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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Bn The Seaforth Highlanders
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. G.L.W. Andrews
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
AUBEGUINMONT 1 0725 Bn coln passed 152 Inf Bde Sp at rd junc 693466. Progress remained steady all day - route as per App G (War Diary Sept).
6451/100000 9E 1 1645 Bn arrived area SAUIZOUE 9491 and leaguered for the night. The people of the town were friendly and hospitable.
2 0645 Co to conference at Hq 152 Inf Bde. Bde to take over posns at present held by units of 15 (S) Div area North of EINDHOVEN 430182 by evening 3 Oct. 51 (H) Div comes u/c 12 Corps - Second Br Army. Bde O Gp to proceed immediately to Hq 51 (H) Div for conderence.
2 1400 O Gp 152 Inf Bde arrive at Hq 51 (H) Div. 2 Seaforth to take over area at present held by 9 Cameronians and elements of 7 Seaforth (46 Inf Bde).
2 1515 Co looks over ground held by above mentioned units.
2 1730 Co rejoins the Bn in HERENTHAL 971905.
2 2100 Co to conference at Hq 152 Inf Bde. Details for move of Bde to area North of EINDHOVEN given out.
2 2215 Cos conference for Bn O Gp. Details of change-over explained. Bn O Gp to move of at 0830 hrs. Bn to move off at 0945 hrs. Coy comds to look over proposed Coy areas on arrival and to await the despatch of their Coys from the conc area. Bn to debus area ACHT 403226 - move fwd on ft to conc area in Wood 3925, North of Wilhelmona Kanal - Coys to be called fwd when their posns have been recce'd
3 0830 Bn O Gp moves off.
3 0945 Bn moves off under 2 Ic. Route as follows: - HERENTHALS 971905 - GHEEL 080885 - MOLL 169905 - LOMMEL 305950 - VALKENSWAARD 415082 - EINDHOVEN 430182.
3 1100 Coy Comds arrive area BEST 3726 and look over their prospective posns.
3 1830 Change over completed - locns as follows: - Bn Hq 376263 A Coy 371262 B Coy 377265 C Coy 376257 D Coy 373259 Carriers 379256.
3 2330 Small listening patrol to area 376253, see Appx A.
BEST 3726 4 0745 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Bn.
1/25000 18SW 4 1000 Co to Hq 152 Inf Bde ref move of B Coy - later cancelled.
4 1300 Rqms G. D. Oakes granted Emergency Commission as Lieut - appt Qm.
4 1830 Trace of Bn dispositions issued to 152 Ind Bde Appx 'B'
4 2200 Recce patrol to 376253 (Appx 'A').
4 2300 D Coy report trip flares set of in area 373258, believed by annimals. Many pigs, sheep and cattle wandering loose in the Bn area due to departure of their owners.
5 0230 -0330 Sound of mech tpt moving North and South on West side of rly.
5 0600 Enemy raid on 2 Derby Yeo, located North of 152 Inf Bde sector, was accompanied by mortaring of area 377253. No cas.
5 1000 B Coy moved to new posn area 374265.
5 1415 S.P. guns under comd reduced house area North of rly. 370262, thereby extending the fd of fire of A Coy's Rt fwd pl some 60 yds.
5 1445 S.P. guns under comd sets on fire house area South of rly crossing 370262 - Sa amn was heard to be exploding in the house.
5 1540 Comd 152 Inf Bde visited Comd Post and conferred with Co. 275 Fd Coy Re with under comd 1 tp 243 A tk Bty, 1 tp 140 Laa Bty to relieve B Coy 5 Seaforth and to be responsible for the defence of Brs 380244 and 370250. 275 Fd Coy Re and att tps to come under comd 2 Seaforth with effect from 061030A.
5 1610 Slight enemy mortaring experienced by A Coy. No cas.
5 1910 Enemy movement observed in area of house 369264, areas 369265 and 371258. Spasmodic mortaring of Bn area during day.
5 2315 Enemy patrol of ten men repported by A Coy moving South on West side of rly from area 370262. No sigh of patrol from D Coy posn.
