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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 9th Bn The Cameronians (S.R.)
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Mjr P.L. Hendricks M.C.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
LIESEL 1 0830 Bn clearing up to VAN DEURNE KANAL. This op. was carried out with no opposition being encountered and at 1022 all Coys in position. Casualties for this op. 2, due to our own ARTY falling short. The leading Coys, A & B cleared up to KANAL and then withdrew back about 300 yards to cover it by fire. The ground in this area very difficult, as soon as slit trenches dug to about 2 feet, they immediately filled with water. This area to the SOUTH along tracks running to KANAL was mined and one carrier lost on them.
1 1205 Message received that tank sqn in sup would return to old location as soon as sup arms in posn.
1 1220 Patrols sent out from two fwd Coys to area of KANAL to recce possible enemy crossing places and if enemy in position there.
1 1730 C.O. to Bde 'O' GP for Notes on OPS 2 NOV 44. APP. E/1
1 2100 C.O. O GP at BN HQ when plan for move to relieve 6 K.O.S.B. as given in 46 Inf Bde OP Instr. No 14.
HUTTEN 2 0800 Bn recce party to HUTTEN area to take over posn from KOSB. C Coy on move to relieve Coy 6 KOSB area 689127.
2   Bn concentrated in area LIESEL awaiting order to move fwd to new area.
2 0945 C.O. returned to area LIESEL and ordered Bn to stay in present area until 6 K.O.S.B. commenced to move. This was completed by 1030 hrs and Bn commenced moving to area LIESEL.
2 1247 A & B Coys now in position, in area A.tk guns 694116. B Coy area HO 694126.
2 1305 D in position in area tk junc 691136. C Coy in reserve in area Rd junc 682128 and at 1600 moved to area HO 693121.
2 1530 Patrolling for night 2/3 NOV. Contact patrol with recce SQN to area 691138. Standing Patrol of 1 off and 6 ORs to area BRIDGE 707124 to recce Br area to find if still possible to cross on BRIDGES and if enemy occupying any positions WEST of KANAL. Patrol to leave Bn area (B Coy) at 1900 hrs to return when task completed.
HUTTEN 3 0100 Patrol returned two BRIDGES result, Main road BR intact, nothing seen of small footbridge. No enemy encountered but thought to be on opposite bank.
3 0800 Brig Comd visited C.O., contact must be kept with enemy on opposite bank by using snipers, 'I' sect and fwd O.P. A standing patrol would be kept on BRIDGE area consisting of 1 Off, 1 sec, 2'I' sec and Mobile fire controller from MORTAR PL. This O.P. to be established immediately in HO. 708122. No action to be taken but all posn to be recorded.
3 0910 Fwd O.P. in posn, communication by wireless line, through 'B' Coy.
3 1345 C.O. at Bde HQ for discussion on future lay out of Bn.
3 1600 C.O. returned and Bn now on 3 Coy organization, 'D' Coy being split up between 'A' & 'B' Coys and HQ (Coy) going to 'B' Ech to await reinforcements.
3 1930 C.O. 'O' GP. Bn HQ when 3 Coy organization discussed and necessary plans made. This plan would take effect on 5 NOV when Bn frontage being altered.
3 1935 Night Patrol in posn. From result of day O.P. enemy about one pl strong identified on opposite bank. They were quite unaware of our
3   O.P. and carried on with normal tasks.
3   The night patrol again to recce Bridge area, to discover if possible to cross. At same time to recce banks of KANAL.
3   Patrol returned at 0600. Result: Main ROAD BRIDGE blown, small footbridge, still possible to infantry, middle boarding taken out, but appeared as if enemy could replace it whenever necessary. The ground leading up to Bridge absolutely flat, movement very difficult owing to muddy nature of ground. Very little embankment onto KANAL and both banks level with one another. Width of KANAL 15-20 ft. Movement possible if ditches used.
