front at La Bruyere 7642 to take over from the 15 (S) Div. The F.&F. were in reserve here.
La Bruyere. 13   We remained all day lying up at La Bruyere. New offrs were Lt. McNinch, R.C. and 2/Lt.Rix G.H.
14   The Regt moved at first light - Centre Line Lassy - La Roque - Vassy. 159 Bde were on the left, 29 Armd Bde on the right. 29 Armd Bde was divided into the 23 H and 8 R.B. on the right and 2 F.F. and 3 Mons on the left. 'B' Sqn were leaing to Lassy and had 2 tks temporarily knocked out by odd mines. They continued to advance from Lassy along with 1 tp of 'C' Sqn towards La Rocque.After 1000 yds this tp of 'C' Sqn suffered casualties from an A/Tk gun in the area of the X rds at La Rocque. This and other guns kept changing their posn and made it difficult to continue the advance. 3 Mons were called upon to clear these, but were held up by heavy machine gun fire and also suffered casualties from mortaring and shelling.
14   At 1600 hrs F. & F. Comdg. Officer had to withdraw from the effects of his wound and inoculations, and Major Trotter took over command.'A' Sqn supported by coy were then moved round the left flank and came in on La Rocque X rds from the East. The enemy then withdrew and shelled and mortared our posns intermittently. The Regt then harboured for the night, 1,000 yds North of La Rocque.Casualties were 2 O.Rs killed, 3 wounded.New offr - Capt. Pettett, L.J.
La Rocque. 15   Infantry patrols were sent forward next morning and no enemy were encountered.At approx 1700 hrs the Regt was ordered to advance in support of the Mons and seize the high ground 162 in 8234. There was no opposition to the advance except that th lanes were bad which entailled very slow movement. On reaching the crossings of the stream at 818348 mines were encountered and also the road had been badly oratered. R.E's went forward, cleared the rd and the craters were by passed. The Regt then moved up on to the high ground, 'B' Sqn on the right, 'A' Sqn on the left, as dusk fell. The Regt harboured that night in sqn leaguers. Infantry patrols during the early evening discovered booby traps and mines.
Nr.St.Germain. 16   0800 hrs. The advance continued with 'C' Sqn leading. No opposition was met and the advance continued through St. Germain, Du, Crioult and then due South.A certain number of prisoners were collected, who surrendered voluntarily. On reaching the X rds of 840307 mines were encountered. This action caused delay while they were being cleared. The advance then continued and forward patrols reported the bridges over the River Noireau as blown. A ford was found by 'B' Sqn on the right of the Centre Line at 854287 and it was found possible by use of the scissors bridge to get another crossing in the factory area at 859290. The right crossing was used for wheels and the left crossing for tracked vehs. The Regt then pushed on and reached the high ground 218 in 8727 without any opposition. A patrol from 'B' Sqn then pushed forward and reported that the bridge at 886276 was blown. Owing to the enclosed country and bad tracks, no further progress was made that evening and the Regt. harboured in that area. Lieut. D.A. Reid rejoined the Regt.
Montilly. 17   The advance continued on one centre line, 23 H and the Rifle Bde leading. The F. & F. rejoined the right centre line and crossed the River Vire at 867252 and moved up to the X rds at 898247. From this point the Bde moved two up, left 23 H and Rifle Bde centre line Athis 9127, St.Honorine-la-Chardonne 9228, thence to Tailebois in 9726. 2 F.F.centre line Ronfeugerai and thence up to Tailebois. The Regt moved one up, 'C' Sqn leading with Coy in support, and no opposition was reached. On reaching the X rds 9424, orders were received to halt and the Regt was ordered to reconnoitre for crossing over the River Rouie east of La Carneille. 'A' Sqn with a coy in support moved down and cleared La Carneille. Slight opposition was met and enemy prisoners were taken. The patrols of 'A' Sqn then reported that the bridge at 978242 was usable with the aid of a scissors bridge. This came forward and was laid, some enemy automatic fire coming from the far bank.
17   At approx 1800 hrs, 'A' Sqn moved 2 tps across the bridge in support of a coy of the Mons. These came under considerable small arms fire, and managed to reach the high ground at 983247. During this period heavy enemy mortar fire was brought down on the area of the rd leading to the bridge and the bridge area, causing considerable casualties to our infantry. Orders were received to push further forward and it was decided to move two up, 'B' Sqn right, in support of a coy, and 'C' Sqn left. This attack moved through the position held by 'A' Sqn and came under considerable Spandau fire and bazooka fire. Owing to the advance of the 23H and Rifle Bde on our left, we were not able to push on as the regts were coming at right angles together with a strong pocket of enemy in between. The infantry consolidated on the ground gained and the Regt leaguered just behind them.Casualties were: - Killed - Lieut. A.N.G. Munroe and 1 O.R.- Wounded - 2 O.Rs.