6 0120 Trip flares set bof in D Coy by enemy, sentry fired but enemy escaped. Light seen in area of Red Barn and buildings East of rly at 37252595. Recce patrol to area 369264 (Appx 'A'). Recce patrol to area 374254 and listening post at 376254 (Appc 'A').
6 1100 Two M10s engaged houses area 371260. During the morning known and suspected enemy posns were engaged by unit 3-in mortars and arty.
6 1600 Houses 371260 previously engaged by M10s burst into flames and Sa amn was heard to be exploding. Co 275 Fd Coy Re visited Comd Post.
6 1825 C Coy report two wounded from enemy mortaring. A Coy report sign of enemy movement all day in areas 369254, 369262 and Farm buildings 362263.
6 2300 Enemy patrol of two men endeavoured to penetrate A Coys posn but were driven off with grenades.
6 2330 Two small enemy patrols endeavoured to penetrate C Coys posn - were engaged by Sa but escaped. Spasmodic mortaring of C Coys posn. No cas. Raiding party to area 376253 (Appx 'A').
7 0200 Light seen in area of Red barn and buildings area 372258
7 0600 A Coy put up six 2-in mor illuminating flares - visability good but N.T.R.
7 0615 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Bn area to arrange transfer of 2 Seaforth A tk guns to protect D Coy 5/7 Gordons 373258
7 1115 Lt-Gen N.M. Ritchie, Cb, Dso, Comd 12 Corps visited Bn Hq. Enemy activity observed in house 369264.
7 1130 Lieut J. Christie rejoined Bn, posted to B Coy.
7 1145 Farm buildings 367264 engaged by unit 3-in mortars - one pl of D Coy 1/7 Mx and 4.2-in mor from A Coy 1/7 Mx assisted.
7 1545 Oc 128 Fd Regt visited Bn.
7 1630 Enemy patrol of three or four, reported in vicinity of C Coy.
7 1730 Enemy patrol reported to have withdrawn. 51 (H) Div reverted to comd 1 Br Corps - First Cdn Army.
7 2130 Small recce patrol to area 370264 (Appx "A").
8 0025 Area of Bn Hq mortared. No cas.
8 0500 Small enemy patrol seen on West side of rly from D Coys position - unable to engage as range too long for accuracy and fwd pl dit Not wish to give away its posn. D Coy report enemy located in buildings East of rly 373259 during night - also five Germans were seen entering red barn just south of above mentioned building 373259. A Coy report enemy threw grenades into house 377256 - no damage reported.
8 0850 Areas 375252 and 371250 received conc of Mgs, Mortars and Brens.
8 1015 Comd 152 Inf Bde visited Bn and inspected Coy posns. Occasional enemy movement observed during morning - spasmodic shelling and mortaring on both sides.
8 2000 No new enemy posns observed during the day - continual movement seen in area of house 369264, received considerable arty attention and several direct hits were observed.
8 2130 A and D Coys carried out a joint attack by fire on Red barn and buildings 372259 with 6-pdrs A tk guns, Brens and 2-in Mortar. 2-in Mor illuminating parachute flares were used to re-aim the A tk guns as it was too dark to see the tgt. This method was satisfactory. Raiding party to house 369254 (Appx 'A'). Recce patrol to area 365255 (Appx 'A').
8 2140 Enemy put up Red - White - Red Verey light signals which resulted in enemy mortar fire being put down. Two wounded reported in C Coy.
9 0600 Sound of tracked veh heard moving across D Coys front on West side of rly - identity unconfirmed.
9 0645 Enemy mortar posnsEnemy mortar posns located area of buildings 364264 and were angaged by our mortars. Lt A. Donaldson rejoined Bn - s.o.s. Hq 152 Inf Bde - posted to B Coy. Occasional bursts of long range enemy shelling has been experienced by the Bn since its arrival in this area - the main tgt being the Br over the Wilhelmina Kanal at 389249.
9 1000 Comd 152 Inf Bde visited Comd Post.
9 1600 Three Churchill tks took up a posn at the rly crossing 371262 - one engaging all the houses on the West side of the rly line South of the rly crossing - with Besa and 75 mm, covered by smoke. The other engaging house 369264 with 95 mm, firing smoke and He. Several direct hits scored and several Germans seen to leave the houses - six Germans killed during the op.
