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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 9th Bn The Cameronians (S.R.)
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt Col Sir EMA Bradford Bt
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
BEST 1 0715 'C' Coy attacked over rly line with one sec. The remainder of the Coy was Formed Up on this side to exploit. Immediately the sec attempted to cross the RLY line heavy mortar fire was brought down on the RLY and the leading sec suffered six casualties killed and two wounded. A B & D Coys also suffered casualties from this mortar fire bringing total casualties to 14.
The Commanding Officer then ordered 'C' Coy to withdraw and return to old location.
The remainder of the day spent in obs. on known enemy localities and engaging with MORTAR and ARTY.
2   Confidential message 9 CAMERONIANS being relieved on 3 OCT. Adv party 2 I/C and one rep from each coy to recce area for billeting and for training in AREA HELMOND.
Situation unchanged throughout day. No enemy activity.
3 1530 2 Bn SEAFORTH of 51 HIGHLAND Div commenced relieving Bn by Coy localities. On being relieved Coys marched to embussing Pt and moved off individually when ready. The first Coy (C) arrived in HELMOND at 1830 and last of Bn was in billeting area by 1930. Tps billeted in 2 Factories opposite STATION at 557227. Officers billeted out in surrounding houses.
During the relief a number of mortar bombs were dropped in Bn area. No casualties inflicted.
OO No 10 APP E/1 MOV O No 16 APP E/2
HELMOND 4   Coy engaged in general cleaning. All MT on maintenance. Coy officers and Cadre staff recce training areas.
HELMOND 5   Training being carried out in accordance with APP.
HELMOND 6   Training as per programme.
6 1210 Message received from Bde HQ.
6   1 offr per Coy and 1 N.C.O. per pl to KSLI at MOOK to be there by 1730 to remain and get general picture of LAYOUT for defensive posn.
6   2 C.O. and 2I/C will leave for same area with BRIG. at 0930 7 OCT. C.O. returns with Brig by 1600 to meet CORPS Comd. 2I/C will remain to complete arrangements 0 If any other specialist pl comds reqd can go with C.O.
3 C.O. and 2I/C will meet SQ Comd in MODEL room at 1830 hrs.
6 1500 Advance party left HELMOND for area MOOK to recce positions occupied by KSLI.
6 1810 109 OR rfts arrived Bn area and distributed to Coys.
HELMOND 7 0830 Commanding Off and 2I/C left with Brig for area MOOK.
7 0900 5 officer Rft arrived Bn plus 37 ORs and sent to Coys as shown in W 3008 38/44.
7 1230 Message received from Bde that Recce party would be returning to Bn on the evening of the 7th OCT.
7 1600 Commanding Officer returned and held Bn O Gp when it was given out that Bn would NOT now be required to relieve KSLI or clear WOOD to S.E. of it and would remain in HELMOND until further orders, possibly until FRIDAY 13 OCT 44.
7 1830 C.O. and Brig J.M.L. Villiers DSO visited CORPS Comd 8 CORPS 0 When further infm given. Training would be carried on in present location and new rfts would be given every opportunity to settle down with their Coys. 15(S) Div NOT required to clear WOOD EAST of River MAAS but would probably be required to assist 3 British Div in their attack, or alternatively to clear area WEST of RIVER MAAS.
HELMOND 8 1030 Bn Church Parade then remainder of day given over as Bn Holiday.
8 1410 Message from Bde that Div Comd would visit Bn at 0900 hrs 9th OCT. Programme. Div Comd would speak to Bn first then Bn would March Past.
HELMOND 9 0900 Div Comd visited Bn and spoke about work done by Bn in the past and welcomed new arrivals in OR and officers. Bn then marched past and the Div Comd took the salute.
Training then carried out as per Trg programme.
HELMOND 10   Training as per programme. Commanding officer on Recce with Brig for next operation. This operation Top secret. Rep from each pl went to area.
HELMOND 11   Training as per programme. Last operation cancelled and recce party recalled.
HELMOND 12   Training as per programme.
HELMOND 13   Training as per programme.
HELMOND 14   Training as per programme.
