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Army Form C.2118
Unit: Inns of Court Regt, RAC
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. R.A.G. Bingley
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1   A Sqn: Sqn ordered to cross R. SOMME at AMIENS by 0900 hrs and to follow up 11 Armd Div. moving N.E. in direction of ARRAS. Sqn proceeded via PAS – MONDICOURT – SOMBRIN – AVESNES LE COMTE – MANNIN and harboured South of ARRAS – ST POL rd at TILLOY-LES-HERMAVILLE at 1930 hrs. RHQ with 11 Armd Div HQ at AUBIGNY.
1   B Sqn: Sqn crossed R. SOMME at AMIENS and moved N. to HABANEG West of ARRAS. Standing patrols operated in the evening areas E. of ST POLS and S. of HAUDEN. Enemy movements which took place during the night did not result in any attack.
1   C Sqn: Sqn moved at 0500 hrs to recce area N.of AMIENS incl ARRAS on right flank. Some opposition encountered and 153 prisoners captured, including two officers.
1   D Sqn: Sqn ordered to area RAINCHEVAL (2178). PUCHEVILLERS (1975) reached at 1230 hrs. About 40 prisoners captured. Sqn harboured at IZEL (3003).
2   A Sqn: Sqn ordered to recce the axis of advance for 11 Armd Div towards high ground East of CARVIN. Centre-line approx AUBIGNY – SOUCHEZ – LENS – CARVIN, with right flank through VIMY and left flank through LOOS. Sqn moved at 0500 hrs in heavy rain. At 0800 hrs Sqn HQ was in area SOUCHEZ with one troop at VIMY, GRENY and on outskirts of LENS from whence sounds of firing were heard. Civilians reported 3 German tanks in LENS. Enemy infantery contacted on BETHUNE Rd. At 0900 hrs 2 troops advanced through LENS in direction of CARVIN. Rain continued, making wireless reception very poor. Sqn ordered to proceed with all speed to Canal de Haute Deule and secure and hold three bridges on the three routes until relieved by tanks. On the left route the bridge at WINGLES was found to be blown but not covered by fire. On the centre route the bridge at 578188 was constructed of wood and attempts had been made to blow it, but it was secure to vehicles of 8-10 tons weight. On the right route the bridge at 558194 was found to be intact and was used throughout the day until the main rd bridge was repaired and opened as a Class 40 bridge in the late evening.
2   B Sqn: Sqn moved to DOUNGES E. of LENS.
2   C Sqn: Sqn moved to area DOURGES and orders were received at midnight to move to ANTWERP.
2   D Sqn: Sqn moved to area 6214.
3   A Sqn: Reveille 0415: Sqn moved 0600 hrs. SECLIN strongly held by enemy and not cleared until early afternoon. Sqn followed N.E. route through SECLIN – VANDEVILLE – CHERING – SIN – TOUFFLERS (Belgian frontier crossed at this point) – NECHIN – PECQ crossing Escaut Canal at WARCOING – CELLES – RENAIX – OUDENARDE. Evidence of a hurried German retreat was seen in the dead horses, broken guns, tractors and burning houses, but no live Germans were encountered.
3   B Sqn: Sqn advanced towards ANTWERP via LENS. Patrols sent to GHENT and TERMONDE; last named town clear at 0100 hrs, but the patrol to GHENT found the road into the town blocked and covered by fire. Sqn harboured at AYGEM.
3   C Sqn: Sqn moved to CARVIN on left Div route and crossed Belgian Border at 2100 hrs reaching JUTTENGEN E. of OUDENARDE at 0500 hrs 4th Sept.
3   D Sqn: Sqn ordered to recce in front of 11 Armd Div on axis LENS – SECLIN – RENAIZ – WOLVERTHEM – ANTWERP. Two troops contacted enemy holding SECLIN, and, with the exception of 1 Armoured car and 1 Scout Car, alle vehicles were casualties. Advance continued throughout the day with occasional contacts with retreating enemy columns. Sqn harboured at BRUGSAHEGM.
4   A Sqn: Sqn ordered to recce and seize and hold bridges at WAELHEM and BOOM for use by 11 Armd Div. The advance continued through ST ANTELLINKX – KERKXKEN – EREMBODEGEM – MERCHTEM – WOLVERTHEM and orders were received to endeavour to reach ANTWERP ahead of the tanks. 2nd Troop reached centre of the town which they reported clear except for a number of snipers.
4   B Sqn: Sqn moved to area ESSCHENE.
4   C Sqn: Patrols sent to GHENT and TERMONDE, OUDENARDE and KIRKOVE. GHENT reported lightly held with pockets of resistance in villages on outskirts. TERMONDE reported clear. Two troops were employed in holding bridges at OUDENARDE and KIRKOVE. Sqn withdrew to ASSCHE at night.
