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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 3 MON
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. R.C. Stockley
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
VOOLEN 1   Quiet day; little enemy activiy apart from slight shelling and mortaring
1 1600 CO holds conference; announces that we relieve 8 R.B. tommorow and they us. Night of 1/2 quiet; no patrols sent out.
VOOLEN 2 0900 Representatives of 8 R.B. arrive to prepare for relief. Coys to be relieved one at a time so as to conceal movement as much as possible.
IJSSELSTEIN 2 1200 Bn HQ move to new location. Remainder of Bn follow at regular intervals without incident.
2 1800 Change over complete. Very quiet night 2/3. Decicedly better location than previous one. 50% of Bn stand to during hrs of darkness. Six standing patrols out during the night having nothing to report.
,, 3   CO announces that the Bn is to be relieved by 4 KSLI and proceed on 5 days' rest to GRAVE. Handing over to take place during night of 4/5 and to be complete by stand to 0615 hrs on 5th. No activity throughout day. Appx "H"
3 2100 Bn Stand To 100% as suspected enemy patrol is infiltrating through our lines.
3 2230 Bn Stand Down as nothing developes of suspicion. Patrols during night report nothing.
,, 4 0650 Representatives of 4 KSLI arrive to prepare for change over. Remainder of day quiet.
4 1800 KSLI begin to infiltrate to our posns and by 2300 hrs all were in posn. Not to hand over until Stand To 0615 hrs next morning. Rather crowded out during night with 2 Bns in one posn. 12 O.R. reinforcements arrive. No Sig Log
MALDEN 5 0615 KSLI take over responsibility for area and we prepare to move out.
5 0900 Column moves off to new location, which now has been altered from GRAVE to
5   MALDEN, in Guards A.D. Rest Area, in following order:- C, Bn HQ, D, B, A.
MALDEN 5 1200 Arrive at new location. All Coys billeted in various houses; quite comfortable. The following programme laid down for period of rest:- No Reveille, Breakfast 0900 - 0915; Dinner 1300; Tea 1800. Morning from 1000 to 1315 were to be working hours, in which the bn was to carry out maintenance of all kinds. 16 Reinforcements arrive. Op Order issued. Ref "A" No Sig Log Ref Appx "D"
,, 6   No event of importance. Amusements arranged and trips to NIJMEGEN. Gds Div Club also open to Bn. Weather very cold and windy with hail and dry periods at intervals. No Sig Log
7   No event of importance. Weather still cold and wet with bright periods. No Sig Log
8   Bn still resting. Organised trips to NIJMEGEN not very popular due to lack of entertainment. Weather very cold and wet with some fine periods. No Sig Log
,, 9   Rest period almost over. Orders received extending rest to 11th. Weather same. No Sig Log
,, 10   No event of importance. To move to new location tomorrow to take over from 2 Welsh Guards. Approx time of start 0715 hrs.
,, 11 0645 Bn move off to relieve 2 W.G. Normal order of march. Maj TCP Nodwell (Kings) joined Bn ans assumed comd of "A" Coy.
IJSSELSTEIN 11 1200 Arrive in area where we conc until last light before moving to VEULEN. Owing to very bad state of rds, only tracked vehs and Jeeps allowed to proceed to def posn. F Ech remain in area IJSSELSTEIN. A Ech brigaded at DEURNE.
11 1600 Bn HQ, consisting of Sigs half-track. CO's scout car and Sigs Jeep move off.
11 1800 A Coy move off by march route followed by remainder of Rifle Coys at half hr intervals.
VEULEN 11 2200 Change over complete. Operation carried out without incident. Weather extremely cold and wet and very difficult going was experienced. Standing patrols sent out during night 11/12. Nothing to report. Shelling and mortaring endured during night. The posn now held is under observation and movement invariably brings down a "stonk". Carrier Universal transporting Bn HQ food unable to get through owing to state of rd which is at least
VEULEN 11   2 feet deep in mud. Lloyd Carrier brought into use and was able to accomplish task of moving carrier, but not in reaching Bn HQ.
12   Occasional shelling and mortaring during the day. Weather still very dull and state of rds still very bad. But by using the Log Road built by RE the carriers used for taking up the food were able to carry out task without much difficulty. The rd unfortunately is under observation and invariably the carrier receive a certain amount of shelling. No Sig Log
,, 13   Rather quiet day. Still occasional shelling. Weather still bad. Patrols sent out during night return with nothing to report. No Sig Log
,, 14   No change in situation. Still holding VEULEN. Shelling and mortar fire more intense. Weather now very cold. During night patrols active on both sides. No Sig Log
,, 15   Quiet day. No event of importance. Weather still very bad. No Sig Log
,, 16   Quiet day on the whole. Severe frost during night. First instalment of leather jerkins issued to Bn. Patrols sent out during night report nothing. No Sig Log
,, 17   Severe frost during night and ground frozen hard making movement easier. But rain later in day transformed landscape into sea of mud. Carriers carrying food narrowly missed by shell fire on Log Road. Fighting patrol during night 17/18 made contact with enemy; some casualties probably inflicted. It was noticed by patrol that German emerged from house carrying a large cumbersome object which he placed on the ground. This was retrieved by the patrol leader, who thought it to be a mine. When examined in daylight on return found to be U/S enemy cooker.