9 1730 Hvy shelling of Bn area - No cas. Enemy movement in area house 369244 and farm buildings 364264 observed during the day. Considerable smoke observed in buildings area 369261.
9 1900 Area of Br 389249 heavily shelled.
9 2030 Ambush and Reccy party to area 368247 (Appx 'A').
10 0630 House 369264 set on fire by enemy - amn heard to be exploding.
10 0650 House 369264 burning fiercely.
10 1000 A Coy change over posns with B Coy.
10 1110 Comd 152 Inf Bde visited Comd Post.
10 1115 Maj A.R. Steward-Grant, Mc and Lt Lovatt (U.S. Army) from 208 Civil Affairs Det visit Comd Post.
10 1245 Three enemy seen in area 375253 - suspected enemy posn in this area mortared by own 3-in mortars.
10 1500 243 A th Bty engage three houses North of Signal Box area 369264.
10 1530 Own A tk guns and mortars fire a harrassing shoot in area 370250. Weather very bad during afternoon - continuing into the night - proposed patrol cancelled.
10 2030 Enemy attempted small raid on Rt fwd pl A Coy area 372263, which was easily repulsed.
11 0200 Carriers report sound of enemy digging near rly area 374252.
11 0445 Mortaring in C Coy area - No cas.
11 0600 Bangalore torpedo booby traps set off in front of C Coy - one German captured - belonged to 723 G.R.
11 1000 Own snipers shot a German sentry 374255.
11 1100 Own snipers shot a German sentry 374254. Confirmed 2 Ic. German soldiers were observed to be wearing British Army shirts.
11 1210 B Coy reported eight men seen running across the rly from West to East in area 369266.
11 1220 Three men seen to return across rly with a stretcher on which was thought to be two bodies.
11 1225 Three more enemy seen to cross rly.
11 1610 Sentry shot in B Coys fwd pl area 372261.
11 1930 Two enemy seen in area 375256 - were fired on but escaped. Ambush patrol to area house 370247 (Appx 'A').
12 0930 Co to Hq 51 (H) Div for conference.
12 1130 Tks knocked down houses in area West of Rly area 371261. Junior Nco's Cadre begins under Lt J. Leslie.
12 1140 Lt Lovatt (U.S. Army) 208 Civil Affairs Det, visited Comd Post to liaise over removal of food stores in BEST.
12 1400 Enemy movement observed in the vicinity of house 368264 - engaged with 3-in Mor. Several direct hits observed. Io to Hq 152 Inf Bde for co-ordinating conference. Patrols and fire plans for harassing shoots discussed.
12 1500 Rifle grenades being fired from centre house which had been knocked down by tks at 1130 hrs, towards fwd sec of B Coys left fwd pl - No cas reported. B Coy retaliate with 2-in Mor fire.
12 2330 Enemy mortaring and Spandau fire in area 377256. Recce patrol to house 368266 (Appx 'A').
13 0930 Enemy mor posn located area 36812581 - received attention from our 3-in mor. Rifle grenades fired into C Coys area 374257 spasmodically during the night - No cas. Continual vehicle maintenance being carried out by the Bn, each vehicle being withdrawn for two days to B Ech.
13 1000 274 Fd Coy Re changes over with 275 Fd Coy Re. C Coy have placed Bangalore Torpedo booby traps located at 37122559 - 37862556.
13 1400 2 Ic to patrol co-ordination conference at Bde Hq.
13 1810 Spandau fire from area 372254.
13 1900 Movement seen during day in areas 375254 and 369264. Occasional mortaring of our posns during day.
14   Normal activity during day. C Coy put down Bangalore Torpedo booby traps in following areas : (a) 37722560 (b) 37702561 (c) 37562572 Maj J.M. Sym joined the Bn.
15 0950 8 Nebelwerfer bombs fell in Bn area - No cas. Otherwise activity was normal. Several harassing shoots carried out by Sp weapons during the day.
16 0700 274 Fwd Coy Re brought in three Pw belonging to 5/1036 G.R.
