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Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Vol. 1. and the Staff Manual respectively Title pages will be prepared in manuscript.

Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1st Bn The Herefordshire Regt.
Month and Year: June 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. J.B. Churcher
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Aldershot 3   Escape Aids issued to Coys
5   All Coys instructed on Handling and Disposal of PsW
6   Op Maps received from Higher Fmn
8 1400 Movement Orders for move to Marshalling Area received
9 0730 Party under comd 2IC consisting of 23 Offrs and 407 ORs left station and proceeded to RCRB SOUTH WOODFORD. Route FRIMLEY - SUNNINGDALE - STAINS BRIDGE - METROPOLITAN AREA.
9 1030 Party consisting of 12 Offrs and 376 ORs under comd CO left station and proceeded by rail to CAMP J.9 Location HAYWARDS HEATH.
10   Advd Party of 1 Offr and 6 ORs proceeded to Marshalling Area SOUTHAMPTON. Joined Div Adv Party.
10   Tpt Party loaded vehs on MTS “FRANK LEVER”. Loading completed by 1230 hrs. Vessel anchored off SOUTHEND.
11 1500 Adv Party boarded LST SOUTHAMPTON DOCKS.
12 0600 Adv Party sailed.
12 2000 Adv Party landed on MIKE beach off LA VALETTE
13   Adv Party moved to Div conc area - LANTHEUIL 923784 Sheet 7F/1
13 1300 Party left Camp J9 and proceeded by road to NEWHAVEN and embarked on LCIs at 1500hrs.
13 2100 MTS sailed from SOUTHEND.
13 2300 LCIs sailed from NEWHAVEN.
14 1400 Party disembarked from LCIs on JUNO MIKE GREEN Beach.Proceeded by march route to conc area LANTHEUIL via TransitArea LA VALETTE
14   HQs est CAINET 925770 Sheet 7F/1
14 2300 Party in MTS arrived off LION SUR MER.
15   Tpt landed on ROGER GREEN Beach and moved to conc area.
16 1600 All vehs unloaded and in conc area.
Cainet 18   CO attended conference at 8 Corps HQs
23   Rfts consisting of 3 Offrs and 16 ORs arrived from 33 R.H.U.
25   Op Orders received for Op EPSOM
25 2100 Orders issued to "O" Gp for Op EPSOM. Object to (a) Break out of NORMANDY Br-head (b) Cross River ODON and ORNE (c) Isolate CAEN.
Cainet 27 1215 Bn moved to assembly area NORREY en BESSIN. Route CAMILLY SEQUEVILLE en BESSIN, BRITTEVILLE, L'ORGUERLLEUSE. Ref France 1/50,000 F7/1
Norrey en Bessin 27 1415 Bn arrived in assembly area NORREY en BESSIN.
27 1615 Bn rec'd orders to move to area le HAUT du BOSQ.9066 7F/1.
27 1700 Bn moved by march route with essential tpt.
27 1845 Bn diverted at CHEUX to occupy village of TOURMAVILLE 9362.
Colleville 922651 27 2200 Bn halted at COLLEVILLE to regroup before futher move fwd.
27 2315 Move continued.
Tourmaville 28 0200 Bn in position at TOURMAVILLE. H.Q. est 934627.
28 1305 Number of enemy infiltrated between own and KSLI(4th) posn.D Coy put in attack on wood 9463 7F/1. Wood cleared and 2Ps of W taken.Bn subjected to attack at intervals throughout day by multible mortars.
29 1505 Infiltration attempted by enemy on right flank through A and C Coys from direction GAVRUS. Situation restored after fire fight with M G and mortar. Condiderable casualties in A and C coys due to shells bursting in trees. Need for overhead cover when in wooded area.
Night 30/1 2200 Enemy reported forming up on our front fwd of B Coy. Attack launched but was broken up by Arty barrage laid down from 1230 to 0430. Enemy very noisy in FUP. Covered his froming up by infiltrating fwd. All spotted by patrols, reported to Bn H.Q. in sufficient time down D.F. tasks before any of his tps had crossed these tasks.
30   Turner Cain Lt. Col.Commanding Officer.1st Bn. The Herefordshire Regiment.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.