HUTTEN 4 0600 Situation unchanged 0 Enemy shelled MAIN ROAD throughout hours of darkness at approx ten minute intervals. Enemy guns seemed long way off and great difficulty experienced in getting bearings on them 0
4   Day patrol in posn.
4   46 Inf Bde O.O. No 14 received. APP. E/2
4 1900 C.O. 'O' GP. Bn HQ. Plan for bringing Bn on 3 Coy organization took place in conjunction with 46 Inf Bde OO No 14. Bn would now occupy area with 3 Coys. A Coy 693114, B Coy present LOCATION: 694126, C Coy area 694119, BN HQ remain 681129, Carrier pl in reserve area WOOD 692117 on morning of 5 NOV.
4 1930 Day OP returned with enemy position located on EAST side of KANAL. Additional patrolling night, contact to recce SQN on left flank. Special patrol 1 off 1 OR to recce suitable crossing pt on KANAL. If suitable spot found, patrol would cross on night 5/6 NOV and mine road to HELENEVEEN. Patrol comd Lt Shand ('C' Coy) who would also carry out mining OP. if crossing pt found.
HUTTEN 5 0730 A Coy reported in new location.
5 0903 C Coy reported in new location.
5   Shortly after this Bn area was shelled with No casualties.
5   Patrol on night 4/5 on BR was in position and nothing fresh to report.
5   C.O. to Bde 'O' Gp. with points to be discussed for 10 day stay in present defensive posn. Trench emplacements would be improved to allow men liberties, such as smoking reading and writing at nights. Also employment and if possible training during day. Owing to the wet nature of ground men would have a dry pair of socks each day. C.O. returned from 'O' GP. and summoned Bn 'O' GP. and discussed with Coy comd the points raised at Bde conference. Bde would remain in present area for ten days. Bn would commence immediately to prepare strong defensive posn.
5   Patrolling to be carried out as before, and enemy locations showed.
HUTTEN 6 0630 Patrol report, no enemy activity on BR AREA. Special patrol could not find suitable crossing point on CANAL as every 500 yds there was enemy L.M.G. post which could cover 300 yds both NORTH and SOUTH along KANAL on the darkest of nights.
6   Bn engaged on defensive posns.
6   During daylight snipers claimed two hits, and ARTY did sniping shoot on known enemy posn, with observed success.
6   Day O.P and night patrol changed over at 1830 hours. Night patrol had task of locating enemy at jct points on CANAL at 708129, 710117, also to leave standing Patrol on BRIDGE.
HUTTEN 7 0630 No enemy activity during night. Patrol reported enemy posn in area 708129, but NOTHING observed in area 710117.
7 1730 C.O. to Bde 'O' Gp. to get plan for future OP.
7 1930 C.O. 'O' Gp. at BN H.Q. giving programme of reliefs to be carried out within the Div whilst in present location. See 46 (H) Inf Bde
7   O.P. Instr No 15. APP. E/3.
7   Defence works carried out during day.
7   Parties at Entertainments and Baths during day.
HUTTEN 8 0630 No enemy activity on Bn front. Patrols nothing fresh to report. Bn engaged in defensive posns. Entertainment and Baths parties allotted to Coys.
8   O.P. reports enemy still on EAST Bank of CANAL but No activity observed during daylight.
HUTTEN 9 0630 No enemy activity on Front during night.
9   Patrols nothing fresh to report
Bn engaged on defensive posns
Entertainment and Baths parties allotted.
9   Relief of 9 Cameronians by 7 Seaforths on day 10 NOV. APP. E/4.
9   O.P. report still no enemy activity observed on far bank.
HUTTEN 10 0630 No enemy activity on Bn Front during night.
10   Patrols nothing fresh to report.
10 0900 Bn "O" Gp giving out details for Bn stay in DEURNE REST CAMP.
10 1500 SUP. Coy commenced thinning out as per APP E/4. and Coys moved off at times stated. Last Coy moved off at 2000 hrs and arrived in CAMP at 2130.
DEURNE 11   Bn engaged in general maintenance, drying out and cleaning during morning. Training on BUFFALOES carried out. Loading etc. Entertainment parties to HELMOND in evening.
DEURNE 12 1130 C.O. 'O' Gp. for move to relieve 2 GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS. APP E/5.