16 1000 Co to Br crossing demonstration at ZON 4425. Lt J. Christie attached to 51 (H) Div Pro Coy for duty. Maj J.M. Sym appointed 2 Ic. Maj D.A. Blair, Mbe, posted to 5 Seaforth.
17 0700 Church tower BEST shot down by enemy S.P. gun. Official leave parties to Antwerp begin. Harrassing shoots by Sp weapons carried out on the enemies posns during the afternoon. Otherwise activity normal.
18 1000 Co to watch Br crossing at ZON 4425.
18 1430 Co to Hq 152 Bde for conference. 51 (H) Div now under comd 12 Corps - Second Br Army. Activity normal. Bn warned to move to area4729 Not aerlier than 1400 hrs 19 Oct.
19 0900 Bn recce parties move of under 2 Ic.
19 1100 Recce parties of 9 Cameronians arrive in the Bn area and look over Coy posns.
19 1500 Adv elements 9 Cameronians arrive in the Bn area - change-over begins.
19 2300 Change over completed. Bn est in new locn area 4729. Lt J. Brown (Canloan) posted to 5 Seaforth. Junior Nco's Cadre to finish and recommence when time permits.
20 1000 Co to a 51 (H) Div conference in ZON 4425.
20 1600 Oc A Sqn E. Riding Yeo visited Comd Post to discuss probable task for tks in Op Colin.
20 1700 Co to Hq 152 Inf Bde for conference - Detailed plan for task of 152 Inf Bde given out and discussed.
20 1900 Cos conference for Bn O Gp.
21 1030 Co discusses the tactics for the use of Kangaroos (Armd tp carriers) with Coy Comds. Coys practise with Kangaroos.
21 1400 Co on recce of F.U.P. Further practise by Coys in use of Kangaroos during the afternoon.
22 0900 Cos Church Parade
22 1015 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post.
22 1025 Cos conference for O Gp - final plan for Op Colin given out. 2 Seaforth O.O No. 7 issued Appx 'C'
22 1115 Small exercise to exercise Bn and att Sqn of tks in the use of Kangaroos begins.
22 1315 Exercise ends.
23 0700 An Army Ph Unit arrives - to be att to Bn for Op Colin.
23 0725 Bn coln formed up at F.U.P.
23 0830 Bn ordered to move fwd to objective.
23 1005 All report lines reported clear. Coys located as follows: A 377367 B 373369 C 371366 D 375362 No organised enemy resitance encountered - few Pws taken state main body of enemy left present area at 0330 hrs this morning 23 Oct. A Coy push on to their objective on ft. Kangaroos withdrawn to prearrange posn.
23 1030 A Coy report level crossing 379353 clear of enemy. Bn Hq est 377366. Mopping up of small parties of enemy in Wood continues. C Coy ordered to push forward one pl with tp of tks to investigate state of Br area 343358 (Sketch = see Appx 'C').
23 1200 B Coy ordered to move to area 350367. C Coy to remain firm in area 354364. D Coy ordered to move to area x rds 347361 from present area, through the Wood, clearing Wood en route. A Coy to move to area 352359 direct through Wood, clearing it en route. Bn Hq to move to area 352364. A Coy made contact with 5 Seaforth, adv from South, before leaving level crossing area.
23 1330 Coys reort located in new osn - No sign of enemy although it is thought there may be small isolated enemy parties remaining in the Wood - eveny endeavour is made to locate them. No enemy found.
23 1530 Bn conc as follows: A Coy 348360 B Coy 341 363 C Coy 344359 D Coy 345366 S Coy 347363 Bn Hq 346364. Att Sqn of tks harbour in area 347364. Every indication that the enemy has withdrawn, leaving behind small parties to blow u the Brs thereby delaying our adv. F ech joins the Bn. A ech move up at dusk with food and blankets. Quiet night.
24 0800 Recce of Br site reveals no sigh of enemy.
24 0830 Blown Br at 344355 reported as still passable for ft.
24 0910 Lt Dando wounded by enemy located West of Canal overlooking the Br.
24 0935 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post - makes a recce of Br site with Co.
