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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Bn The Seaforth Highlanders
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. G.L.W. Andrews
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1   2 Seaforth ordered to move to area CROMVOIRT 2043 to protect two br sites (a) 249443, (b) 270443.
1 0900 Co and Coy recce parties to area CROMVOIRT. Bn under 2 Ic to move in tt to R.V. X Rds 259424.
1 1030 Co and recce parties arrive area CROMVOIRT - Area of two br's at present guarded by elements of Derby Yeo. Co looks over the ground and allots coy areas.
1 1200 Bn arrives area 272430 - Br at 264414 impassabble to tpt for some hrs. Bn route changed to come through HELVOIRT.
1 1300 Goc 51 (H) Div visits Comd Post with Comd 152 Inf Bde. 153 Inf Bde to relieve 2 Seaforth during 2 Nov. Co obtains permission Not to take over from Derby Yeo and to conc in area 2543. Derby Yeo to remain in present task until relieved by 153 Inf Bde.
1 1400 Co recce's new bn posn which is to be sited to cover 153 Inf Bde Gun lines from possible enemy patrols across the Afwaterings Kanaal from the North.
1 1730 Bn complete in new conc area: A Coy 257433 B Coy 254430 C Coy 240429 D Coy 256433 Bn Hq 259427.
2 0930 Co on recce of new bn area.
2 1130 Coy recce parties meet the Co at pre-arranged R.V. and are allotted their coy areas.
2 1200 Co to conference at Hq 152 Inf Bde.
2 1430 Bn arrived in new conc area.
2 1700 Bn complete in area HOLEIND 4236
3 0900 Co to conference at Hq 51 (H) Div. Bn Pioneers exercised in the construction of Assault-boat bridges, and the A tk P1 in the use of 'Block and Tackle' for manhandling vehs across canal banks.
3 1330 Co's conference for Bn 'O' Gp. Bn to take part in an op to clear an area bounded by R MAAS - S'HERTOGENBOSCH - AFWATERINGSKANAAL. 2 Seaforth will (1) capture area X Rds 200466 - tr junc 203464 - x trs 199456 - Rd junc 196464. (2) Exploit to rly crossing 188469. Coy objectives as follows: A Coy 202463 B Coy 200461 C Coy 196464 D Coy 200468. Axis of adv: x trs 209411 - GIERSBERGEN 211430 - KLINKAERT 203437 - X trs 197437 to 5 Seaforth boat br 204444 - thence to S.L. S.L.: Line of Dyke 199454 to 215454. Z hr: To be given verbally by Comd 152 Inf Bde. Rate of adv: 100 yards in 2 mins. Sp organised on timed programme. Vehs will be marshalled in area 1643. See Appx 'A'
3 1445 Co and 2 Ic on recce of F.U.P. area 208427.
3 1830 Co to Hq 152 Inf Bde for conference.
4   Bn moves to F.U.P. and vehs to V.M.A. as arranged. See Appx 'A'.
4 1620 Co goes fowd to Hq 152 Inf Bde.
4 1635 Attack begins.
4 1720 Bn begins to move fwd towards the canal in following order: B Coy, A, D, Tac Bn Hq and C Coy - ten mins interval between Coys. Crossing of the canal is achieved without incident. Slight enemy shelling.
4 1815 Coys form up on S.L. and move fwd towards their objectives under cover of a timed arty programme.
4 1925 Coys report on objectives - No enemy opposition. Bn Hq in area 201460. Co orders Coys to make contact with each other by patrols - this is achieved successfully. 5 Seaforth make contact with A Coy.
5 0300 Cl 9 Br opened. 2 Ic brings fwd Rap Jeeps and 2 A tk guns and 2 Carriers.
5 0430 Bn tpt crossed br.
5 0530 All bn tpt is area of Bn Hq 201460. Coy tpt to coys.
5 0800 Co orders D Coy to est a listening and observation post in area DOEVEREN 1750 - Remainder of Coy to est itself in area 186488 - Bn snipers att to D Coy.