12 1500 Bn commenced leaving DEURNE CAMP to relieve 2 GH.
12 1800 Change over complete. A Coy 694102, B Coy 699099, C Coy 694108, CARRIERS 694106.
12   G.H. would carry out patrols night 12/13 NOV.
HEITRAK 13 0630 Periodical shelling in the area and shellreps sent to Bde. No casualties on Bn area.
13   Relief of 7 SEAFORTH by 2 GH evening 14 NOV. APP. E/6
13   46 Inf Bde OP Instr No 16. Arty Bombardment to be carried out on 14 NOV 44. APP E/7.
HEITRAK 14 0630 No enemy activity during night. Patrols nothing to report.
14   Arty Barrage laid down until 1615 hrs. Enemy Arty D.F. tasks replied to this BARRAGE and plotted within Bn area by O.Ps.
14 1955 B Coy reported enemy patrol 6-8 strong obs heading towards 8 ROYAL SCOTS on Bn right.
HEITRAK 15 0630 No enemy activity on Bn front. Patrols nothing to report. 1 P.O.W. taken during night. P.O.W. claimed that he was one of five who were on a recce patrol to recce best route to B Coy. For a fighting patrol on night 15/16 NOV.
15   Special Patrol laid on by B & C Coy to deal with this German fighting Patrol should it arrive in Bn area to be in posn by last light.
15   Listening posts would observe on enemy patrol as soon as it crossed CANAL and would be kept in touch until Arty and MORTAR fire dealt with it. When this lifted 1 Pl would clear area and mop up any enemy left.
15 1600 Message received from 46 Bde. 7 SEAFORTH will relieve 9 CAMERONIANS on 16 NOV. Timings as before.
HEITRAK 16 0630 Enemy patrol did NOT cross Canal in our area, no enemy activity.
16 1500 Bn commenced thinning out as shown in APP. E/8. Relief complete by 1900 hrs and Bn in Camp in DEURNE.
16   Lt Col Sir E.M.A. Bradford Bt. assumed comd of Bn.
16 2030 C.O. to Bde 'O' Gp. Bn 'O' Gp. 2230.
16   Enemy thought to have withdrawn from CANAL area. If so, (GH patrols) Glasgow HIGHLANDERS will cross, followed by 7 SEAFORTH to HELENEVEEN and 9 CAMERONIANS to hold line of CANAL from 732132 Bund 735120.
16 2300 Message received from Bde that plan now cancelled as GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS patrols had found enemy on opposite Bank of VAN DEURNE KANAL. Bn would now relieve 2 GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS on 18 NOV commencing 1500.
DEURNE 17   Bn carried out programme of refitting and general maintenance.
17   46(H) Inf Bde Op Instr No 17 received (OP PRESTO). APP E/9.
DEURNE 18 1500 Bn commenced moving off from Rest Camp DEURNE to relieve 2 GH at 682129.
18   C.O. at Bde "O" Gp. Operation "PRESTO". 46 (H) Inf Bde 'O' Gp. Op instr No 18 APP E/10.
18 1930 Bn complete in area 682129. Patrolling for night up to HOOGEBRUG BR. and two patrols NORTH & SOUTH from this point along CANAL BANK. C.O. 'O' Gp. when orders given for A Coy to patrol area of HOOGEBRUG BR. to try and draw enemy fire. If no fire brought down, another patrol would cross CANAL and examine trenches on far bank. Then Coy would cross, followed by B & C Coys. Carrier sec take over firm Base at BRIDGE.
HUTTON 19 0755 A Coy patrol report carried out first patrol, No enemy fire. Going on with second patrol on far bank also preparing to get remainder of Coy across CANAL on assault boats.
19 1015 'A' Coy now across CANAL and reported Barracks at 716120 clear.
19 1110 'A' Coy encountered mortar fire.
19 1400 A Coy patrol ordered along Main rd to 728117 - 726127 - 734129 738124 - 755120 - main rd consisting of 1 officer, sniper sgt, 1 OR and wireless operator. This patrol returned at 1800 hrs with information that enemy were dispersed along EASTERN Bank of CANAL at HELENEVEEN with MG outposts WEST of CANAL. Wireless operator was casualty to MG fire and could not be brought back. B Coy moved under cover of darkness to area of houses at BRIDGES at 737116 & 738113 blown (PATROL).
