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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Bn The Glasgow Highlanders
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. P.U. Campbell
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Pt 309 1   BN consolidated in positions on Pt 309. Remainder of F echelon transport arrived about 1100 hrs. Hy shelling and mortaring from enemy. Some casualties sustained.
Pt 309 2   Bn in position at Quarry PT 309. No enemy shelling. Our own Arty brought down fire upon woods Le Bois du Homme - east of Pt 309 where enemy were concentrating. Later numerous dead & smashed equipment was found there.
Pt 309 3   Quiet day at Quarry.
Area 7142 4 1400 Left Quarry postns to take up defensive postns in area of woods 7142.
4 1900 Arrived in new postn. Slight shelling & mortaring, "C" Coy suffered casualties. Lieut A. Renwick wounded during the night 4/5.
WOODS Sq 7142 5   Bn in postn Woods 7142. C.O. & Coy Comdrs recce'd an F.A.A. in area of Montcharival (7543).
MONTCHARIVAL 6   Bn left area 7142 at 0200 hrs and arrived in harbour area ( )
6 0930 Bn moved forward in advance to contact role.
6   Bn established position in area Bois du Mont (7840). Bn HQ off sunken track 781407. Fairly heavy mortaring & shelling throughout the day. Lieut A.W. Rennie sprained ankle & admitted to CCS.
7 0200 Bn ordered to adopt a defensive postn at (La Druerie)-Au-Cornu (7741). Lieut Hannah wounded - later died of wounds.
Au Cornu 8   Bn in position at Au Cornu 771413. Intermittent mortaring. Small counter attack beaten off. One Lloyd carrier hit and destroyed. Brigadier R.M. Villiers visited Bn.
Recce patrol out under Lieut Boudreau.
9   Bn in position at Au Cornu - intermittent mortaring. Patrol out during the night 9/10.
AU CORNU 10   Capt D. Gordon joined BN. Took over M.T.O.
10   Bn in position under mortaring. "C" Coy sustained casualties. Bn visited by Brigadier R.M. Villiers.
11   Bn at one hours notice to move forward. Lieut Cameron wounded.
12   Bn visited by Brigadier R.M. Villiers at 1200 hrs.
Lieut H.E. Rawlinson took over I.O.
Bn relieved by 1st MONS. M.T. left postn 2000 hrs.
Marching troops left 2345 hrs.
St Pierre Tarentaine 13 0500 Bn arrived in harbour area St Pierre Tarentaine 704454. Church service held C of S and R.C.
13   Bn moved in T.C.Vs to FEUGUEROLLES-SUR-ODON 9960.
FEUGUEROLLES-SUR-ODON 14   Bn in postn. Church service held by Capt Keen C.F. Brigadier R.M. Villiers present. After service Major J.C. Davies M.C. presented with Territorial Decoration. Divisional Commander, our late Brigadier CM Barber D.S.O. visited Bn and addressed them. He thanked the Bn for its support and attributed his appointment as Divisional Commander to the work put in by BNs of 46 BDE.
15   BN left postn at 0600 hrs and arrived at Fresney-le-Vieux 009490 at 1000 hrs.
Fresney-le-Vieux 16   Bn in postn. Cinema show in Barn.
17 1130 Padre Rev Keen C.F. conducted Holy Communion - approx 80 attended.
17 1400 Ensa show at Bde HQ.
19 0630 Bn left Fresney-le-Vieux, arrived Woods 1330 at 1000 hrs to relieve 1/5th Welch Regt.
WOODS 1330 20   Bn in position. Church Service in evening. Approximately 30 P.O.W. passed through BN.
21   BN moved back to area 119319 in orchard just north of St Martin in concentration area.
119319 SAINT MARTIN DE MIEUX 22   BN in concentration area. Lieut J. DUNN and Pioneer Sergt killed by mine. 5 others injured. Padre Rev Keen C.F. held burial service.
23 1200 C.O.'s Parade. Commanding Officer Lt. Col. P.U. Campbell inspected and addressed the BN. Afterwards the BN marched past to the Pipes. The C.O. took the salute.
24   BN left Concentration area in T.C.Vs. Arrived Gueprei 2728 at 1600 hrs.
Gueprei 25   C.O. and Recce Gp, also Harbour party preceded the BN on a move to village 8874. Adjutant Capt R.A. Taylor to hospital. Lieut H.E. Rawlinson acting Adjutant.
8874 26   C.O. and harbour party preceded BN in move to Emanville 0274. Bn took up defensive position. Carrier section patrolled as far as Le Tilleul Lambert 0476.
Emanville Area 3086 27   C.O. left for Bde recce 0900 hrs. Bn moved in T.C.Vs to area 3086 (map ref)
28 0700 Bn moved to FAA for crossing of the SEINE (FAA map ref 314882).
River crossing began 1000 hrs preceded by 9th CAMS.
Bn to concentration area 299889. River crossed at MUIDS 310890 map ref.
299889 28/29 1900 Bn began advance along route MUIDS - Le Bout de la Ville (3289) through forest to Roncherolles 359941. Opposition in form of mortaring at 357937, several casualties sustained.
Contacted 7 Seaforths at Gd Roncherolles about 0215 hours. CPT LONG joined BN.
Gd Roncherolles 29   Advance commenced at 0700 hrs. Coys reached objective at Cuverville 3795 via Petit Roncherolles. Enemy had withdrawn at approximate time we commenced advance. Bn consolidated in defence positions around village.
CUVERVILLE 30   BN in position. Capt J. Lewis and Capt Green joined BN 30th. Capt R.A. Taylor rejoined BN and took over Adjutant. Lieut Lightbody rejoined BN.
Major Briggs joined BN with 120 Reinforcements from Lancashire Fusiliers.
31   Bn in position at Cuverville.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.