5 0930 Co to area of ELSHOUT 2048 on recce for coy posns.
5 1100 Coy recce parties move fwd to ELSHOUT and look over their respective coy posns.
5 1200 Bn arrives area ELSHOUT.
5 1230 Bn ordered to stand fast - further orders on way by L.O. from 152 Inf Bde.
5 1315 Bn ordered to move back to area HOLEIND. Coy recce parties move off with cooks trucks. Vehs marshalled under Adjt. Coys march back.
5 2130 Bn complete in area HOLEIND.
6 1400 Co to Hq 52 Inf Bde for recce of new Bn area - to be prepared to be away from Bn for two days. Lt J.A. Allan rejoins Bn and is posted to D Coy. Bn warned for probable move early 7 Nov.
7 0900 Bn recce parties report to Hq 152 Inf Bde.
7 0930 T.C.Us. Report to Bn for conveyance of coys to new area.
7 1230 Bn recce parties meet Co in NIEUWEPAROCHIE 6009. Co explains Bn role - to take over posns at present held by units of 7 U.S. Armd Div in area Ne of OSPEL 5401.
7 1315 Co goes fwd on recce of area.
7 1430 Co to conference at H1 152 Inf Bde.
7 1530 Co shows coy comds their respective coy areas. Bn expected to arrive area of br 617025 by 1600 hrs.
7 1730 Bn arrive area of br 617025, having been delayed en route by faulty direction by a Cmp. When Bn is fed, to be led by I Sec guides to area 637039 where coy guides will take coys to their respective areas.
7 1900 Bn moves fwd - change over with 7 U.S Armd Div begins.
7 2330 Change over complete. Coys located as follows: A Coy 662031 B Coy 657034 C Coy 666035 D Coy 661042 Bn Hq 659038
8 0800 3-in Mor and A tk Pls take up posns in Bn area. Enemy information is scarce and axact locns are unknown, Enemy F.D.Ls are believed to run along a line bounded on the South by NEDERWEERT KANAAL - crossing canal at STOKERS HORST 6802 and from thence running North in direction of NEDERWEERTERDIJK 6705. Rd from OSPEL 6401 to DIEDERWEERTERDIJK 6705 in full view of enemy - No movement of tpt or tps Se of this Rd during daylight. Therefore necessary to have a Day and Night route to Bn area. Day Route (surface extremely bad and passable only to carriers and jeeps). Br 617025 - X Rds 623020 - T Junc 631024 - X Rds 645030 - X Trs 650037 - T Junc 657039 thence direct to Bn Hq - B and D Coys. No movement in A and C Coys area during daylight. Night Route (good surface). Br 617025 - X Rds 623020 - T Junc 631024 - T Junc 638017 - OSPEL 6401 then direct to Bn Hq. Spasmodic shelling of rd during morning.
8 1400 Io to patrol co-ordination conference at Hq 152 Inf Bde. Following patrols arranged to take place between 2100 hrs 8 and 0100 hrs 9 Nov: (a) Recce patrol to area 664024. (b) -do- track junc 668027. (c) -do- houses 675033. (d) -do- Pt 29`7 6703. Object of all patrols - to est strength and posns of the enemy's F.D.Ls.
8 1600 3-in Mor carry out harassing shoots in following areas: (1) NOORDHOEVE 6602. (2) Lake area 675018. (3) Lake area 659012. (4) House area 661025. Warning received that 1 B.W. will relieve the Bn in present locn during the evening of 9 Nov.
9   Negative result from all patrols - no enemy found although all patrols penetrated to their objectives.
9 0600 All Bn tpt Not required during day, moves back along Night Route to A Ech.
9 0930 Comd 152 and 154 Inf Bde and Oc 1 B.W. with his coy recce parties arrive at Comd Post to look over coy areas.
9 1000 2 Ic moves off to arrange new Bn conc area.
9 1530 Att pl of Mmgs carry out harrassing shoots in area 673019 - Slight enemy retaliation.