24 1000 Assault boats unloaded in C Coy's area for use in crossing the canal. One tnk tp sent fwd to assist C Coy's crossing. Slight shelling in B Coy's area.
24 1030 Attempted crossing by C Coy unable to continue owing to three enemy Lmgs located West of Canal. Enemy believed to have returned to posns covering the Br site during the early morning.
24 1415 C Co again attempted an assault crossing, covered by smoke, arty and 3" Mor.
24 1500 C Coy est on West bank in area 343356.
24 1515 A Coy ordered to move across the canal and take up posns in area 341357. Building of Cl.40 Br begins.
24 1520 B Coy ordered to rovid working party to assist Re in unloading Br materials.
24 1535 D Coy moved forward to area 345357. Afternoon quiet. B Coy, Bn Hq and S Coy: locn remains the same. One Pw taken in assault crossing by C Coy.
25 0430 Att Sqn of E Riding Yeo move out - revert to Regt Comd.
25 0615 Patrol to Br area 335343 accompanied by Re offr, report Br blown and that it would take twelve hrs to build a Bailey Br to replace it. One Sqn of 144 Rtr place u/c.
25 0745 C Coy report 106 Br and Usa Paratps, who have been hiding for some five or six weeks in the Woods Nw of BOXTEL 3335, have made contact with the Coy.
25 0830 L.O. from 152 Inf Bde arrives at Comd Post. Bn to conc in area 329362 to protect Re party who are to build a Br.
25 1000 Bn recce party crosses Br 343357, now nearly completed and moves fwd to area 329362.
25 1100 Bn recce party locates 1 Gordons area 328367. Co realising Bn given task to be no longer necessary, allots Coy areas around BOXTEL and awaits instructions from 152 Inf Bde.
25 1235 Coys arrive and conc in areas 329360 to 330354.
25 1315 Br at 343357 completed (Class 40). Bn tpt moves fwd.
25 1430 Bridging of R Dommel area 329362 begins - only one span of the original Br has been destroyed by the enemy.
25 1535 Re complete Br 329362.
25 1715 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post. Bn to come u/c 153 Inf Bde for Op in area BELVERT 2736.
25 1800 Co goes to Hq 153 Inf Bde for conference.
25 1900 2 Ic recce's conc area for Bn in area of Woods 317377. 2 Seaforth to capture and consolidate area of BELVERT 2736 - exploiting to area of EIND if circumstances permit. One Sqn of 144 Rtr remains u/c. Br at 304378 expected to be available to tks by first light.
25 2000 Co's conference for Bn O Gp. Coy objectives: A and D, South & North of rd respectively, area 277364. B Coy x tracks 278369. C Coy x tracks 278372. ! Tp of tks in sp of each Coy. Bn to begin their advance through area 285373 when 5 B.W. have consolidated the a/m area.
26 0700 Owing to mortaring and shelling, Br at ESCH 304378 Not completed to take tks - time of move put back thirty mins.
26 0710 Co goes forward to ESCH to recce posn - finds Br is now suitable for tks. Co returns to Bn and ordered move fwd to begin at once under 2 Ic. Co goes fwd to Bn Hq 5 B.W. 298373.
26 0815 Leading Coy, A Coy, arrives at area x tracks 298373. Cos conference for O Gp to arrange final details.
26 0840 5 B.W. complete on objective. Coys move fwd, meeting up with their allotted tps of tks area 292371. Area 292371 heavily shelled by enemy - D Coy suffered 5 killed and 4 wounded.
26 0932 A & D Coys push fwd either side of Axis of adv - Rd HEESAKKER 2837 - EIND 2731.
26 1000 A & D Coys report on objective and clearing up. Mortaring and Spandau fire experienced.
26 1030 B Coy report on objective.
26 1115 C Coy ordered to move through B Coy on to their original objective.
26 1150 C Coy report on objective. Two enemy 88 mm A tk guns believed to be in area Church 263368, knock out three of our tks. Area of B and C Coys objective very flat - heavy mortaring experienced,
26 1400 D Coy patrol fwd to area of EIND - No enemy located.