14   Bn now prepared to clear area SOUTH of VENLO through the American Front to line of River MAAS. ADM ORDER No 7 APP H/1
HELMOND 15   Bn Church parade.
15   Operation to line of MAAS cancelled.
Bn would take part in Exercise "COCKSHY" on OCT 16.
HELMOND 16 0830 Bde 'O' Gp at X tracks 508164.
16 0915 Bn moved from HELMOND to Assembly area 503165 and moved off to commence exercise "COCKSHY".
16 1030 Bn moved off on RAMS armoured carriers to F.A.A. in rear of 2GH who were doing left flank protection. 7 SEAFORTH Right 9 CAMERONIAN left each sup by 1 sqn CHURCHILLS. Exercise was due to start at 1200 hrs but Sqn Churchills received word that they were now at one hours notice. The exercise was subsequently brought fwd and commenced at 1120 when fwd coys crossed S.L.
16 1219 B Coy on obj.
16 1220 A Coy on obj.
16 1220 C Coy on obj and contacted 7 SEAFORTH on RIGHT.
16 1230 D Coy on obj.
16 1247 Bn now on obj message passed to Bde.
16 1259 Message from Bde concentrate now and allow 2 GH to carry out their task which was mopping up the area behind fwd Bns 1320. Ex finished.
16   C.O. to meet BRIGADIER at S.P.
16 1645 Bn commenced arriving in HELMOND and moved off to old locations.
HELMOND 17   Training as per programme, location unchanged.
HELMOND 18   Training as per programme, location same.
18   C.O to attend training conference at Bde HQ at 1700. CO returned at 1810 and immediately held an 'O' GP as the Bn were moving on 19 NOV to relieve 5 Bn SEAFORTH, 51 DIV, in BEST 376264. APP. E/3
18   C.O. to conference at 227 Bde HQ at 2000 hrs as Bn now under comd 227 Bde.
18   The areas to be taken over were much the same as our old positions except one coy would be in factory area.
HELMOND 19 0830 C.O. moved off from HELMOND to recce area of 5 Bn SEAFORTH, recce gp consisting of Coy comds arrived at 1100 and proceeded to inspect area.
19   Coys located as follows: A. B. C. D. Bn H.Q.
19   The situation was much the same as when Bn left this area. The enemy still on the opposite side of RLY and not in the least offensive. 5 Bn The SEAFORTH carried out patrolling in this area but unable to locate enemy positions.
19 1630 Bn commenced arriving BEST and moved off to respective areas all in position by 1810 hrs.
BEST 20 0600 Quiet night no enemy activity.
20 1300 0731 Patrols and snipers while Bde in this area.
During day enemy observed on a number of occasions to be walking about, these points noted and 4.2" & 3" MORTAR fire brought down on these areas when dark.
20   Patrol activity for night 20/21 OCT. APP J/2
20 2130 B Coy patrol returned nothing to report.
20 2345 B Coy reported enemy patrol approaching their area. This patrol moved along rd running parallel with RLY. Hand grenades were exchanged. No casualties on either side.
BEST 21 0600 Nothing further to report.
21   Patrol activity night 21/22 OCT 44. APP J/3
21   Snipers active on Bn front but enemy were careful. "B" Coy picked off two enemy at 400 yds to their front.
21 2315 - 0130 Patrols returned, one enemy post located.
BEST 22 0600 Nothing to report. Bn locality quiet.
22 0900 Commanding Officer on 48 hrs leave.
22   Mjr P.L. Hendricks MM assumes comd of Bn.
22 0940 C.O. to Bde 'O' Gp when future OPs discussed.
22   Clearing area ST ODENRODE BOXTEL BEST. 9th Cameronians responsible for protecting left flank. APP E/4.
22   Patrol activity night 22/23 OCT. APP J/4.
22   Snipers again active on Bn front, further 2 hits claimed.
22   Patrols brought back information re banks of Rly as to suitability for tank crossing places. There are ditches on either side of RLY but they provide No obstacles to tanks. This infm passed to Reps from 3 SCOTS Gds who would be sup Bn in advance.
BEST 23 0600 Situation unchanged enemy engaged by 4.2 MORTARS during night.