9 1700 2 Seaforth Coy guides meet 1 B.W. at Br 617025. Change over begins.
9 2130 Change over completed. Slight shelling of br 617025 area. No cas. Bn located as follows: A Coy 613060 B Coy 612076 C Coy 615073 D Coy 605094 Bn Hq 613069 S Coy 613058.
10   Recreational tpt to EINDHOVEN.
11 0900 Co to co-ordination conference at Hq 51 (H) Div on Op Ascot. Recreational tpt to EINDHOVEN.
12 0930 Co's conference for Bn 'O' Gp. General plan given out and discussed.
12 1100 Church parade. Co to Hq 152 Inf Bde for conference.
13 1400 Co's conference for Bn 'O' Gp on Op Ascot. 2 Seaforth O.O. No. 6 - Mov. O. No. 5 - Int Summary Appx B
14 1430 Coys complete in F.U.P. 6402.
14 1600 H hr. Int Sec party tape route from assembly area to 5 Seaforth canal crossing.
14 1800 C Coy move fwd and cross canal - followed by D Coy, B, Tac Bn Hq and A Coy.
14 1930 Coys complete on objective. Bn Hq located 654996.
14 2030 Small patrol from D Coy endeavouring to make contact with B Coy, met enemy elements, Str unknown, in area 649996. B Coy ordered to send pl to this area and clear it of enemy.
14 2100 B Coy report no enemy in area 649996 - have captured horse and cart containing German ammunition.
14 2130 B Coy report being attacked by enemy, str approx 30, from their rt rear. Co orders D Coy to move one pl to area of houses 651996 to block possible route for enemy penetration towards bridge sites.
14 2140 B Coy report enemy have withdrawn in area of D Coy.
14 2200 D Coy rt fwd pl reports sign of enemy elements moving towards A Coy.
14 2215 A Coy report approx 20 to 50 enemy approached their posn from the rear - went to ground when fired upon - seen to be withdrawing towards D Coy. D Coy warned.
14 2300 No further sign of enemy. This enemy activity believed to be isolated groups endeavouring to escape from area 630990 in Se direction, under pressure from 153 Inf Bde. 1 Offr - 32 Ors belonging to Pare trng units captured. 2 Hvy Mortars and one 75 m.m. Recoilless Germa Airborne gun captured intact.
15 0300 2 Ic crosses KANAAL bringing fwd Coy jeep and 2 A tk guns.
15 0430 Remainder of F Ech tpt brought fwd by Adjt.
15 0830 5 Seaforth and att Sqn of tks (Ery) move fwd to capture are a of Wood 671983. Comd 152 Inf Bde warns Co for probable tast for 2 Seaforth in area AAN DEN BERGEN 698980.
15 1045 Comd 152 Inf Bde again visits Comd post to confirm task allotted to Bn.
15 1100 Co's conference for Bn 'O' Gp.
15   Information - Contact has been lost with the enemy. He is believed to have withdrawn in direction of UITWATERINGS KANAAL and R Maas. 5 Seaforth have captured Wood 671983. 154 Inf Bde est in area LEVEROOIJ 6896 and pushing fwd to HEIJTHUIZEN 7196.
15   Intention - 2 Seaforth will attack and capture area AAN DEN BERGEN 698980.
15   Method - Bn will adv on one axis to X Rds 679975 in following order: B Coy - D - C - Tac Bn Hq - A Coy. Bn will then split into two axis and move fwd to their objectives. Right Axis: B Coy and one tp of tks - C Coy. Left Axis: D Coy and one tp of tks - Tac Bn Hw - A Coy - remainder of F Ech.
15   Objectives: A area 696983, B area 704981, C area 697979, D area 703985.
15   Axis of adv: X Trs 649995 - X trs 664979 - Br 668975 - T Junc 671973 - X Trs 677973 - XRds 679975, thence - Right Axis: T Junc 681970 - X Rds 691976 to AAN of BERGEN to X rds 709981. Left Axis: Along main Rd to X Rds 703985. S.L. - Rd 679975 - 682970.
