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Army Form C.2118
Unit: HQ 15 (S) Inf Div.
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Maj Gen CM Barber, DSO
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1 1300 44 Bde preceded by recce screen adv South on HEITRAK 6910 based on LIESEL 6614 against increasing enemy opposition.
1 1445 8 Corps Comd visited 46 and 227 Bdes and later 44 Bde.
1 1550 Posn of 46 Bde as follows :- one Bn 685124, one Bn 682140 (7 Seaforth) one Bn 695155 one Bn 559144.
1 1825 44 Bde posned as follows :- one Bn 661125, one Bn 674138, one Bn 681129.
ZOMEREN 2   Orders issued for capture of MEIJEL 7106 by 44 Bde Gp on 3 Nov.
2   Progress of 44 Bde continues slowly under increasing shell fire, and extensive minefds finally slowed up progress.
2 1750 Dispositions of 44 Bde as follows :- two Bns area 695095, one Bn 695100.
3   Attack by 44 Bde on MEIJEL postponed 24 hrs to allow counter battery tasks to be undertaken.
3 1003 Enemy reported still occupying SCHANS 7107 and some enemy infiltration in 44 Bde's area, who later withdrew.
4 1126 Counter attack on 6 KOSB of 44 Bde reported from 710092.
4 1215 Counter attack destroyed by arty fire.
ZOMEREN 5 0800 Attack on MEIJEL by 44 Bde sp by 4 Tk Gren Gds from North unsuccessful owing to minefds and muddy state of ground. 23 Tks "bogged" or KO'd. Local gains only made, under hy shelling.
5   Div Op Instr No.35 issued giving tasks for the holding of DEURNE canal from bdy between 11 Armd Div (698157) to 10 Northing Grid line. Appx "D.1"
5   44 Bde to close Eastwards to DEURNE canal and prevent enemy crossing.
5   Both Bdes to patrol actively Eastwards towards the canal.
5 1400 7 Seaforth came under comd 44 Bde.
5 2359 6 RSF come under comd 46 Bde.
6   6 RSF relieved 2 GORDONS and came into Div reserve with task of protecting rd ASTEN - MEIJEL. 10 HLI withdrawn to rest in area ASTEN. 46 Bde patrolling East to DEURNE canal. 44 Bde patrolling South to determine posn of enemy in area MEIJEL. All tk crews of 'bogged' tks in operation on MEIJEL reported as rescued and salvage of tks continuing.
7   Div Op Instr No.36 issued. 2 A & SH of 227 Bde relieved Combat Gp FULLER of 7 US Armd Div in area 673060 during the night. Patrolling by 44 Bde and 46 Bde continued during the night. Appx "D" 2
7   6 RSF reverted to comd 44 Bde.
8 0600 Div assumes responsibility for sector formerly held by 7 US Armd Div. The sector extends as follows :- junc of canals 618995 to 673060. 152 (H) Bde of 51 Div with under comd 2 A & SH come under comd 15 Div, and are responsible for above sector.
9   During the night 227 Bde with two Bns relieved 44 Bde. Bns of 44 Bde moved to HELMOND and ASTEN. 7 Seaforth reverted to comd 46 Bde and moved to area DEURNE.
10   Div Op Instr No.37 issued giving outline plan for capture of MEIJEL by 227 Bde assisted by subsidiary operations of 44 Bde. Patrolling continues. Appx "D.3"
11   Patrolling continues, with little to report except additional infm regarding minefds. 44 Bde relieved 227 Bde.
12 0930 Comds Conference on future operations held at Div HQ. All Bde Comds, CRA, CRE, OC 1 MX and OC 15 (S) Recce Regt attended.
12   Main Div HQ moved to PANNINGEN 776049.
13   An offr patrol of 6 KOSB went to MEIJEL in the early morning remaining there all day and found the village to be unoccupied. Some increase in enemy shelling. Patrolling continues.
14   A further patrol from 44 Bde during the morning went to MEIJEL but saw no enemy.
14   Letter 1/G(I) regarding security of future Ops and the policy to be adopted to maintain security issued. Appx "J" 4
14   O.6 List of place names codewords for use during Op NUTCRACKER issued. Appx "D" 5
15   During early morning 44 Bde advanced towards MEIJEL meeting no resistance except from an enemy fighting patrol at 719080 which caused a temporary halt in the adv. MEIJEL finally occupied during late afternoon.
16   15 Div Op Instr No.39 for Op NUTCRACKER issued. Appx "D" 6
16   Active patrolling to the DEURNE canal carried out by 44 and 46 Bdes, establishing that the enemy held a number of posts along the canal.
17   Active patrolling carried out by all Bdes, during night 44 and 46 Bdes patrolled to DEURNE canal and found the enemy still holding his posts. 44 Bde report an increase in shelling in the MEIJEL area.
17   Addendum No.1 to Div Op Instr No38 issued. Appx "D" 7
17   15 (S) Div Op Instr No 39 for Op "NUTCRACKER" issued. Appx "D" 8
18   Patrolling again carried out during the night by all Bdes establishing that the enemy still holding his posts on DEURNE canal.
18   Slight decrease in shelling.
19   Enemy appear to have withdrawn during the night. Patrols from 44 and 46 Bdes at first light made no contact.
19 0830 Bridging operations to establish cl 40 brs at 729065 and 708122 across DEURNE canal begun. 46 Bde sent one Coy across canal at 708122 to give close protection to bridging operations.
20   Op NUTCRACKER begins. Div advances on area SEVENUM 8113 on two routes with 227 Bde on right crossing canal at 729065 and 46 Bde (one bn only) on left crossing canal at 708122, both preceded by recce.
