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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1st Bn The Herefordshire Regt.
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. G.R. Turner Cain.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Handel. 1   Coys settling in.44 O.Rs reinforcements arrive. Baths, entertainments.
2   Bn commenced training and vehicle maintenance. Baths, entertainments.
3   Training included firing, 30yd range, and vehicle maintenance.B.Coy practice movement by night.
Handel 4   Coys practice wood and house clearing. B Coy night ex, fighting patrol.
5   Bd comd inspected Coys during training.
6 0900 A Coy proceeded to Meijel 7107 sup by 1 tp R.A. & 1tp F&Fs. at 0900hrs.Object, To act as holding force in village and prevent enemy infiltration.
7   11 Armd Div moving to relieve 7 U.S. Armd Div. Bn moves to area N of Overloon 7632. A Coy remain in Meijel. Lt Clide and 1 O.R. wounded.
7 1330 Move commenced
N of Overloon 7 1600 Bn arr in area 7434. C Coy 748341. D Coy 756334. B Coy 766339.Bn H.Q. with Coy. No enemy interferance during move but spasmodic mor fire and shelling, later.
7 2300 -0300 B Coy patrol proceeded to tk track june 777328 and laid mines. No enemy encountered.D Coy standing patrol 760327. Enemy F.D.L. and listening post loadMovement of tracked vehicles heard N.E. of Overloon. Enemy considered to be in strength N&S of Overloon.
8 1500 Reinforcements arr, total 11 O.Rs . New 2I/C arr, Major Terry.
8 1700 Enemy mor centre of B Coy area. No cas. Spasmodic mor, shelling and fire from NBW until 0200 hrs.
8 1730 Mor pl of N.Fus opened fire with captured NBW.
8 1800 R.Es moved fwd to lay mines in 'Boot Wood' fwd of D coy area, 759327.
8 1845 Enemy seen adv to N of Boot wood 759328 and standing patrol D Coy mor heavily. Patrol consisted of two secs sup by one tp tks. Comd decided to withdraw with the intention to go fwd with tk sup and push out the enemy.The tks withdrew to harbour area for the night before this operation was carried out leaving enemy in possession of our posn, Patrol subsequently withdrew to rear posn under further hy mor fire, suffering two cas(wounded). Since the R.Es had no inf sp, laying of the intended minefield was impossible.
8 1930 B Coy send out fighting patrols of pl strength to Halfweg 780332.Met one sentry at 775337. Hearing enemy on their left (area 777337) and their attemt to capture the sentry being unsuccessful owing to unfortunate exposure of an enemy rearchlight, they returned to their posns.
8 2000 (onwards) D Coy standing patrols to 757329, 759330. B Coy 773337 and 775343 slight enemy movement heard in both located enemy posns until 0530 hrs.Our patrols withdrew at first light.
8 2230 B Coy patrol to tip of wood 777348. Nothing seen or heard.
9   Patrol from 1000hrs approx D Coy, small fightinh patrols with brens, mors to area 756328 to harrass flank of enemy posn, leaving listening post 754327. B Coy, fighting patrol to enemy posn 777337 10 germans seen in the area.
9 1400 A Coy arr from Meijel and occupied area between B and D Coys.
9 1530 D Coy put in Coy raid in 'Boot' wood 760327 with tk and arty sp with the object of inflicting cas and obtaining P.Ws. Results 10 enemy killed, 17 P.Ws taken. Identification Battle gp "Paul". Coy withdrew suffering 4 cas(wounded). Bde Comd at Bn H.Q. during att. Enemy replied with hy mor and shell fire. This cont intermittently until 2200 hrs.Speed in execution and the application of fire and movement were responsible for the success of this raid.
9 2000 B Coy fighting patrol laid mines X tracks 774326 no enemy met.
9 2130 D Coy fightinh patrol to toe of 'Boot' wood 766327.
9   Considerable enemy movement heard approx strength about 20.
9 2400 B Coy fighting patrol to Rouw 771324 Report it clear.
10   Rained incessantly throughout day.
10 0500 C and D Coy changed posns.
10 1030 F.S.P. est civilian check point on rd mile N of Bn H.Q.
10   Reps from 3rd British Div arr to recce area.
10 1400 Intended Psychological warfare cancelled on Div Comds Instructions.
10 1730 B Coy with tk and arty sp att enemy posn 777337 cas inflicted and 2 P.Ws taken (Identification Battle Gp Hardegg) Intermittent shelling and mor by enemy throughout 24 hrs.