4   D Sqn: Sqn ordered to recce bridge at BOOM and N. of WAELHEM. Main br. At BOOM found blown but bridge to East was intact and tanks enabled to cross. On the second route, enemy opposition was encountered at HEFFEN (6877) and the Canal was held by the enemy at MECHLIN (7174). Bridge at WAELHEM intact and tanks crossed at that point. Remainder of Sqn crossed at bridge E. of BOOM to recce two routes to ANTWERP. One troop reached centre of ANTWERP at 1630 hrs. Two troops were ordered to return and hold bridge at WAELHEM until relieved by 15/19 Hussars at 2200 hrs. Remainder of Sqn in harbour at BIST (6485).
5   A Sqn: Sqn continued advance towards ANTWERP and eventually harboured at CONTICH.
5   B Sqn: Standing patrols employed on four bridges E. of ANTWERP at 7696, 8392, 8391, 7986. Enemy mortaring and shelling from N. bank of Canal on to the area of the first two bridges. Recce carried out of all bridges between ANTWERP and HERRENTHALS. Every bridge found to be blown and enemy activity on the N. bank of the Canal was considerable. South of the Canal in the area NORDERWYCH (9886) two troops came under A/Tk fire.
5   C Sqn: Sqn moved to harbour 5 miles S. of ANTWERP.
5-6   D Sqn: Moved to WILRYCH where Sqn remained until 7th Sept. Rear Link wireless closed down for 24 hours – the first time since the Sqn landed on 1st July.
6   A Sqn: Sqn rested.
6-7   B Sqn: Sqn rested at 6890.
6-7   C Sqn: In reserve.
7   A Sqn: Sqn stood by for advance into HOLLAND which was later cancelled. In late morning Sqn ordered to recce Albert Canal from HERENTHALS to MASSENHOVEN and report on rumoured German preparations for counter-attack. All bridges over the canal South of HERENTHALS were blown and enemy infantry were in position on the North bank of the Canal. The church spire at BROECHEM was used as an O.P. but no large scale movements of enemy troops were observed.
7   D Sqn: Sqn ordered to contact two troops of 15/19 Hussars and cross Albert Canal […] and ascertain strength of enemy holding the canal in that area. At LIERRE information was received from Belgian White Brigade that enemy were across Canal at VIERSEL and BONEVEL. Enemy encountered North of RAUST. Sqn HQ at VRENDE (7591).
8   A Sqn: Sqn in reserve: night patrols went out but no incidents were reported.
8   B Sqn: Relieved D Sqn with standing patrols on ALBERT CANAL between WYNEGHE and BROECHEM. Contact made with 50 Div on East in area 0286.
8   C Sqn: Sqn under cmd of 29 Armd Bde ordered to recce route LOUVAIN – DIEST. Standing patrols employed on right flank as far as ST TROND – HASSELT. Night recce of bridge at GENEBOSCH which was reported blown. Sqn harbour at DIEST.
8   D Sqn: Relieved by B Sqn.
9   A Sqn: Sqn moved to area SPALBEEK. Jacques Van Elewyck, leader of the local White Brigade “Attached” himself to the Sqn.
9   B Sqn: Sqn moved to area West of HASSELT (3162) via MECHLIN – LOUVAIN – HAELEN.
9   C Sqn: Sqn moved at first light to recce TONGNES, BILSEN, GENCK. TONGNES and BILSEN reported clear: GENCK held by enemy.
9   D Sqn: Sqn ordered to lead advance of 159 Inf Bde and 11 Armd Div from ANTWERP to GENEBOSCH via MALINES, LOUVAIN, S. of DIEST and LUMMEN and to send patrols as right flank protection to THIRLEMONT, ST TROND, and HASSELT. Bridge at GENEBOSCH reported blown. Sqn harboured night in area LINKHOUT. Standing patrols employed at STOCKROYE and Western exit of HASSELT.
10   A Sqn: Sqn engaged in patrolling area N.W. of GENENDIJK – PETITVORST – EYNTHOUT with the object of preventing any large-scale enemy movement South across the Albert Canal without warning.
10   B Sqn: Canal crossed at BEERINGEM with orders to recce following routes:-
(1) Rd junc 2772 – rd junc 3367 – rd junc 3263 – ASCH 4970.
(2) Rd junc 2772 – HELCHTEREN 3576 – Rd junc 5082.
(3) HELCHTEREN – HECHTEL 3483 – BREE 5085.
Heavy opposition encountered. HELCHTEREN mortared and shelled continously throughout day, and limit of progress on the three routes were (1) 3265 (2) 3676 (3) 3482.