15 1300 Fwd Coys crossed S.L.
15 1530 Coys complete ion objectives.
15 1600 Bn posns as follows: A Coy - 697980 B Coy - X Rds 704981 C Coy - 693977 D Coy - X Rds 703975 Bn Hq - 699979. Bn to remain firm in present locn for night 15/16 Nov.
16 0930 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post. 2 Seaforth to clear Wood area 7199 and make good Sw corner of Wood 7401 - 730008 - 723013. Then to patrol fwd to the UITWATERINGS KANAAL.
16 1045 Co's conference for Bn 'O' Gp.
16   Information - No further information of enemy - 2 Seaforth still Not in contact. 5 Seaforth to move fwd and capture area STICHTING HEIGLOEN 7101 and patrol fwd to UITWATERINGSKANAAL in area 7203. 5 Camerons to clear up enemy in area STOCKERS HORST and push fwd along NEDERWEERT KANAAL to area 7204.
16   Intention - Already given.
16   Method - Bn will adv on two axis. Rt Axis - A Coy - D Coy and Carrier Pl. Lt Axis - C Coy - Tac Bn Hq - B Coy - remainder of F Ech. One tp of tks u/c of each fwd Coy.
16   Coy Objectives - Phase One: A X Trs 719989, B In reserve, C Area br 713003, D Area br 714998. Phase Two: To be given verbally to Coy Comds by Co on completion of Phase One.
16   Right Axis: Track crossing 704981 - X Trs 714987 thence to br area 724990 and/or 724998.
16   Left Axis: X Rds 703985 - X Trs 714990 thence North to br 714004 - area of main Rd 719009.
16   Bounds: Rose - Track running North from 714985. Violet - Stream ROGGELSCHE BEEK 725985 to X Rds 709005. Mackintosh - Line of Main Rd Roggel 7397 to br 7104. Pansy - Sw edge of Wood area 7199 - 730008 - 723013. S.L. - Rd from Br 706976 to Track Junc 701988.
16 1200 Fwd Coys crossed S.L.
16 1220 A Coy on Rose.
16 1227 D Coy on Rose.
16 1230 C Coy on Rose and moving North.
16 1300 B Coy ordered to move fwd to area of br 714005 which is found intact. A Coy on objective. Two other br over ROGGELSCHE BEEK found intact - (a) 725998, (b) 723002. Br on main Rd area 723005 found blown but Bulldozer would make crossing for tks quite quickly. D Coy on objective. C Coy on objective.
16 1340 D Coy and c Coy now across Violet. D Coy across Mackintosh and patrolling towards Pansy. C Coy patrolling North along Mackintosh
16 1410 B Coy ordered to push fwd to area 728008.
16 1435 C Coy in area 725006 patrolling towards Pansy. No sign of enemy. A Coy withdraw from present locn and move fwd to area 730003. Carrier pl which was sent fwd to area 735004 is withdrawn.
16 1530 Bn Hq est in house 734001. Coy locns remain the same. D Coy send patrol fwd to area 741024 which reports No sign of enemy on banks of canal. Civilian report all enemy have withdrawn to Ne of the UITWATERINGS KANAAL. Bn locns remain same night 16/17 Nov.
17 0800 B Coy ordered to move to area 740017 with the task of (1) dominating the canal bank, (2) of gaining information as to the enemies dispositions on the far side of the canal.
17 0830 Co goes fwd to B Coy. Routes through wood are very marshy and not passable to tks or vehs.
17 0915 Co returns - B Coy in posn. No enemy activity seen although there is considerable enemy shell fire in area North and South of B Coy's area. Weather bad and rain.
17 1130 B Coy report two enemy Mg posts in area 727031. Approx four to five enemy seen in that area. Own arty put down fire. Slight shelling of D Coy area causing one Killed in pl of 1/7 Mx under comd.
17 1430 2 Ic visits B Coy - Nothing further to report except that bad weather is making observation very difficult, and men very wet. Slight enemy movement still observed across canal but No evidence of great strength. Enemy shelling North and South of B Coy's area continues.