Nr.St.Honorine 18   Early next morning the Comdg Officer returned and took over command. During this day, the advance was held up by the crossings of the River Orne at Poutange having been blown up. The Regt remained in the area where it had harboured, until about 12 o'clock when we moved forward to within about 2 miles of the River, to be ready to cross at the earliest possible moment, and where we remained for the night.
Nr.Poutange 19   The bridge was finally completed at about 1400 hrs and the Regt moved forward behind 23 H and 8 R.B. across the river on one rd. Progress was very slow on this route and at about 2200 hrs a report was received that a small number of enemy tanks was threatening the flank of the column. 2 F. & F. moved off into the area South East of Habioville, m.r. 1523. All sqns were deployed to meet this threat from the North 'A' Sqn on the right, 'B' in the centre and 'C' on the left. 'B' Sqn were able to engage one Panther which they knocked out and a second one was seen to get away in the darkness at about 2200 hrs.At the same time a number of transport vehs were engaged in the woods and were "brewed up". We remained in defensive posns in that area throughout the night during which time quite a large number of prisoners gave themselves up.
Habioville. 20   On the morning of the 20th, 23 H and 8 R.B. had to make good the crossings over the rly and main rd Argentan-Falaise. At 1200 hrs 2 F.&F. with 3 Mons passed through them and occupied the high ground pts 186 and 182 N.W. of Argentan without meeting any opposition. From there, 'C' Sqn went forward with the 3 Mons to clear the route through the Foret de Gouffern to the West of the Argentan-Trun rd. This advance was very slow owing to the extreme thickness of the Forest, which during this movement 'C' Sqn succeeded in knocking out one Panther tank which was watching the main road. There were also large supplies of ammunition concealed in the forest. On emerging from the forest we went to an area S.E. of Bailleul m.r. 2825. Together with the 3rd Mons we captured a Hospital with about 180 patients and some 240 other prisoners.
Nr.Bailleul 21   The Regt remained in that area for the night. The following day we moved back down the main rd to Argentan and then eastwards via La Bourg St. Leonard m.r. 3520 to Exmes m.r. 4646, Croisilles m.r. 6245. On arrival here, the Inns of Court who had been preceding us, reported enemy opposition.'A' Sqn who were in the lead were therefore diverted along small lanes to try and get across the River Touges South of Coulmer m.r. 5445 whilst 'B' Sqn continued down the original centre line. There was some stubborn resistance from enemy A.tk guns and infantry holding the river. 'B' Sqn eventually succeeded in getting one tp up to the river which they crossed all right.One tk went forward over the rly bridge which was immediatly blown behind it. This was very close country and a considerable time was taken in clearing the enemy. Eventually they got down between the rly and the river to the bridge to the S.E. Meanwhile 'A' Sqn had been having a "sticky" time in endeavouring to cross further to the S.E. They eventually succeeded in crossing the river after having lost one tk knocked out by a bazooka, of which two of the crew were wounded when the tk was hit, and the reaminded were wounded when they evacuated. When they got on to the main rd a further tk was hit by a 75 pointing down the rd. In this two of the crew were killed and the remainder evacuated. When Lt. Northen went back to see what had happened to the remaining members of the crew, a further A.P. round was fired at him wounding him. Together with a coy of the Mons, this gun was eventually knocked out. 'C' Sqn was sent down the same route as 'A' in the hopes that they would be able to move up North Westwards to assist 'B' from the other side of the river. By the time the A.tk gun was knocked out and the situation was cleared, it was too late to continue with this operation. 'A' and 'C' sqns therefore remained for the night watching the main rd whilst 'B' Sqn with RHQ remained on the original centre line. There were two coys of Mons with each half of the Regt.Casualties - Wounded; Lt.R.C.McNinch, Lt.P.R. Northen; 5 O.Rs. Killed - 2 O.Rs. Missing - 2 ORs, believed P.of W.