10-11   C Sqn: Sqn in reserve.
10   D Sqn: Sqn ordered to cross DIEST – BERINGHEM rd to recce area STEELEN – VERLE – TESSENDERLOO – HULST with object of reporting whether enemy were infiltrating across canal and of maintaining O.Ps. Of all approaches to Canal. Area S. of Canal reported clear, but enemy activity was observed from other side of Canal S.E. From 1084. Sqn ordered to cross Canal at BERINGHEM and harbour in area HEUSDEN.
11   A Sqn: Recced area HELCHTEREN – HECHTEL – HASSALT. Enemy contacted at various points. Sqn harboured at a convent West of PEER.
11-12   B Sqn: Moving patrol ordered once every three hours between PAEL – TESSENDERLOO – VORST – EYNTHOUT – WESTERLOO and VEERLE. Nothing to report.
11-13   D Sqn: Sqn resting at HEUSDEN.
12-15   A Sqn: Sqn in reserve.
12   C Sqn: Standing patrols employed on crossings over Escaut Canal from first light. Sqn HQ at PEER. Enemy patrol movement by day reported.
13   B Sqn: Numerous rumours of enemy movements invenstigated and proved groundless. Enemy bombed area of bridge at 1880.
13   C Sqn: Task as on 12th Sept, but assisted by 151 Med. Regt.
14   B Sqn: Contact maintained with 50 Div.
14   C Sqn: Sqn in reserve.
14   D Sqn: Sqn left HEUSDEN and standing patrols were maintained at NEERPELT (3994) LILLE ST HUBERT (4294) CAULILLE (4490) BOCHOLT (4988) BREE (5084) OPPITER (5381). One troop ordered to contact Americans at WATERLOOS (5579). Sqn HQ at GROOT MONS FARM (419840). Patrol at LILLE ST HUBERT, CAULILLE and BOCHOLT reported small groups of enemy on S.W. side of Canal and considerable enemy activity on N.E. Side. No. 6 Troop WATERLOOS held by enemy and contacted the Americans at NEERGLABEEK.
15   B Sqn: Sqn moved at 0830 hrs to area PEERS.
15   D Sqn: Situation as on 14th Sept with fewer enemy patrols across the river and increased mortaring of BREE, LILLE ST HUBERT and CAULILLE from 1700 hrs onwards. Sqn withdrew to harbour at ERPECOM (432829).
16   B Sqn: Sqn resting.
16   C Sqn: Sqn moved to ASSCHE S. of BREE to liaise with U.S. 82nd Recce Regt., 2 Armd Div.
16   D Sqn: Sqn resting.
17   A Sqn: Sqn visited by Lieut-General Roberts, (G.O.C. 11 Armd Div.). Standing patrols on line of the canal from a bridge at 570800 S.E. of BREE to NEERPELT rly bridge at 397953. Enemy inf. contacted on CAULILLE – BOCHOLT Rd. and one car which remained in observation for the remainder of the day was shelled and mortared continously. Sqn Ldr reported to HQ 11 Armd Div with full information about the canal line in the Regtl area, the information being required by G.O.C. 3rd Br. Inf. Div. who was to make assault crossings.
17   B Sqn: Sqn visited by Major General Roberts (G.O.C. 11 Armd Div.).
17-19   C Sqn: Same task. Contact made with 4 Armd Bde.
17   D Sqn: Sqn visited by Major General Roberts (G.O.C. 11 Armd Div).
18-19   A Sqn: In Reserve.
18-19   B Sqn: Standing patrols on Canal to East and South-East. Enemy counter attack at night on LILLE ST HUBERT Bridge (427947) was repulsed.
18   D Sqn: Sqn resting.
19   D Sqn: Sqn joined column consisting of Fife & Forfar Yeomanry and Hereford Regt and recce rd VORLE to LEENDE while remainder of column attacked ACHEL from the North and 9 Inf Bde attacked from SOUTH from their bridgehead at LILLE ST HUBERT. Column held up by Guards Armd Div traffic and 1 Troop with one troop of Fife & Forfar Yeomanry double banked along the route to recce rd from rd junc 381019 to SHAFT (4002) to find a suitable route for tanks to follow. Bridge at 406025 blown and bridge at 899017 unsuitable for heavy traffic. Decided to harbour at VALKENSWAARD (4108) and attack from there on following morning.
20   A Sqn: Orders received to move into Holland at 1710 hrs and the Sqn crossed the border and recc'd the area DEURNE to HELMOND.
20-21   B Sqn: Sqn ordered to protect Echelons on move across LILLE-ST-HUBERT Bridge. Left Echelons at 1300 hrs and moved to VERS. W. of LEENDE.
