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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 3 MON
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. H.G. Orr
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
UPMINSTER 1   Remained at UPMINSTER. Rejoined 159 Inf Bde
2   Advance continued under comd 159 Bde; 3 MON and 2 F&F Yeo leading. Move to West of LE BENY BOCAGE.
2 1800 Bn reached LE COISSEL.
LE COISSEL 3 & 4   Quiet. No enemy activity
-do- 5   Enemy shelling and mortaring commences. Capt B.K. Reynolds (MON) killed. Lt J.J. How (SWB) wounded. Two Signallers killed by direct hit on exchange. Several Other Ranks killed and wounded by shell and mortar fire.
-do- 6   Relief of Bn by 1 NORFOLKS.
6 1400 "C" Coy relieved and leave area. Maj J.H. France (KSLI) killed on move out.
6 1630 Heavy shelling. Bombed in mistake by American Thunderbolt fighters.
6 1800 Heavy enemy counter attack Repulsed.
6 2130 "C" Coy returns to LE COISSEL.Lt. G.E. Kiddle (Witts) and Sec of carriers; Lt R. Altass (Wilts) and 2/Lt G.C. Williams (Welch) missing. Capt R.J.D. Carrick wounded and dies of wounds.
-do- 7   Adjt returns to LE COISSEL. Maj J Liddel (SWB) wounded. Lt JF Page (SWB) evacuated
-do- 8   Adjt leave LE COISSEL at night. Lt L. HANSLER (Cdn) evacuated.
-do- 9 2230 Relief of Bn at LE COISSEL effected.
10 0300 Bn arrives in posn in second line for rest and refitting.
11   In rest area. Lt J.J. How rejoins Bn
Rest Area 12   Draft of 128 S.W.B. arrived at about 2200 hrs. Orders already received to move at midnight 12/13.
13 0200 Bn relieved Glasgow highlanders in posn North of LASSY. Under comd 29 Armd Bde. "C" Coy move to take up posns in LASSY.
LASSY 14 0600 Attack started under comd 2 F&F Yeo, and reached LA ROCQUE. Casualties 10 killed and 35 wounded. "B" Coy suffered worst from enemy shelling and mortar and SA fire, incl Capt RA Bristow (SWB) wounded and CSM Powell (killed)
LA ROCQUE 15   Bn remains at LA ROCQUE
16   Advance resumed.
LA CARNEILLE 17   Bn crosses river in evening with light casualties and encamped night on high ground across river. Maj JF Keyes (SWB) wounded. Capt G Jones (Welch) wounded, but remain at duty.
-do- 18   Adv resumed and by evening PUTANGES reached. Rifle Coys cross R. ORNE by toggle ropes. Cas light, incl one drowned in crossing. Rifle Coys est. across river; Bn HQ remains in PUTANGE.
PUTAGNES 19   At PUTAGNES awaiting completion of bridge over river by RE.
19 2100 Adv resumed. Maj HA Todman (SWB) evacuated.
20   Adv continues. Many prisoners taken. Travelling along Southern edge of FALAISE pocket.
21   Adv continues through ARGENTAN towards GACE.
ARGENTAN - GACE road 21 2000 "A" Coy run into enemy pocket and suffer one OR killed and 10 wounded, incl Capt G. Jones (WELCH). Heavy rain.
22   Advance resumed and Bn reached L'AIGLE in evening. Rifle Coys consolidate Bn HQ established in town.
L'AIGLE 23   Town held while 43 Div pass through.
23 1400 Bn move to RAI SUR RILLE to restaand refit. Maj WP Sweetman (N.Staffs) rejoined and resumes duties of 2 IC.
RAI 24   Capt L. Moody and Capt JM Thornycroft (Beds and Herts), Lt V. Mountford (Herefords), Lt Foster and 2/Lt Moffett (Green Howards) and 40 Other Ranks join Bn.
RAI 26   Maj GA Hall, Capt WD Bromnlie (S. Staffs) and Lt JA Hislop (Canadian) and 60 Other Ranks join Bn
RAI 27   Rest
RAI 28 1100 Bn commences journey to R. SEINE, and encamp night between R. EURE and R. SEINE south of GAILLON.
GAILLON 29   Journey resumed and R. SEINE crossed at VERNON Bridgehead and encamp night near ECOS.
ECOS 30 0600 Adv resumed. Orders received to continue drive through night. By morning reached village of CONTY. After clearing village, advance resumed and at
30 1300 AMIENS entered. Br intact over R. SOMME. Rifle Coys cross, Bn HQ in town.Lt A.G. Anderson (Canadian) joins Bn.
30   Lieut. Colonel, Comdg. 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, R.A.C.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.