17 1730 B Coy ordered to withdraw to their former posn for night 17/18 Nov.
17 1800 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post. 5 Camerons are holding small bridgehead 625045 at the junc of VAART and UITWATERINGS KANAAL with two Coys which were put across early morning 17 Nov. They have been counter attacked twice during the day - both counter attacks being beaten off. 2 Seaforth will cross the UITWATERINGS KANAAL by an aslt to area 725038 and est themselves in area Wood 738053 - They will be prepared to patrol fwd to BERINGEN 7506 at daybreak.
17 1845 Co's conference for Bn 'O' Gp.
17   Information. Enemy. It is expected the enemy will withdraw during the night, possibly leaving small isolated posts to depaly our adv. 5 Seaforth to move fwd to area 745045, after 2 Seaforth have begun their adv.
17   Method. Bn will move from present locn along main Rd North to area Track Junc 711039 - Track junc 723038 across aslt br in area 725039 in the following order: A Coy, D, C, Tac Bn Hq, B Coy.
17   Coy Objectives - Phase One: A Coy Wood 729038, D Coy area 730042, C Coy area 733048, B Coy area 737049. Phase Two: A Coy Tr Junc 741041, D Coy Wood 740054, C Coy Tr Junc 742052, B Coy area 742055.
17   Attack will be silent. Arty will be on call. Bn tpt to be marshalled in area 720038 and to cross aslt br 725038 when route fwd has been recced and marked with tape. Pioneer Offr will recce and mark route fwd across aslt br and scarch for mines. Weather remains bad and reain hy.
17 2130 A Coy crossed aslt br - all is quiet.
17 2145 A Coy report on objective.
17 2215 D Coy report on objective. A Coy locate small enemy patrol and kill one man.
17 2235 C Coy report on objective. B Coy pass through C Coy towars their objective. Bn Hq moves fwd from D Coy area to C and find C Not on objective. On investigation, it is found that No Coy is on its proper objective for Phase One, all being some 500 - 700 yds short - owing to bad weather, inaccurate maps and general lack of visibility. Co orders C Coy to move fwd through B Coy to their original objective Phase One. D and A Coys, who were following up Tac Bn Hq, ordered to halt. Spasmodic enemy shelling.
17 2350 C Coy on their original objective. B Coy ordered to move fwd through C Coy to their original objective Phase One. Intercom fails due to moisture in the wireless sets caused by rain. Io slightly wounded, returns to Main Bn Hq, taking fwd an extra 18 Set.
18 0030 B Coy on objective.
18 0200 After much delay, due to bad comns, D Coy moved fwd through C to join B, whilst A Coy moved up to join Tac Bn Hq.
18 0230 D Coy reach B Coy posn and also make contact with 5 Seaforth on their right. Tac Bn Hq and A Coy moving fwd to join C Coy.
18 0245 Tac Bn Hq and A Coy pass through C Coy - Enemy harassing fire on area continues.
18 0300 Tac Bn Hq and A Coy make contact with B and D Coys in area of b Coy objective. After short recce Co orders A Coy through to their original objective Phase Two.
18 0320 A Coy report on objective. D Coy ordered fwd through A to end of Wood about 743053 instead of their original objective Phase Two, in order to secure a tighter layout. C Coy called fwd to B Coy posn.
18 0330 Enemy fighting patrol surprised left pl of B Coy about 734049. Whole pl captured except for one man. B Coy posn re-adjusted. C Coy send patrol through area but enemy have withdrawn and nothing found.
18 0345 Adjt arrives at Tac Bn Hq.
18 0400 C Coy ordered fwd through A to original objective Phase Two. B Coy, reinforced by one sec of carrier pl from Tac Bn Hq escort, to move to area of corner of Wood 733051, to prevent furtjer penetration by enemy patrols down the canal bank. Tac Bn Hq remains in area 733048.
18 0430 All Coys on final posns and consolidating.