20   C Sqn: Relieved by 4 Armd Bde and mvoed S.E. Of PEER.
20   D Sqn: Recce continued towards LEENDE which civilians reported to be held by enemy. At 1400 hrs this town was cleared by tanks and infantry and recce continued along route LEENDE – STERKSEL (5207) – ZOMEREN (5911) – bridge (602128). Sqn HQ moved North of LEENDE. Bridge at 602128 held and screened by enemy in ZOMEREN. One troop ordered to tap South on HEEZE – ZOMEREN rd reported the route unsuitable for a Div centre-line.
21   A Sqn: Sqn moved to HEEZE. A patrol of the Royals was contacted who gave valuable information as to enemy dispositions in areas MIERLOO, VAARLE, NUNEN and GERWEN.
21   C Sqn: Sqn ordered to move on right flank and lead 159 Inf Bde Gp on advance into HOLLAND. Advance held up by enemy in area BUDEL until evening. Sqn harboured in that area.
21   D Sqn: Sqn at 555115.
22-24   A Sqn: Sqn resting. RHQ at LEENDE.
22   B Sqn: Sqn under cmd 159 Bde and ordered to cross Bridge at ZOMEREN after K.S.L.I. and Fife and Forfar Yeomanry had captured village of ASTEN. Three patrols crossed at 1000 hrs when Asten was clear. Opposition round ASCHEN fairly strong.
22-23   C Sqn: In reserve at BUDEL.
22   D Sqn: Sqn ordered to NUNEN (4822) to patrol line of canal excl ZON (4225) to incl ARLE (5425) excl HELMOND (5522). Small pockets of enemy resistance encountered in area OVERBRUG (5423). Sqn harboured W. of HELMOND at 540218.
23   B Sqn: Recce as on previous day.
23   D Sqn: Patrol continued. Sqn in harbour at Geldrop 4816.
24-25   B Sqn: Sqn not operating. Moved to 579105.
24   C Sqn: Sqn moved at 0500 hrs to cross Willems Vaart Canal with ASTEN bridgehead. 15/19 Hussars contacted at LIESEL where heavy fighting occurred. Enemy movements reported on main HELMOND – DEURNE rd. Four troops entered DEURNE in evening, but further advance impossible owing to heavy enemy resistance. Sqn withdrew to area VLIERDEN.
24   D Sqn: Sqn engaged in same task with harbour in same place.
25   A Sqn: Sqn ordered to move at 0615 hrs and recce all roads out of DEURNE to the East, North-East, North, North-West, West and South-West.
25   C Sqn: Sqn in reserve at VLIERDEN.
25   D Sqn: One troop patrolled line of Canal from excl HELMOND to excl ZOMEREN bridge (601138).
26-28   A Sqn: Sqn resting.
26   C Sqn: Sqn moved to HANDEL, N. of GEMERT.
26   D Sqn: Sqn ordered to cross ZONEREN bridge and go to area GEMERT (5830).
27-29   B Sqn: Sqn resting.
27   C Sqn: In Reserve.
27   D Sqn: Line of R. MAAS patrolled from incl rly bridge 760453 to incl VIERLINGSBEELE (8034). 61 Recce Regt contacted in area CUYLE (7149). VORTUM (7837) and country to S.W. Held by enemy making it impossible to patrol line of river South of SAMBEEK (774391), which point was later shelled by 50 Div Arty one troop acting as O.P. Sqn withdrew to WANROIJ (6741).
28   C Sqn: Sqn patrolled area of R. MEUSE from CUYK to SAMBEEK. Enemy contacted in OEFFELT where fighting occurred. Two troops entered BOXMEER and enemy movements were observed in area SAMBEEK. Information passed to 9 Bde 3 Brit Div.
28-30   D Sqn: Sqn remained at WANROIJ.
29   A Sqn: Standing patrols on line of R. MAAS and roads leading West from river from SAMBEEK to Rd junc 755458.
29   C Sqn: In reserve at HANDEL.
30   A Sqn: Sqn resting.
30   B Sqn: Four patrols employed in are OEFFELT, BENGEN, BONMEER, and SAMBEEK. A force of 50 enemy infantry were reported to have crossed the Canal East of BONMEER and to be advancing on the Town. Contact was made and the enemy dispersed. Two troops sent as liaison with 7th U.S. Armd Div whose task was to clear the whole of the West bank of R. MAAS South from BONMEER. By the end of the day this force had reached the approximate line SAMBEEK – 777370 – 735360.
30   C Sqn: Sqn relieved 3 Recce Coy and patrolled area DEURNE – MEIGEL. Enemy movement reported during day. Sqn harboured at VLIERDEN.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

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