HOOGEBRUG 20 0600 Situation unchanged. 'C' Coy across Canal and awaiting to attack HELENAVEEN.
20 0940 B Coy report enemy patrol about 15 strong located between "A" and "B" Coys. This patrol took one prisoner and was observed by 'B' Coy to travel in an EASTERLY direction.
20 1100 H Hour for 'C' Coy attack on HELENAVEEN. Casualties were inflicted on our own tps by our ARTY fire falling short.
20 1135 B Coy reported that 'C' Coy under M.G fire from Right.
20 1151 'C' Coy report held up by mines at 773115. Pioneers and Stretcher Bearers asked for by wireless.
20   The area approaching HELENEVEEN was extensively mined by enemy and 'C' Coy suffered heavy casualties due to this.
20 1400 C.O. at Barracks gave orders to O.C. "A" Coy to move fwd to CANAL.
20 1530 C.O. 'O' Gp at B Coy HQ when orders given for move to CANAL at HELENAVEEN.
20   "A" Coy on reaching objective suffered casualties due to enemy mines and Booby traps. A number of the casualties could not be reached and several attempts were made, but further casualties resulted. Location of Coys as shown on map.
20   Total casualties 2 offrs Killed, 1 off wounded, 70 OR's.
20   The Pioneer Pl did excellent work during this period in clearing areas of mines.
20   46(H) Inf Bde OPs 20 NOV. APP E/11
20 1600 Corps Comd visited Bn HQ and was given local information. 6 R.S.F. to reach 738118 tonight.
20 2000 6 R.S.F. reached 744100, 745095, 749086, could NOT reach original objective because of mines.
20   46(H) Inf Bde OO. No 15. APP. E/12
20   All Coys in communication by line. C.O. ordered all Coys to remain in locations and NOT to move about to retrieve mines.
HELENEVEEN 21 0600 Situation unchanged. 2 G.H. moving up to CANAL to cross, R.E. building Bridge.
21 1135 2 G.H. leading Coy now at first obj. 9 CAMERONIANS not required to move today. Will remain present location.
HELENEVEEN 22 0600 Situation unchanged.
22 1025 Brig P.M.L. Villiers visited Bn and informed C.O. that Bn would move commencing 1330 to area of Barracks 792126.
22   C.O. ordered Coy comd to meet him at BR in HELENEVEEN at 1300 to recce this area.
22 1500 Coys commenced arriving areas of BARRACKS. Bn under cover. All in position by 1710 hrs.
22   Operations now held up as rds had to be made through marshy country EAST of HELENEVEEN. Food and supplies had to be brought up by carrier and WEASELS.
23   Bn located BARRACKS, re-organizing and generally cleaning up.
24   Bn located BARRACKS, re-organizing and generally cleaning up.
24 1850 Warning Order received Bn at 30 mins notice to move from 1100 hrs 25 NOV.
24 2000 Warning order cancelled.
25 1155 Message received from 46 Bde. Recce parties will meet Brig at 1330 hrs at 821158. Marching troops leave present location at 1330, vehs at 1500. Dis pt 827168.
25 1330 Bn moved off and arrived at new location as shown on attached map.
25 1800 C.O. at Bde 'O' Gp. 46 Bde(H) Inf Bde notes on Bde Comd Conference. APP E/13
25   OP order No 19.
25 2000 C.O. 'O' Gp for attack on LOTTUM 908194.
26 0800 Marching troops left area for MELDERSLOO and arrived at 0930.
26   Order received from DIV Comd that 9 CAMERONIANS will if necessary carry out a night attack. APP E/14
26 1130 "A" Coy moved off from ELDERLOO on axis for LOTTAM followed by 'C' Coy Bn HQ and B coy.
26 1155 B Coy reached first report line, and at 1345 reached obj.
26 1615 'C' Coy moved up to area Wood 891190.