Nr. Gace 22   The next morning we moved at 0700 hrs in order to reach by 0900 hrs the object on which we had been directed the previous evening, i.e. the high ground N.W. of St. André d'Echauffour m.r. 6042.'B' Sqn whith one coy of the Mons pushed straight on towards this village which they found to be heavily mined and many trees felled across the rd, but there was no enemy opposition in the village. With the aid of a section of sappers, these obstructions were removed and the 23 H were passed through us to continue the advance. No futher opposition was met with the exception of mines, and the whole Bde moved into a harbour area about 4 miles West of L'Aigle.
Nr.L'Aigle 23   We remained in this position for a few days while the 11 Armd Div rested.We spent this in maintenance and organising.
24   New offrs were - Capt. A.G.E. Loran; Capt. P.L.O. Ryde; Leiut.C.W.A. Wallis; 2/Lt. F.G. Firkins.During the first three weeks the following O.Rs joined the Regt : - 71 from C.D.S. 17 from 254 C.D.S.
" 28   At 0800 hrs. The Regt. started on the approach march towards the Seine and concentrated on the high ground North West of Vernon (m.r. 4575) arriving thre at about 1500 hrs. We expected to spend the night there, but however at 1600 hrs. orders were received to push immediatly across the river. The Regt. started to move again at 1900 hrs. but owing to congestion on the bridge did not get into our area just North East of Vernon until 2300 hrs. We suffered no casualties on this date.
29   The Bde advanced two up with 2 FF Yeo. leading on the left route, which was Tournay 4484 - Guitry 4887 - Hacquaville 4795 - Etrepagny 5497 - Longechamps 5703.Some opposition was encountered at Guitry, but was only a slight nature, and was easily overcome by C. Sqn. who were leading Sqn.The advance continued with B. Sqn. They encountered some opposition and had 1 tank knocked out from the factory South West of Etrepagny, where there were a number of infantry who held us up for some time. C. Sqn. were told to try and push on in the area Le Thilen-vesein 5197. Here there was futher opposition and C. Sqn. also had 1 tank knocked out. from a postion along the railway. By this time 3 R. Tks. had managed to get into Etrepagny from the East. B. Sqn. were therefore ordered to by-pass and push through Etrepagny whilst A. Sqn. dealt with the factory area with F. Coy. 8 R.B. This was successfully mopped up without further loss. On reaching Doudeaiville 5499 B. Sqn. again came in contact with anti-tank guns and had 2 tanks knocked out from the wooded area just north of the village. C. Sqn. endeavoured to get round the flanks. Two anti-tank guns were knocked out, and the advance continued on to Longchamps, in the outskirts of which were a number of infantry, who caused some slight delay, but were all mopped up without loss.Casualties were as follows:- Killed 7 O.R's.Missing 2 O.RsP.O.W. 1 O.R.Wonded 2 ORs.
30   This day the centre line was as follows: - Le Mesnil 6005 - Neufmarchae 6409 - St Germer 6810 - Villers-Sur-Auchy 7015 - Songenos 7522 - Marvillers 7726 - Previllers 8628 - Hetomesnil 8830.Near the start of the route we passed 2 abandoned Panther tanks, which had been brewed up. A number of enemy vehs were shot up as we crossed the main road, and a large number of prisoners were taken, but we encountered no real opposition. On arriving at Hetomesnil we expected to harbour, but received orders to push on through the night to Amiens The route given was over twisting and long narrow lanes which caused some delay but no opposition of any sort was encountered although in the village of Contai there were a large number of the enemy who were evidently scared by the noise of the tanks and did not emerge until the following day when a Bn attack had to be put in before an Inf Bde could get through. The light impoved as we were reaching Amiens we were able to shoot up a number of vehs, and on reaching the outskirts of the town the recce tp shot up a number of staff cars. Amongst the prisoners that emerged from this party was none other than Genl. Ebrebuf, Comdr of the 7th Army. The night march was led by Cpl. Byrne, without making a mistake
31   The Regt. took up the position on the high ground watching North Western, Western, and South Western exits from Amiens, where again they shot up a number of vehicles. Crossing were also recced over the river Somme.A bridge was found intacked at Le Montier where there was a Large number of infantry. Cpl. Creighton of B. Sqn. took the first tank across into the built up area and about 100 prisoners were collected in this area before the advance was able to go on to Coisy where the night was spent.Casualties were as follows: - Capt. D.F.C. Chute; accidental hand injury and 1 O.R. wounded.New Offrs were: Lieut. G.C.A. Hales, Lieut. A. Forester.The following O.R's also joined the Regt: - 46 O.R's from 254 CDS.
31   B.L.A.10th Septr. 44ABJS/. Lieut. Colonel,Comdg. 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, R.A.C.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

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