26 1440 Enemy rifle and Spandau fire coming from the areas 269368 and 273359.
26 1500 One pl of a Coy with one tp of tks endeavour to clear up area 275360 - little opposition encountered - 1 Pw taken. Some doubt experienced as to what firing in area 273359 was due to - believed to be elements of 15 (S) Div moving fwd from S.W. D Coy still experiencing spasmodic Spandau fire from area of EIND.
26 1530 Bn locns as follows: A Coy 275361 B Coy 274367 C Coy 278370 D Coy 275362 S Coy 283368 Bn Hq 283367.
26 1535 B and D Coys put down smoke conc to cover removal of wounded from burnt out tk in area 272366.
26 1640 Capt T. Harvey (Oc Carrier Pl) located enemy in some strength in area 285364 - small party with two tks go out to collect them in - 35 Pws taken. Capt T. Harvey wounded.
26 1700 Co organises detailed search of area South of Bn posn to R Aa of RUN - 10 Pws taken.
26 1830 C and B Coys withdrawn to areas 280367 and 283367 respectively. Otherwise locns unchanged.
26 2135 Sig Offr goes to 152 Inf Bde for orders.
27 0100 Sig Offr returns. Bn reverts to 152 Inf Bde - Bn to conc in area 215375. Bn coln to pass S.P. x rds 271398 at 0830 hrs. Oc B Coy ordered to patrol to area EIND to est posn of enemy in this area - 5 B.W. are to conc there (EIND) at first light.
27 0530 Cos conference for move to are 215375.
27 0730 Message from Hq 152 Inf Bde - Move delayed - No move before 1400 hrs.
27 1415 Bn moves off under 2 Ic. Co goes forward with recce parties.
27 1630 Bn conc in area PEG STRAAT 214368. Non-tactical layout.
27 2000 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post - No Bn task for tomorrow allotted as yet.
28 1115 Co to conference at Hq 152 Inf Bde. 2 Ic moves Bn to conc area HOUTESCHESTRAAT 1837.
28 1310 Co returns to Bn - A Sqn N Yeo placed u/c.
28 1320 Co conference for Bn O Gp. Bn to attack and capture the following objectives: A Coy x tracks 168414 B Coy 170404 C Coy 172405 D Coy 169409. When objectives have been taken 5 Camerons to pass through and capture area 150 415. S.L. Track running East and West, South of Windmill 176388. Bn to cross S.L. 1515 hrs.
28 1445 Bn pioneers to area track junc 175391 to clear mines suspected to be in that area - minefds also believed to be in areas 175395 - 175398. Co orders pioneers to work fwd along rd as B and C Coys (leading Coys) move fwd.
28 1515 B and C Coys cross S.L.
28 1600 B Coy on objective. C Coy 200x short of objective - slight enemy opposition encountered - tks have difficulty in keeping contact in the thickly wooded country.
28 1640 C Coy on objective. Co orders D Coy to push through B Coy.
28 1745 D Coy reported on objective by att tp of tks as own W/T intercom has failed. A Coy move fwd to their objective. W/T intercom lost with A Coy.
28 1830 Runner from B Coy reports A Coy within the vicinity of their objective - exact posn Not certain owing to failing light preventing accurate map reading. Pioneer pl report Rd from S.L. to 173400 clear of mines. Verges have Not been cleared. It is decided that owing to darkness, it is Not possible to continue with the clearing of the verges, and that vehs coming fwd to the Bn will use a cross country route East of the rd, S.L. to 173400. This route is marked with green lamps by an L.O. from 152 Inf Bde.
28 1920 Carrier pl report to Bn Hq and are ordered to take up posns in area 173403.
28 1930 Co goes fwd with protective party to est posn of A and D Coys. Bn Hq est 174404. 5 Camerons Not to pass through tonight - to do so at first light 29 Oct.
28 2015 Co returns, having located A and D Coys. A Coy to withdraw to D Coy area for the night. Bn located as follows: A Coy 170410 B Coy 170404 C Coy 171405 D Coy 169410 F & A Ech - area of S.L. 89 Pws taken during day - plus three guns and one enemy tracked veh in working condition.