,, 18   Big improvement in weather; first seen for some days. Shelling today very severe, especially in farm where Bn HQ is situated. Some casualties.
,, 19   To be relieved tonight by 2 Lincolns. Day passes slowly and shelling continues in Bn area. Weather quite good.
19 1300 Reps of Lincolns arrive.
19 1830 Lincolns begin to infiltrate into posns. Change over completed without any enemy interference except shelling.
VEULEN 19 2000 Bn completes 4 miles march back to TCVs, and by 2300 hrs, "A" Coy (last Coy) debussed at new location.
Area DEURNE 20   Bn resting and cleaning up for further operation, which is scheduled for a day or so hence. Weather has improved somewhat, but the sea of mud which prevails does not diminish. Bde O.O. issued. No Sig Log
20 1800 CO holds O Gp giving details of next op. Broad outline of plan is for Bn to secure high ground at 7920. No Sig Log
,, 21   Bn spent day preparing for battle, maintenance, etc.
21 1800 CO O Gp. Details of Bde plan made known and Bn ordered to be at readiness from 1030 hrs 22nd. Extremely wet day. Lt. Dean (Sussex) and 50 OR (mostly ex-Normandy) reinforcements. Ref "D"
,, 22   Bn packed ready to move off.
22 1000 Orders received no move today. COs O Gp Original Op Order to be carried out next day. No Sig Log
,, 23   Still no move today. Owing to success of other units our task appears to have been done for us. Bn continues rest and carries out maintenance. The weather extremely bad, continuous rain having prevailed for past 48 hrs. No Sig Log. Op Order cancelled. "D"
,, 24   Quiet day, but still heavy rain prevails. A and B Coy working parties were sent out to clear DEURNE - VENLO rd of mud. Bde O. Instr. No. 9 issued. Ref "E"
24 1800 Orders received for move to ASTEN for complete rest and re-fit on 25.
,, 25 0700 Bn prepared to move. All trucks loaded and personnel embussed by 1200 hrs.
25 0800 Recce party move off under 2 IC.
25 1200 Bn move off. Normal order of march. No Sig Log
25 1330 Bn HQ arrives, followed by remainder of Bn at 5 mins intervals. Bn HQ set up in school in the main square. All Coys in civilian billets in ASTEN. Weather improved immensely. Very bright periods. Appx "A"
ASTEN 26   Bn resting and refitting with periods of training. Co lays down that 20 mins marching and drill to be enforced each day.
26 1500 Bde Comd visits Bn and tours all round Coys. No Sig Log
ASTEN 27   Orders for Ops move received. Major G M Allen assumes comd of Bn owing to illness of CO.
27 1700 CO holds O Gp giving details of next Op. The Bn to relieve 9th Cameronians on the 28th in area Lottum, Stokt, Homberg.
28 0900 Recce Gp consisting of CO (Maj G.M. Allen), Coy Comds, a complete Carrier Pl (for protection) move off.
28 1200 C Coy move followed by Bn HQ, D, B, A Coys. Bn dispersal area HORST and are lead by guides into respective areas.
28 2000 Change over complete without enemy interference. Dispositions of Bn ref Appx A.
Area HORST 29 0900 Bn HQ move to new location. CO holds O Gp and gives the following orders. Bn to attack and capture KASTELL and BROEKHUIZEN. A Coy with one squadron of 15/19 Hussars and flail tanks to KASTELL and C Coy with one squadron to BROEKHUIZEN. These two places are believed to be the last remaining enemy pockets on the west side of the River Maas. The KASTELL is quite a formidable strongpoint, consisting of a castle like building surrounded by a moat 20 to 30 ft wide, and stroing entrenched posns with a minefield belt completely around the perimeter, believed to be held by approximately 100 strong. BROEKHUIZEN is a village situated on the west bank of the Maas. A Coy H Hour 1000 hrs, preceded by a barrage by guns and 4.2 inch mortars. C Coy H Hour 1100 hrs with same kind of barrage with additional smokescreen laid on East bank of Maas and the whole objective and approach is under observation. The remainder of the day fairly quiet with occasional shelling and mortar fire. A & C Coys prepare for battle.
30 0900 Arty and Mortar supporting fire open up and A Coy move to SP, which os along edge of wood at 902213 to 904214.
Area HORST 30   It has now been officially announced that the following awards have been granted to the following Offrs and men in the Bn. Maj France the DSO (posthumously) for gallantry at BRUCY. Capt. Moody L the MC for gallantry in ANTWERP and Sgt Thomas and Pte Quartermaine the MM for gallantry at ANTWERP.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.