26 1530 A Coy moved to first objective F.A.A. 897197.
26   At 1715 'C' Coy tried to move fwd and one pl got to X tracks 895188 when it came under M.G fire from area 898187, cross fire from enemy M.G covered all tracks into LOTTAM. Mortar fire on area of WOOD resulted in Coy Comd being wounded. A Coy moved to area 897197 and remained for night. B Coy area 897192, one pl to move fwd to 899192.
26   Coy representative came to Bn HQ for patrol orders for night.
26   Patrols would be carried out to area of LOTTAM as enemy expected to withdraw during night.
26   Casualties 2 off 5 OR wounded.
27 0100 Patrol results indicate enemy pulled out of LOTTAM and at 0630, C.O. Major P.L. Hendricks M.C. ordered all Coys to move fwd to original obj.
27 0930 B Coy reported first pl on obj.
27 0955 'C' Coy reported first pl on obj.
27 1015 A Coy cleared WOOD and pushing on.
27 1105 C Coy on obj. 1135 'A' Coy on obj. 1145 B Coy on obj. For objectives see Map.
27 1315 C.O. called to Bn HQ representatives from each Coy and gave orders for further adv. Carrier would relieve 'C' Coy and 'C' Coy would advance and capture STOKT. A Coy to move to area WOOD 208205. As given in APP E/14
27   Coy representatives to Bn HQ. All coys in new locations. Patrolling for night as per patrol order.
27 1900 'C' Coy given orders for one platoon to carry out attack on KASTEEL which is known enemy stronghold. Attack to take place at first light 28 NOV. Pioneers assault sec would go with pl and snipers would protect right flank.
LOTTAM 28 0600 Situation unchanged. Bn area subject to heavy shelling during night. Bn HQ had four direct hits in houses at HOMBERG and came back to original location.
28   Message received from Bde 'O' Gp at 1030 hrs. Harbour & Recce parties to Bde HQ at same time.
28   Bn being relieved on 28 NOV by 2 MONMOUTHS, 159 Bde of 11 ARMD. APP. E/15
28   Pl from "c" Coy commenced attacking KASTEEL at 0820. This proved to be strongly held with M.G's in area of Buildings and round ditches in front of it. There was also a moat of approx 10 ft round the buildings. The enemy allowed our troops to come to close range then opened up with MG's. 20 OR from 'C' Coy missing from this Operation.
28   The KASTEEL area was also heavily mined and under direct observation from EAST bank of MAAS.
28   Bde 'O' Gp at 1030 - BN on relief would concentrate in area ACHTERSE HEES 7914 and be prepared to move on 29 NOV to relieve 2 GLOUCESTERS, 49 DIV in area with Coys at 866107, 874100, 882104. Areas to be recce during day 28 NOV. Bn relief would be complete on afternoon of 28, transport would be available to take Bn to conc area.
28 1800 Bn commenced arriving concentration area. Billeted in surrounding houses and farms. All men under cover.
28 2030 Last Coy arrived new area.
ACHTERSTE HEES 29 0900 C.O. O Gp at Bn HQ for move to relieve 2 GLOUCESTERS. Move off to pass S.P. at 1415, route 812140, 805125, 819126, 831082. Order of march A.B.C. Coys Carriers Mortars Pioneers A/TK, BHQ, M.O. Relief to be complete by 1930.
29 1000 Message received from 46 Bde by wireless.
29   One Coy only required to move day 29 NOV.
29   Brigadier RML Villiers D.S.O will arrive your HQ in 1 hour to discuss change of plan.
29 1100 New plan. Bn would now relieve 7 SEAFORTH on 30 NOV to enable them to take part in attack on BLERICK by 44(L) Bde.
29   'A' Coy would still move off to same area at 1300 hrs.
29 1300 A Coy moved off for 874100 and relieved 49 DIV recce at 1730 hrs.
30 1230 Marching troops commenced moving to relieve 7 SEAFORTH. All Coys in position by 1930 hrs as shown on attached map, with the exception of "B" Coy who worked fwd to EASTERN edge of HOUT BLERICK.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.