23   Patrol intentions night 23/24 OCT.
23   Snipers again active on Bn front. 3 P.O.W. walked into "A" Coy area 1031/GR.
23   Otherwise area very quiet.
BEST 24 0930 13 P.W. surrendered to 'B' Coy. Stated they had come from OIRSCHOT and had been left as rearguard.
24 1000 C.O. at 'O' GP Bde, where infm given that enemy had withdrawn from area to front of Bde and Bde would immediately put into effect OP ERIC without Sup fire. 9th Cameronians would push fwd to NASTEBEST and occupy area 362266.
24 1120 C.O. 'O' GP. "B" Coy to move fwd to NASTEBEST and occupy area 362260, D Coy 368258 - A Coy 365264 C Coy move fwd to B Coy and relieve them allowing them to return to old location. Carriers to remain present position.
24 1227 B Coy crossed RLY line.
24 1304 Carriers pl now under comd Recce sqn and will move with them as soon as ready to OIRSCHOT and remain until relieved by 1 Bn 44 Bde. This op was held up because of mines on MAIN AXIS.
24 1342 B coy report NASTEBEST cleared and moving to objective, on obj by 1410.
24 1455 D Coy in position, A moving up.
24 1530 Recce sqn now in OIRSCHOT. Our carrier pl to remain night under comd 44 Bde. 227 Bde had moved up to rd BEST - OIRSCHOT. No enemy encountered, but mines and Booby traps in large numbers.
24 1600 C coy relieved 'B' Coy now in old location.
24 1800 3 P.W. taken at 364257.
24 1810 3 P.W. taken by A Coy.
24   46 Bde OO No 11 received for further adv on day 25. Bn order of march Recce 'B' Sqn adv Gd. 2 GH Main Gd Bde HQ. 7 SEAFORTH 9 CAMERONIANS (Carriers 'R' GP. 'O' GP. BN HQ, MORTARS, A/TK, "C" "D" "A" "B" Coy 15 cwts M.O.). APP E/6
24   No patrolling required as it is no longer considered enemy in area.
24   Commanding Officer returned from 48 hours leave.
25 1100 Bn moved off from area BEST on axis.
25   GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS attacking HEILIGEBOOM 2330. The bridges in this area blown but owing to width of canals bridges were quickly put across and adv continued in direction OISTERWIJKSCHE.
25 1300 Bn off road in area 2430. C.O. officers at Bde 'O' GP when Bn were ordered to move to area 224314 to take up defensive positions 0 We may be required for special task one Coy to adv to BRIDGES 188318, 199320. 'D' Coy warned.
25 1410 Bn commenced moving to area 224314.
25   D Coy ordered to drop off and go to BRIDGES to take over from
25   Recce, who had seized them. Remainder of Bn now in area 224314 and digging in.
25 1730 Order from Bde that Bn would now move to area of D Coy and consolidate on that line. Bn moved off at 1800 and in position by 2130. C.O. to Bde 'O' GP at 2130 where plan for 26 OCT 44.
25   7 SEAFORTH located OOSTERWIJK 2334 and SOUTH of RLY. GH WOOD 238330.
25   7 Seaforth cross Rly line and 2 G.H push fwd and capture factory area. 9 CAMERONIANS to cross RLY at 181326 and endeavour to get crossing places over canal to exploit to BRIDGE 176322.
25   B Coy to move at first light sup by tanks to area of CANAL BR. 179326 followed by D Coy to area 182324. A Coy to area BR 176322. C Coy remain in area of Bridges 189319.
26 0655 B Coy completed first phase area clear to HO 184324.
26 0740 B Coy M.G fire at us from left.
26 0801 Tanks ordered fwd to get to line of Rly.
26 0840 B Coy now moving to obj with tanks supporting.
26 1050 B coy on obj and consolidating. B.R. over road 181326 completely destroyed and blocking road. Bridges over canal in this area demolished although still possible to cross canal on foot.
26   A Coy to move to bridges 176332 which is still intact.
26   D Coy in area 182324 and trying to find crossing place. This area now subjected to heavy mortar and ARTY fire. A Coy could not move fwd and all Coys moved to areas as shown on map. B Coy pushed 1 sec across canal to area 178327.