10 2100 -2310 C Coy recce patrol to toe of "Boot" wood. 6 Germans seen patrolling edge of wood and other enemy heard inside wood
10 2300 -0130 B Coy patrol to 777329 and lay mines 777329. No enemy meet
10 0100 -0510 A Coy patrol to Rouw 771324 Voicse heard in woods S.W. of Rouw.
10 0500 A and D Coys change posns.
10 0700 Polish deserter broght in by B Coy. Ident. 2 Coy 437 Bn.Battle Bp. Hoffman
10 1100 C.R.A. visits Bn. H.Q.
10 1330 Psychological warfare commences 2 mins Stonk by 4 Field Regts in Boot Wood followed by propaganda speech, then further 4 mins Stonk and finally futher speech with suitable space of time between each item. (NOTE Coys reported that it was unlikely that the sound carried far enough)
10 1900 3 German deserters from Boot wood Ident. Battle Gp. PaulThey did not hear the speeches but were fed up with our shelling: P.O.W.s gave fair information (average age 22yrs 4 yrs service)Patrols cancelled during early part of evening as the area was illuminated by serveral fires.
11 2400 -0305 Patrols to houses 777333 Nothing seen or heard mines laid 774334
12 0300 1 deserter (Frenchman) Ident. 13 Coy Para Bn. Paul
12 0400 Enemy Mor killed 1 O.R. and wounded 1
12 1200 "H" HR for 8 Corp Op. "CONSTELLATION" 11 Armd Div Provide diversionnary fire towards VIERLINGSBEEK 7935
12 1900 Patrol to HALFWEG brought no reports of enemy. 3rd Brit Div Capture Overloon. Enemy mortaring and shelling throughout day
13   Quiet on our front apart from mortaring and shelling
13 1530 C Coy moved to cover left flank area 763344. our patrols during night Halfweg - Schofferden. N.T.R.
14   48 hrs passes on Bde, allotment (to Brussels.) Patrols brought information that enemy occupied Moat area 789343
15   One deserter (Para Bn Paul 3 Coy.)
15 1000 Orders for clearing ops. To clear area Schofferdan-Hattent N to 788345 over rly to 795345 stn 795345 stn 796339, and wooded area 790333. One tp R.Es and 1 tp flail tks, 2 sqns 15/19 H under comd. Commencement of op delayed by minefields and obstruction by K.Od tk.
15 1500 A and D coys formed firm base area 787337 and 791336. C and B Coys passed through to obj. (Rly stn, track, and Moat areas.) Several cas. Mines and state of ground slowed down the op. but Bn back in old posn by 1900 hrs.
N of Deurne 16   Bn moves to area N of Deurne 655227.
16 1900 Bn in Posn.
E of Deurne 17   Party to recce br 703234 held by 7th U.S. Armd Div.
17 0800 Recce party report br O.K.
17 1030 A and D Coys moved towards br. head with tk sp, 15/19 H. Country very open around br. head. Tks could not deploy beyond br owing to soft ground.American had informed us that br. head extended for 500 yds other side, in actual fact it extended for 200 yds. A and D Coys exposed to considerable mor and shelling crossing br causing hy cas, adv 800 yds E either side of rd.Believed enemy were in strength at Ijsselstiejn, so they were "Lime-juiced" by Typhoons. B and C Coys were brought up and D Coys att farm area 714233 taking 60 PWs. Under arty smoke screen B and C Coyes moved round the left flank and att YSSELSTEYN from the N, slight opposition met and very few own cas. B and C consolidate in areas 727225 and 722225. D and A Coys move up to 717228 and 723230. Total cas during day, Wounded, offrs Major Mason, O.C.A Coy Capt. Holding and Lt De Carle. O.Rs. 5 killed 67 wounded. R.Wsl Offr, 1 R.S.M. 1 C.S.M. and 94 O.Rs. (Identity, 16 Bn. 22 Regt.
Ysselsteyn 18   2 P.Ws by B. Coy during night (5 Coy, 489 BN)
18 0630 B and C moved fwd to clear area fwd of their posn, 2 Offrs, 60 O.Rs taken P.W. (Identification 489 Bn & 22 Regt, one of 180 Div H.Q.
18 0930 Bn H.Q. mor during interrigation or P.Ws. 12 cas, (wounded)
18 1125 Orders to move to area 7522 to back up K.S.L.I. who had moved forward Veulen 7722.
18 1300 Harbour party moved to recce new posns with B Coy clearing.
18 1410 Bn moves.
