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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 23rd Hussars
Month and Year: March 1945 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. R.P. HARDING, DSO
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
BELGIUM 1-13   Training and re-fitting at YPRES.
1   1 x Cromwell VI, 2 x Comets 1A received.
2   1 x Comet 1A received.
3   1 x Comet 1A received.
4   1 x Comet 1A received.
5   1 x Comet 1A received.
6   1 x Comet 1A, 2 x Comets 1B received.
8   4 x Comets 1B, 1 x Car, 5cwt 4x4 Ford received.
10   2 x Comets 1A, 1 x Comet 1, 1 x Cromwell VI, 1 Xx Humber Scout Car II received.
14   1 x Comet 1A received. Regiment moved to VEERLE, near LOUVAIN to rejoin and concentrate with 11th Armoured Division.
15-17   At VEERLE.
17   2 x Comets 1A disposed of.
24   1 x Sherman TRV, M32 received. 2 x Comets 1 disposed of.
26   3 x Comets 1A disposed of.
GERMANY 28   Wheels and advance party leave at first light and, having crossed the Rhine at WESEL during midday are harboured just west of BRUNEN, 2646 by early afternoon. Tanks, which left on transporters during the day, cross WESEL bridge on their tracks during the night and are ready to move by first light. 1/100,000. Sheet Q1.
29   Leave in reserve behind 2nd FF Yeomanry at 14.00 hours and having moved through RAESFELD, harbour for the night south of BORKEN at 4157 1/100,000 Sheet P1.
30   Leave at first light in reserve behind 3rd RTR. Route HEIDEN, 4459 - VELEN, 4866 - GESCHER 5073. Go into lead at GESCHER directed on HOLTWICK, 5879. At midday "A" Squadron bump two infantry and Bazooka parties in the area of T roads 5578. H Company 8th RB helping, these are quickly dealt with. Turning north through HOLTWICK, "A" Squadron was again held up by Bazooka, A/Tank fire and slight artillery fire. 1/100,000 Sheet P1.
After a combined attack "B" Squadron are passed through moving north through LEGDEN, 5682 which has only been partly cleared by 2nd FF Yeomanry. Scattered Bazooka fire all along the main road. After being engaged by at least one S.P., One troop of "B" Squadron was held up by a position of three 88mm A/A, A/Tank guns at 5785 and, as it was getting dark, was unable to make further progress despite the assistance of 2 Troop which tried to to outflank from the right. In almost total darkness a Panther was knocked out by Lieut Cuddy's tank.
The following abandoned equipment was found the next morning:- Three 88mm guns, one Panther, one Flakvierling, four half-tracks and six transports.
5 x Other Ranks killed in action and six x Other Ranks wounded.
31   After a peaceful drive through SCHOPPINGEN, 6588, 1/100,000 Sheet P2, we reformed our complete Regiment - Battalion Group with 8th RB, "A" Squadron again working with G Company, "B" Squadron F Company and "C" Squadron H Company. We then passed through HORSTMAR and BORGHORST, 7692. After two long halts at midday and during the afternoon we passed through EMSDETTON, 8597 at 18.00 hours. After another halt we passed over the River Ems at 8404 and harboured after midnight at X roads 8802.

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Source: Neil Grimshaw.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.