28 2045 Adjt brings up food veh - food has to be transferred in containers to carriers in order to reach Coys. Ground is too soft for 4 x 2s without daylight recce which was Not possible.
28 2100 Bn Sig Offr arrives with line laying party.
28 2115 Co plus line laying party go out to A and D Coys posn,
28 2215 Co returns. Occasional shelling during night.
29 0400 Enemy patrol endeavoured to penetrate D Coys posn - was repulsed with one dead and two wounded.
29 0715 A Coy push pwd to original objective which was reached without much trouble.
29 0845 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post - 2 Seaforth to complete the clearing of the Wood in areas 1541, 1542 and 1642. 5 Seaforth to clear Wood in area 189436.
29 0930 A Coy ordered to remain firm on their present objective. B and C Coys ordered to move West clearing Wood between 41 and 42 Easting until contact was made with 5 B.W. in area 150415.
29 1050 B and C Coys comlete their task, 12 Pws captured.
29 1100 D Coy ordered to move through A Coy to area track junc 165430.
29 1145 D Coy complete their task - no enemy located. Bn Hq moves to 169410, joined by F and A Echs. Bn ordered to conc in area 165428 in preparation for attack in LOONSCH HOEKJE 1644 tomorrow 30th.
29 1400 B Coy ordered to make a sweep of the Woods in square 1542.
29 1530 A Coy move fwd without incident to area 166429.
29 1600 B Coy report Woods area 1542 clear of enemy. Co after recce of osns, ordered remaining Coys up to area 1642. Bn locns as follows: A Coy 164428 B Coy 167427 C Coy 166429 D Coy 164427 Bn Hq and A ech - 165427 S Coy 166425. Att Sqn of tks to remain in harbour area 162403.
29 2130 Co to conference at Hq 152 Inf Bde.
29 2300 D Coy patrol report noise of movement in area 162438. It is essential to est strength and posn of enemy in LOONSCH HOEKJE and D Coy is ordered to send out another patrol.
30 0600 D Coy atrol return - no sign of enemy in LOONSCH HOEKJE.
30 0700 Cos conference. Bn to attack and capture LOONSCH HOEKJE 1544. 5 Seaforth to capture PLANTLOON 1744. 5 Camerons to capture WAALWIJK 1547. Coy objectives: A Coy x tracks 157448 B Coy x tracks 162448 C Coy area 164443 D Coy area 156444. Route fwd - track junc 165429 - track junc 157429 thence North along track to objectives. Io te recce route for vehs and tape. Pioneer pl to clear track of mines. Attack to begin 0900 hrs.
30 0730 Io recce's route and marks it with tae to track junc 157429.
30 0815 Civilian from LOONSCH HOEKJE reports objective free of enemy. Policeman from WAALWIJK also reports enemy have left area, early in the morning. Various explosions are heard which are believed to be the enemy blowing u the Brs over the MAAS and the AFWATERINGS KANAL 1747.
30 0910 Coys move fwd.
30 1010 Coys reported on objective - no sign of enemy. Civilian report mines which are dealt with by Bn pioneers.
30 1300 Co going fwd on recce meets Re offr who has lost his way in jee and who was driven up main rd from LOON OP ZAND to SPRANG, North then East to WAALWIJK, meeting Co in area 156450 - reported no mines and no sign of enemy.
30 1315 Rd from 157429 to 156450 reported clear of mines. 5 Camerons pass through to capture BAARDWIJK 1647.
30 1415 Coy recce parties report to Co in area. Bn conc in area of SOUTH WAALWIJK as follows: A and D Coys and Bn Hq 157459 B Coy 161462 C Coy 155456 S Coy 156448.
30 1600 F ech and A ech join the Bn.
30 1845 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post - various reports both from civilians and own tps indicate that there may be small parties of Germans remaining in area of Woods 176450. One of these parties believed to be S.S. Bn puts out protective patrols of one pl strength to areas 170452 - 162448. 1 sec of carriers located in area track junc 160440. 1 sec of carriers covering 152 Inf Bde Hq in area 155437.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes,, transcribing: Pim van Gelder.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.