20   Main Div HQ moved to barracks at DEURNE 655170 arriving 1030 hrs.
20 1040 46 Bde report fwd elements at 727117 being heavily mortared and that minesweeping on axis being held up by enemy small arms fire. Northern route very bad owing to mud and mines.
20 1230 Forward tps of 227 Bde reported at 761024.
20 1700 227 Bde (2 GORDONS) reached rd at 773097 and 774085. Bn of 46 Bde reached HELENAVEEN canal where they were held up by extensive minefds and bad going, and established that the enemy were holding the East side. About 30 PW taken.
20   Message O 63 giving orders for Ops 21 Nov issued. Appx "D" 9
21   227 Bde continue on SKYE route, but the route is reported very bad and at places under water. Considerable number of mines also reported. 46 Bde moving on AYR route which is also in very bad condition, and badly mined and cratered. Considerable trouble experienced with br over HELENAVEEN canal.
21 1640 227 Bde fwd tps reached and occupied VORST 8212. 47 Bde fwd tps reached area ACHTERSTE HEES 8014 and patrol of 15 Recce Regt patrolled to HORST 8218 which they found clear of enemy. One Bn 44 Bde moved to MEIJEL. 42 PW taken by 2 GORDONS Lt G.M. Paton, Recce Corps, joined this HQ as Liaison Offr.
22 0900 227 Bde fwd elements reported reached ACHTERSTE STEEG 8012.
22 1100 227 Bde occupied VOORSTE STEEG 8013.
22 1350 227 Bde occupied SEVENUM and are disposed as follows :- one Bn 823128 - 815127 - 812123 - 818127 - 819123 with one Bn at 809134 and one Bn at 807117.
22 1512 46 Bde report one Bn at ACHTERSTE HEES, one Bn disposed between ACHTERSTE HEES and SEVENUM and one Bn area 7613.
22   The going has been extremely bad and muddy on both routes rendering traffic control very difficult. Br at 736116 now cl 40 but approaches very bad.
22   Message O 76 giving orders for operations 23 Nov issued. Appx "D" 10
23   By mid-day 227 Bde had two Bns in HORST 8318 with the third Bn moving up. Contact made by recce with 11 Armd Div on our left at 812178.
By midnight third Bn of 227 Bde joined the other Bns in HORST. No movement was made by 44 and 46 Bdes during the day. Further mines and demolitions reported on SKYE route and lateral rds between the two routes.
23   Message O 84 giving orders for Ops 24 Nov issued. Appx "D" 11
24   Forward patrolling by 15 Recce Regt towards TIENRAIJ. During the night 23/24 active patrolling was carried out by 46 and 227 Bdes.
24   Letter 7/G(I) regarding photographs of Campaign issued. Appx "J" 12
24   Message O 97 giving orders for ops 25 Nov issued. Appx "D" 13
SEVENUM 25   Main Div HQ moved to SEVENUM 819146. As it was not known whether the wood 8315 was clear of enemy one Recce Sqn formed a screen from 826154 to 829166.
46 Bde remained concentrated in the area HORST. One Bn 227 Bde advanced to SWOLKEN 8722 with little opposition.
25   Message O 100 giving orders for Ops 26 Nov issued. Appx "D" 14
26   One Bn 46 Bde cleared wood 8417 without opposition and also LOVENDAAL 890153, one Bn situated astride rd from 885172 to HOUTHUIZEN 897177
and one Bn in area 895191 to 902195 in contact with enemy. This Bn will attempt to push on into LOTTUM 9018 during the night. 227 Bde one Bn in area 8924 and one Bn in area GUN 8724 and TIENDAIJ 8523 and one Bn in contact with enemy in BLITTERSWIJK 8727 which is not yet cleared. 24 PW taken during the day.
26   Message O 113 giving orders for Ops 27 Nov issued. Appx "D" 15
27   46 Bde reliefs within the Bde took place during the day.
227 Bde one Bn mopping up in West outskirts of BLITTERSWIJK 8727 and area MEGELSUM 8625.
27   Message O 118 issued giving particulars of reliefs of 10 HLI by 9 Bde of 3 Div and 2 GORDONS by 11 Armd Div and of adjustment of bdys. Appx "D" 16
27 2345 Relief of 2 GORDONS by 9 Bde completed.
28   One Bn 46 Bde attacked KASTEEL 903217 this morning but the attack was unsuccessful. The posn was strongly held with MGs dug in and also sited in the embrasures of the KASTEEL. Mines were also encountered. During the afternoon 2 GORDONS under comd 46 Bde cleared the houses at 902221 taking 5 PW. 46 Bde were relieved by 159 Bde and moved one Bn to area 7915 and one Bn to SCHADIJK 8020. 2 GORDONS reverted to comd 227 Bde and moved to ASTEN 6113.
29 0900 Div came under comd of 12 Corps.
PANNINGEN 29 1015 Main Div HQ moved to PANNINGEN 776049.
29   46 Bde relieved 146 Bde of 49 Div in area 8708 who with 49 Recce Regt remained under comd of this Div.
227 Bde still conc area ASTEN.
44 Bde employed on lifting mines and making corduroy rd in 8 Corps sector.
Div Op Instr No. 40 for Op Guildford issued.
30   Active patrolling was carried out by 44 Bde to attempt to build up the enemy picture in BLERICK 8809 in preparation for operation Guildford. The results showed that the enemy appeared to be well dug in, and protected by an a tk ditch and extensive minefds.
Staff planning for operation Guildford in progress.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.