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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Bn The Glasgow Highlanders
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. P.U. Campbell
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
BEST 379267 1   Bn in defensive position round the Xroads of BEST 379267. Church parades held in COY areas. Captain Stanton took out patrol to area of Railway to listen for enemy transport. Arty fire brought down on NAASTEBEST as a result. App A: Sheet V 1/100,000
2   Visit by Brigadier R.M. Villiers DSO. Advance party left for HELMOND 5522. CSM TAIT M.C.? granted commission as 2/LIEUT. App A
3   Bn relieved by 5th BN Seaforths - 51(H) Division. App A
HELMOND 3 1430 Bn move to HELMOND.
4   C.O. addressed BN. Pipe Band played at 1230 hrs and 1700.
Bdier addressed all officers.
5   BN engaged in Training. 58 OR reinforcements.
Bn dance in evening.
6   Div Comdr. Maj General C.M. Barber DSO addressed all officers at 1645. Massed pipe bands played at 1730 hrs.
HELMOND 6   Bn recce party left for MOOK 7251. App A [Sheet 5 1/100,000]
7   30 O.R reinforcements arrived at 1200 hrs & 23 more at 2300. LT P.C.N. Miller and Capt W.A.C. Lambie joined BN.
Recce party returned from MOOK - move cancelled.
8   Bn church parade. Brigadier R.M. Villiers DSO took the march past. Major Fife & Lieut Rose joined BN. App A
9   Div Comdr Maj Gen C.M. Barber DSO addressed BN & later took the march past. Remdr of DAY - Training.
10   Maj Fife posted to 8th BN Royal Scots. BN - Training.
11-15   Bn engaged in Training.
16   Bde exercise with RAMS area 4514 (Sheet 26 NE 1/25,000).
Bn practised forming up in confined area & moving out.
17-19   Bn - Training. C.O. spoke to Bn and mentioned his request to relinquish command owing to nervous strain.
HELMOND 20-21   BN engaged in Training. App A [Sheet V 1/100,000]
22-23   Bn church parade followed by communion service. Bn - Tng.
24   Lieut Colonel Campbell handed over Bn to Major J.C. Davies M.C. T.D. as BN was due to move.
ACHT 4023 24   Bn left Helmond arrived ACHT 408233 (Sheet 18 SW) at 1900 hrs. App A
24   Major J.C. Davies M.C. T.D. commanding.
BEST 25 0700 BN marched to BEST 379267. Mounted tanks for an advance to contact operation. Objective Moergestel (2330).
MOERGESTEL 25 1345 BN on objective without a fight. Bde O Group 1400 hrs. C Coy remained in Moergestel - remainder of BN occupied woods 2030 (Sheet 17 NE 1/25000) at 1615. Bn took up a defensive position. App A
Area 2030 26   BN move to concentration area 229328 for an attack on Oisterwijk 2334.
OOSTERWIJK 26   Attack started 1000 hrs moving through 7th Seaforths bridgehead over stream. C. A. B. Btn HQ. D Coys were the order of march. Street fighting was spasmodic but enemy mortaring was heavy. BN cleared the village & occupied defensive positions by 1500 hrs. P.O.W. - 10. Casualties - 16 ORs wounded.
Maj A. Hamilton killed. Capt Stobbs took over "B" Coy. Wasp flame throwers effectively used against 30 enemy - dug in. Lieut Col Campbell relinquished command on Posting.
App A
OOSTERWIJK 27   Bn handed over defence positions to a Bn of 51(H) Div & advanced towards TILBURG.
TILBURG 27   Assault commenced 1645 hrs (Map ref 1732, Sheet 17 NE). Bn crossed canal 178327 by Assault boat & entered TILBURG. Occupied area 1633 - 1732. App A
28   Pipe Band played in TILBURG. BN remained in the Town.
TILBURG 29 1130 BN left TILBURG in T.C.Vs in rapid divisional switch over to meet a threat developing towards DEURNE. App A Sheet 27 NW/W (1/25,000)
Area LEESEL 29   BN attacked to 44 BDE, took up defensive position in area of WOODS 6513-6613. Div relieved American troops in the area.
LIESEL 30   Enemy observed forming up to front of D Coy. Arty engaged at 0815 & inflicted casualties. At 1215 hrs an enemy tank with supporting infantry attacked D Coy. Enemy shelling also heavy. B & D Coys involved in bitter fighting but enemy repulsed. At 1245 enemy appeared to be cutting across right flank in an endeavour to cut off BN. A Squadron of Gds Army Tank Bde arrived 1330 hrs & enemy began to withdraw. 1 P.O.W. 9 killed 20 wounded. Lieut Rice evacuated.
LIESEL 31   BN in defensive position. Hy mortaring & shelling. 4 POW taken. Cas 1 killed, 6 wounded. Capt Lambie & Capt Lewis evacuated. App A.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.