18 0500 On recce, route fwd from aslt br was found to be impractical, and vehs were redirected over a Bailey Br 722045 built during the night by Re. Bn tpt under 2 Ic cross Bailey br.
18 0530 Coy carriers join their Coys - A tk pl is deployed for action. Main Bn Hq est in area of Tac Bn Hq. Spasmodic but accurate shelling of Bn area causes cas.
18 0550 B Sqn Ery arrive in Bn area. One tp of tks go fwd and join each of the two fwd Coys.
18 0700 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post. BERINGEN believed to be free of enemy. 2 Seaforth will move fwd and occupy village.
18 0720 Co goes fwd to Hq 5 Seaforth to obtain result of patrol which penetrated to BERINGEN during the early hrs of the morning.
18 0815 Co orders D Coy to adv under cover of the canal bank South of it and capture the Se half of the town, assisted by whole of b Sqn, E Riding Yeo. Comd 152 Inf Bde arranged arty conc in and around BERINGEN for 0950 hrs.
18 0950 Arty conc on BERINGEN preparatory to adv by D Coy.
18 1000 Enemy retaliate with a similar conc on BERINGEN.
18 1010 D Coy begin adv.
18 1230 D Coy est in Se half of BERINGEN, having undergone hvy enemy shelling and considerable enemy sniping. Several gps of determined enemy with Lmgs and Bazookas holding out in houses. Lt D.A. Jobson was wounded (d of wds later). A Coy ordered to clear Nw half of village, with complete tk sqn in sp. Bn area continues to undergo spasmodic but accurate enemy shelling, including air bursts, which causes some cas.
18 1530 A Coy report Nw half of village clear after considerable house to house fighting - require reinforcement to hold against possible re-infiltration. Cas from shelling and Sa fire. One tk hit by Bazooka. B Coy moved fwd to assist A Coy.
18 1715 Bn to be relieved by units from 49 Div during morning. Coys warned.
18 1830 Oc relieving Bn (Koyli) looks over Bn area with Co. His Coy Comds look over their respective coy areas.
18 1930 Information from Hq 152 Inf Bde, 146 Inf Bde (49 Div) will Not relieve 152 Inf Bde until morning 19 Nov. Co and Oc Koyli agree to carry out relief beginning 2200 hrs as arranged, if permission can be obtained. Comd 152 Inf Bde agrees to change-over.
18 2200 Comd 146 Inf Bde refuses to allow change-over to take place until day-break. Coys ordered to stand fast.
19 0600 Relief begins.
19 0830 Goc 51 (H) Div visits Bn area and talks to Co.
19 1030 Change-over complete without incident. Coys march to area 711038, embus in T.C.Us and move to conc area NIJKEN 7299.
19 1200 Bn complete in new area 7299.
20 1000 Co to conference at Hq 51 (H) Div.
20 1200 Co's comference for Coy Comds. Bn to be re-organised on a three Coy basis owing to loss in numbers due to cas. A, C, D Coys organised on a three pl basis, B Coy being temporarily disbanded, providing reinforcements to make up the other Coys.
20 1430 Comd 152 Inf Bde addresses all Offrs and Ncos of the Bn. Congratulates the Bn on it's good work during the recent ops and gives a lecture on "Shumines". Baths - Entertainments.
21   Hm 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post with possible roll of the Bde if called upon. Bn re-organises. Entertainments.
22   Hvy rain. Comd 152 Inf Bde to tea. Lt-Col A. Grant, Dso, Mc, visits Bn.
23   Bn warned for move on Nov 24.
23 1500 Co leaves to be at Hq 2 Cdn Corps by 2100 hrs.
23 1730 2 Ic to conference at Hq 152 Inf Bde.
23 1900 2 Ic's conference for Bn 'O' Hp. 2 Seaforth to move to area North of NIJMEGEN and take over defensive posns at present held by units of 101 U.S. Para Div.