18 1430 Harbour party shelled. 2 killed and 2i/c (Major Terry) wounded. Sgt Ben (Benard) Shotton killed.This area decided to open and at 1515 bn moves to area 7321. only 3 Coy location (A and D 733220. B 736219. C. 734216) as A and D formed composite Coy.
18 1600 Bn in Posn.
18 1900 B Coy capture 2 officers and 31 O.R.s P.C.W. all from 489 Bn 4 more during night 16 Bn 22nd Regt.
S.E. of Ysselsteyn 19   Slight shelling and mortaring during day
20   18 O.R. reinforcements arrive. Slight mortaring and shelling.
Veulen 21   Bn take over from K.S.L.I. who are to proceed to Deurne for 4 days rest.
21 1630 Bn transport moves in small groups followed by troops on foot as route open to enemy observation.
21 2115 Bn. in posn. No enemy interferance. Location B 769222 C 768223 A/D 767222.
21 2345 enemy patrol fired on by B Coy. 1 wounded P.O.W. Ident. 5 Coy 2nd Bn Einheit Brehmen Regt. Patrol armd with 5 Panzerfaust. Object to destroy tanks. Strength 10 men. P.O.W. gave other usual information.
Veulen 22 1100 Interrogation of all local inhabitants and subsequent evacuation of all but 4 who remained to tend cattle. Slight enemy mortars and shelling.Night patrol return with information as follows A/P minefield are 771228 enemy pln locality 774227. Tracked vehicles heard in factory area 777227. Enemy pln locality 774224.Enemy possibly laying mine field W of this position.
Veulen 23 0430 Arty stonk on Farm 774217 held by enemy. This farm still held by enemy 2100hrs.Fighting patrol foiled to clear area, opposition too strong, 1 woundedAttempted attack on enemy locality 774227 after mine clearing at 771228. attack observed and ground flares made operations impossible.Further fighting patrols to 774224 met fire from 3 Spandaus and returned.No casualties. 1 German shot by D. Member of patrol Ident. 5 Coy 2 Bn Einheit Brehmen Regt.
Veulen 24   All quiet during day except for occasional shelling and N.B.W.No casualties. R.A.P. building caught fire, had to evacuate, 1 ambulance lost. Patrols found A.P. mines 773225. Standing patrol installed 768231 to prevent possible patrol infiltration.Nothing seen or heard.
Veulen 25 0200 Arty stonk on 773224 as enemy heard approaching down rd.
25 0640 Buzz Bomb flying W.
25 1900 Bn relieved by K.S.L.I. moved out to rest area Deurne in small gps
25 2045 Bn installed in billets
Deurne 26   General maintenance, restand entertainment, baths. 65 O.R.s Rfts. and Major Alpin and Major Stairs arrive.
Deurne 27 1400 Orders recieved for Bn to move to Griendtsueen., to take over me to D Coy as 2IC (left) from CGB 7th U.S. Div who are to counter enemy threat at Meijel.
27 1700 Bn moves.
27 2000 Take over complete, location A 726176 B 712174 C 708180 D 715179. No incidents and night quiet.
GRIENDTSVEEN 28   All quiet on the Bn front. Germans advancing towards LIESEL.During the night an enemy patrol was fired on by C Coy. No results known.
" 29 1500 Slight enemy shelling in A Coy posn. Alternative posns recce'd for the whole Bn in case enemy thrust becomes to great to hold present posns: Germans take LIESEL but their advance is halted there. All quiet on our own front.
" 30   Day quiet.
30 2030 Several enemy seen by DF Patrol at 727183. DF Task fired by arty.
30 2200 Enemy shell DEURNE area. Soft vehicles not affected.
" 31 0230 Enemy patrol fired on by C Coy at 704184. One killed and one PW who gave valuable information concerning enemy formations and higher intentions, locations of his own Coy posns, and news of two wireless interception stations at AMERIKA (Also stating, that by these the enemy were able to assess the weakest point in our lines.) Ident: 1coy/22/489 Regt:
31 0430 A and D Coys change over posns.
31   All quiet on our front except for slight shelling. Patrols had nothing to report throughout the night.B and C Coys change over posns during the morning.
31 1500 C Coy standing patrol at 702165 kill one, wound one, and capture one of a German approaching patrol. These had civilian clothes under their uniforms and turned out to be deserters.
31 2200 1 OR killed, 5 ORs wounded by shell fire at 737174.
31   Turner Cain Lt. Col.Commanding Officer.1st Bn. The Herefordshire Regiment.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.