26   1 P.W. V Coy 2 Bn 481 P.G.R. captured by D Coy
26 1700 Line of rd TILBURG - OOSTERWIJK under intense shell fire.
26 1850 B Coy fwd pl in area cross tracks 179332 forced to withdraw under strong pressure from enemy.
26 1853 A Coy report 40 enemy counter attacking X rds 179332. A small enemy patrol reached B Coy area and were operating at close ranges with hand grenades. They were beaten off with casualties, casualties to B Coy unknown.
27 0400 3 P.O.W. from D Coy came from OOSTERWIJK and walked into D Coy area.
27   B Coy situation cleared up not so bad as first thought although suffered 19 casualties. Bn ordered to clear area South and NORTH of RLY to OOSTERWIJK to allow 2 GH and 7 S to advance to TILBURG. This was complete by 0845.
27 0900 D Coy contacted leading elements of 7 ARMD who were operating in area to NORTH of RLY.
27 1045 Brig arrived B Coy and ordered commencement of crossing canal as 44 Bde had adv from SOUTH and were 1 mile from centre of TILBURG. Assault boats were brought up and A & C D coy to cross at BRIDGE 179326 and B Coy at BRIDGE 175332 by assault boats as this bridge now blown.
27 1425 A Coy now in position on far bank, D Coy moving across, followed by C then B on NORTH crossing pt to areas as shown on map.
27 1535 All Coys in position in TILBURG. 2 G.H. passing through. Pioneers built class IV raft which would ferry that class tpt across canal at Pt 175332. Raft built by 1830, and commenced ferrying. The raft also being used by 2 G.H. All tpt to be across by 0600 hrs, when Bn would commence to clear TILBURG as shown on TOWN PLAN of TILBURG. APP. E/7
TILBURG 28 0800 Clearing of TILBURG commenced. No enemy encountered and Coys moved to areas and ensured they were clear. Then concentrated in FACTORIES and appropriate buildings.
28 2235 Message received from Bde that C.O. R.V 11 Armd Div HQ at DEURNE 6520 to meet Bde comd. APP E/8 APP C/1
28   Bn to move off from TILBURG to harbour area at 1100. APP. D/1
29 1100 Bn moved off from TILBURG.
29   C.O. met Bde Comd. Bde to occupy area of DEURNE to SOUTH along rly line to meet enemy counter attack on this area. Enemy known to be in LIESEL 6914 and MEIJEL 7106 in considerable strength.
29   Bn to take up defensive position as shown on map.
29 1335 Bn arrived and moved into def position.
30 0630 Nothing to report. Bn to move to area WOOD 6116 and take up def positions as shown on map.
30   'O' GP for further adv to capture area LOONSCHE BAAN 6814. D & C leading coy left and right respectively followed by A & B. H Hour 0830. Sup Coy 1 sqn tanks.
DEURNE 31 0830 D & C coy crossed S.L. for attack.
31 0920 C Coy reported on objective, but D Coy having a hard time as they were being heavily mortared and shelled. This continued until 1035 and D Coy had heavy casualties and all coy officers were wounded. Maj Hendricks MM was with coy at this time and assisted by Capt R. Lisle and C.S.M. Jones got D Coy organised and into def positions to the right of their obj. All other Coys were on their respective objectives at this time. Lt Col Sir E M A Bradford visited 'C' Coy and then whilst on way to B & D coy the carrier which he was in went over a TELLERMINE and he received injuries to head and leg. He would NOT be evacuated until Major Hendriks MM had arrived back from D Coy to take over command of Bn. This was done at 1205. The Bn area was still under heavy and accurate shellfire and casualties still being inflicted. Enemy post at tk jct 684149 was still holding out. Capt D Muir was given comd of D Coy. He was later wounded and Capt Carruthers appointed comd. Lt Waddell whose injuries were not serious returned to the Coy and Capt Muir also returned after treatment. The following day Lt Waddell was evacuated.
31   C.O. at Bde Comd 'O' Gp for op on 1 NOV to clear up line of Canal with A Coy to area 695156, B 695151, with in sup 1 sqn Scots Guards.
31   46 Inf Bde OO No 13. APP. E/9

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.