23   Bn Recce party will Rv at Church in LIVEROOI at 0600 hrs and will move by direct route to br 671605 to meet Co.
23   Main body will pass 152 Inf Bde S.P. at rd junc 662958 at 0855 hrs in the following order: S Coy - Bn Hq - D, A, C, B Coy - B Ech.
23   Speed: 25 Mp2h, 40 Vtm
23   Route as follows: HEIJTHUIZEN 7169, LIVEROOI 6996, WEERT 5897, HEEZE 4911, EINDHOVEN 1941, ST OEDENRODE 4232, UDEN 5342, ZEELAND 5746, GRAVE 6253, Bde Dp Rd Junc 632575.
24 0545 Recce party moves off.
24 0830 Main body moves off.
24 1030 Bn recce party arrive 671605 where Comd 152 Inf Bde issues instructions. 2 Seaforth to take over area held by 3/506. Bn will debus in area of NIJMEGEN 7061 and march to Rv area ELST 7070. Rifle Coy Comds will meet Co at Hq 3/506 - Guide will meet Coy Comds at Rd Junc 663678. Oc S Coy will recce Rv for marching tps and F Ech vehs in area ELST. Oc Hq Coy will recce B Ech area in rear of NIJMEGEN.
24 1315 Coy Comds meet Co at Hq 3/506 683733. Area North from pt 687728 to R. Neder Rijn 6876 and Ne to Rly area 7074 in full view of enemy during daylight.
24 1400 Coy Comds, having been allotted their Coy areas, go fwd to recce them. Co arranges that their respective pl comds will Rv at pt 687723 and will come fwd to their Coy areas at last light. 2 Seaforth to move in as soon as possible after dark - (a) marching tps., (b) vehs. 3/506 to move out at 0400 Nov 25.
24 1530 Co visits Hq 506.
24 1645 Co meets Oc S Coy with veh coln and disperses them in area ELST.
24 1845 Marching tps arrive area ELST and are fed.
24 1930 Coys move off on ft, each Coy followed by its tpt.
24 2030 Main and Tac Bn Hqs move fwd to locns shown Appx 'C'
24 2359 Bn complete in new posns Appx 'C'
25 0400 3/506 move out.
25 0500 Change over complete. Co visits D Coy. No movement possible by day fwd of Main Hq - Coys settle in. Slight shelling during the day - Otherwise N.T.R. 2 Seaforth O.O. No. 9 issued - Appc 'C'.
26 1400 Comd 152 Inf Bde visited Comd Post. Spasmodic shelling during day. A Coy send patrol to recce ground approaches in area 6975. Ground considered to be impractical for attacking troop except along the rds.
27 0030 A Coy report spasmodic Spandau fire in area rly line 705756.
27 1200 D Coy report intermittant shelling between A and d Coys during the morning.
27 1240 Lo from 152 Inf Bde reports to Comd Post with 152 Inf Bde Op Instr No. 16. 1 Sec, 13 pl, 1/7 Mx move to area 688743.
27 1740 Slight mortaring in C Coy area otherwise N.T.R.
28   Coys have nothing to report during the night except the usual intermittant shelling.
28 1100 C Coy reports a rise of two to three ft of water in areas 680759 and 676761. Nothing further to report during the day - No further rise of the water. 2 Seaforth O.O. No. 9, Appx 'A' issued. Appx 'C'
29 1000 Comd 152 Inf Bde visits Comd Post.
29 1745 Co to conference at Hq 152 Inf Bde.
29 2125 D Coy report their O.P. No. 13 has seen what may be an enemy patrol approaching from the rly. S Coy post and 6 Dli warned.
29 2155 D Coy report nothing further seen.
29 2240 D Coy report that O.P. No. 13 say there are definitely a few enemy in their vicinity who have been firing occasional bursts into the Coy area.
30 0400 D Coy report enemy are believed to have withdrawn.
30 0630 D Coy send small patrol to O.P. No. 13 with instrs to make certain there are No enemy in their neighbourhood. Each Coy was issued with sandbags for defensive purposes. Day reported as quiet - no unusual activity. No rise of the water.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Pim van Gelder.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.